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Thread: Finally! Good-quality free (GPL) basic-35 PostScript Type 1 fonts.

Message: 2064811
FROM: L. Peter Deutsch
DATE: 05/14/1996 10:22:00
SUBJECT: Finally! Good-quality free (GPL) basic-35 PostScript Type 1 fonts.


A free (GNU Licensed) commercial-quality set of the basic 35 PostScript Type
1 fonts is now finally available.  Each font includes .PFB (outlines), .AFM
(metrics), and .PFM (Windows printer metrics) files.  The fonts are
compatible with Adobe Type Manager and with general Type 1 manipulation
tools, as well as with Ghostscript and other PostScript language

The fonts are initially being made available on:
They will be propagated to the GNU servers in the course of the next few
days.  This archive contains the font files themselves, the GNU License, and
a Fontmap file suitable for use with any version of Ghostscript.

At or before the time of the next (4.0) Aladdin Ghostscript release, a copy
of the fonts will also be placed on:
with the Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License.  However, since the GNU
License on the fonts applies only to the fonts themselves, you may use and
distribute the GPL`ed fonts now under the terms of the GNU License in
conjunction with Aladdin Ghostscript with no conflict.

The copyright holder of these fonts, URW++ Design and Development
Incorporated (the successor to the former well-known URW company), was
willing to release the fonts with the GPL and the AGFPL because they judged
(correctly in my opinion) that these particular fonts have become such a
commodity item, with such low profit margins, that the value to URW++ of
having URW++`s name widely visible and appreciated on the net is now greater
than the loss of profit from those future sales that the free licenses will
cause not to occur.  If you wish to find out about URW++`s consulting and
development services, you may reach them at:

		URW++ Design and Development Incorporated
		Poppenbuetteler Bogen 29A
		D-22399 Hamburg
		tel. +49 (40) 60 60 50
		fax +49 (40) 60 60 51 11

L. Peter Deutsch          |       Aladdin Enterprises :::: <EMAIL: PROTECTED>
203 Santa Margarita Ave.  | tel. +1-415-322-0103 (AM only); fax +1-415-322-1734
Menlo Park, CA 94025      |  -&-  Artifex Software Inc. :: <EMAIL: PROTECTED>
          "Implementation is the sincerest form of flattery."

From <EMAIL: PROTECTED>  Wed May 15 11:08:00 1996

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