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Welcome To Shenmue-Net

Welcome to shenmue-net a website dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information on the shenmue series of games designed by sega mastermind Yu Suzuki for the now dead (sniff) dreamcast and soon for the x-box console. If you have never heard of shenmue or would like some more in depth information on it visit the story and review sections of the site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the site or shenmue itself, e-mail me I will reply as soon as I can.
Thanks Chris

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  Site News

Although I thought I had the layout all brilliant and sorted I had to change it as it was practically the double of shenmue dojo, which by the way is a really top site I recommend a visit, so I changed the layout to what you see now I want the site to look great so send in your opinions of it and or ideas on what I can do to improve it.

Right I know this is a new site so not all that many people will have visited it yet but I am looking for staff, that is some really big shenmue fans to help me report and write features they will also have some say in what the site looks like, if you are interested e-mail me and I will respond as soon as I can.
  Latest Story

Will Shenmue 2 ever reach Europe UK teletext gaming magazine digitiser seems to think not. Will Shenmue 2 ever reach Europe UK teletext gaming magazine digitiser seems to think not. For the past week or so shenmue fans have been checking all the gaming news in the hope that the statement digitiser released isn't true. The article stated that Infogrammes has no intention of releasing shenmue in europe due to a lackluster welcome it got on the dreamcast last year.

Full story

September 29
Oh I forgot to mention that as well as looking for staff the site is also looking for people to draw fanart and write fanfiction e-mail me here if you have anything you would like to see up here thanks chris

September 29
Ok as you can see on the site news section I am applying for staff right now I am looking for another person maybe two to get the site up and running they will have to be able to help me split the varying work that is being done i.e. help me record movie clips music and write articles. They will also have some input on how I run the site the first person I hire will basically be my second in command and any other staff will be helping us out doing odd jobs. If the right people apply we could really have a good time making this one of the best shenmue sites around (besides the dojo and the fansite). If you are applying for the main position let me know what you are capable of what your skills are a little about yourself and your ideas on the site the same goes if you are Appling to do odd jobs i.e. report shenmue news and stuff. E-mail me here make the subject: shenmue-net staff application

September 27
This is kinda old news because I missed it when I was ill, but the box art for shenmue should look like this the reason most of us are thinking this is because it is taken from the prima walkthrough guide and they always use the actual covers of the game


September 26
Well I have been really ill lately and haven't done much work to the site, anyway I'm much better now and am hard at work on getting all the site online I have so much of it waiting to go online so bear with me please I will be making a real effort to get about 25% of the site online in the next month. I now that doesn't sound a lot but this site is going to be huge and well organized so i've held off putting all the site that's completed online instead I've spend about 7 months at my computer gathering all the shenmue information and media and producing a quality site you will see in at the most a month.

September 20
Nothing involving shenmue the game happened today however if you check out the shenmuedojo site you can see that the staffer hellraiser left I don't know his reasons for leaving but when he quit he deleted all the hard work he had done for the site all the movies, music and most of the pics its a real shame he did some great work making the dojo the best shenmue site out there now that's he's gone the dojo looks a little well bare. Andy the owner of the dojo is looking for someone to replace hellraiser I would recommend it check out the dojo notice here

September 13
I know that it looks here like its been over a month since I updated the site but in actuality the opposite is true I have been so busy changing the layout and adding to the site that I have been to busy to write all the stuff I'm doing to the site all you have to do is look around. Anyway it looks like we will probably get shenmue 2 on the x-box here despite digitisers claims. check out the site and let me know what you think of it by e-mailing me here

August 16

I have gathered as much information as I could get at the moment and have put together a shenmue-net shenmue IIx preview you can visit it

August 10
IGN Insider has updated its shenmue 2x section with a neat preview with some new screenshots and 3 movie clips, for your enjoyment you can go there by clicking here

July 12 released a whole bunch of screenshots of shenmue 2x today it was with a sort of shenmue preview section with some other information about the game. It was interesting to note that in the screenshots you can see the new snapshot feature, it is very apparent now how hard the shenmue team have been working to get the best out of the game except of course the decision to use robotic sounding English voices instead of the high quality Japanese ones. Visit the official Xbox site


July 10
I was browsing through the Japanese section of the official shenmue site and came across these pictures since the text was in kanji I had no idea what they were but when I checked the shenmuedojo website they were speculating the possibility of them being some early screenshots of shenmue III but I don't know for sure. to view click here