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  • From the Seneschal - October 2002
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  • News from Pennsic War 31 -

    East Wins, Taking 9 War Points to Midrealm's 2!

    The East Kingdom was victorious in the recent Pennsic War, winning battles in the Field, Woods, and Bridge, plus the Belted Champions, Unbelted Champions, Heroic Champions, Allied Champions, Rapier Champions, and the 3-part Massed Archery shoot. The Midrealm won the Hadrian's Wall battle, and the Archery Champions' shoot.

    Allies declaring for the East were: AEthelmearc, An Tir, Ansteorra, Artemisia, Atenveldt, Caid, Calontir, Drachenwald, Ealdormere, Lochac, the Outlands, the West, the Horde, and the Kingdom of Acre; while the Midrealm's allies were Trimaris, Meridies, and Atlantia. (Though this sounds overwhelming, many of the East's allies had but small numbers of fighters, while Atlantia brought hundreds, so the East only outnumbered the Middle by a few scores of fighters.)

    There were approximately 11270 attendees, down about 1000 from last year.

    On Thursday night (August 15th), Baron Teric and Baroness Paigan held Baronial Court before the "Swamp Night" party.

    • Celestina Pompeii Arcadia, Owynn Greenwood, and Myrok the Open Hand (called Toad) joined the Order of the Bronze Tower.
    • Baroness Paigan gave medallions bearing a thistle (her personal sigil) as tokens of her thanks to Lady Asper, Matthew a'Bheitheir, Pippin a'Bheitheir and John of Wisby.
    • Baron Teric took Ragnarr Dragonheart as his squire.
    • Donald, son of Nicetus, was made a page of the Baronial Court.
    • House Ostrov made a presentation to Their Excellencies.

  • Subscribe to the Mudpuppy - win valuable items!
    When you subscribe to the Mudpuppy or renew your current subscription, you will be entered into a drawing. In the past the prizes have been gift baskets containing assorted items useful to SCA members; the upcoming drawing will be for a sword (see pictures). Subscriptions are $12 a year for 12 issues. For more information, contact our Chronicler, Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod, at

  • Lost and Found from Past Times Faire -
    The following items were left behind at the Past Times Faire on June 22-23:
    a necklace, a flashlight, an axe, a hammer/mallet, a small folding table

    Please contact Lady Rhiannon at (908) 537-7495 to claim them:

  • New Baronial Champions!

    Tournaments and competitions were held at Quest to select the new Baronial Champions. They are:

    Champion of Arms - Gui avec Cheval de Guise
    Champion of Fence - Griffyn Cleisiog ap Madoc
    Thrown Weapons Champion - Quinn the Mighty a Bheithir
    Archery Champion - Roderick of Hastings
    Bardic Champion - Trixie
    Arts & Sciences Champion - Feena Iriksdottir

  • New Baron & Baroness step up!

    Baron Teric Gwynedd and Baroness Paigan Crawford were invested at Mudthaw on March 23, 2002, by their Majesties Lucan and Yana.

    At Mudthaw baronial court, Lord Alexander MacGregor was introduced as the new baronial seneschal, and Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod as the new baronial chronicler.

    Photo copyright Elissa Klotz

Past news items:

  • Baronial election

  • Former Settmour resident wins Crown Tourney!

    At Crown Tourney on November 7th, the final competitors for the Crown of the East were Graf Andreas der Icefalk and Sir Gunther diMilo.

    Sir Gunther won the coronets for himself and his lady wife, Roxane (pronounced ROX-ah-ney). Their Highnesses are from central Pennsylvania, but Gunther began his SCA career in Settmour over 10 years ago, as Duke Ronald's squire. You may have met him under a different name, when he was known as Gunther the Disciple, Gunther Pathwarden, and earlier, Johann Kronenwache. As Prince, he has taken the name Darius Orientalis.

    The end of the tournament was fought after sunset, and it became very dark before it was over. The spectators heard, more than saw, the combat! The first bout was fought with Sword and Shield, won by Sir Gunther. The second bout was polearm, won quickly by Sir Andreas. The third bout was greatsword. In the first blow exchanged, Sir Gunther's sword was broken, and a hold was called. After a replacement sword was obtained, the third fight was won by Sir Gunther. The final fight was two sword, again won by Sir Gunther. He and Roxane were crowned Prince and Princess on the field.

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