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Black Maria Frank spinning Annie kicking
On May 4, 1894, Annie and Frank were invited to perform before Edison's Kinetograph camera in his studio in West Orange, New Jersey. In this clip, Annie shoots her Marlin .22 cal. rifle in rapid- action style at fixed targets. Next Frank tosses composition balls into the air and she uses a second rifle.

In an outdoor arena, Annie lays on her back on a blanket over a chair and uses a rifle to break the target which Frank spins at the end of a string. When the target breaks, Frank tosses another target straight up into the air. Annie jumps up, spins around, and breaks the aerial target with her second shot.

In the same arena, Frank and an Indian take turns tossing targets into the air while Annie shoots them down with her rifle. At the end of this clip Annie gives a sassy little step, hop, and kick. This was very popular with the spectators and was her signature gesture at the conclusion of every performance.

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