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'When I'm hurting somebody, I want to see them. I want to crash their skull. And I want to get them with that knife."
Sean Paul Hanify

By Brian D. Crecente, Rocky Mountain News :: October 28, 2002
Photos by George Kochaniec © News

In the top photo and above, confessed serial killer Sean Hanify, 31, who police believe may have killed eight people, describes how he killed some of his victims. Hanify is in Denver County Jail awaiting legal proceedings in the one slaying for which he has been charged.

He speaks of death and killing through pale, chapped lips. Watches for a reaction through pale blue eyes.

Blank-faced, Sean Paul Hanify tries to explain.

When I'm hurting somebody, I want to see them.

I want to crash their skull.

And I want to get them with that knife.

And I like to hear the sounds of the pounding.

And I like to see the breathing when I'm killing them.

And when I'm killing somebody, I don't care I'm killing them.

The words fill the silence of the Denver County Jail's visitation room.

Hanify, 31, glances up at the Rocky Mountain News reporter he's invited here to confess to killing as many as seven men. Police say it may be as many as eight. He has been charged with one murder and police are looking seriously at four others.

The investigation into the possible serial killings began when police arrested Hanify in August after he crashed a car that belonged to a man who had been tortured, beaten, stabbed and set on fire. When police suggested they might have DNA evidence and fingerprints, Hanify confessed to the murder of Ed Brown, a 59-year-old resident of Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood.


Audio: Excerpts from reporter Brian Crecente's interview with Hanify (Contains profanity and graphic content)
Segment 1 (7:00)
Segment 2 (5:38)
Segment 3 (4:07)
Segment 4 (5:28)
Segment 5 (7:14)
Segment 6 (2:07)
Segment 7 (3:53)

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Hanify describes his alleged crimes as art, each a performance requiring a personal critique. He speaks of some in vivid detail. Others, he refuses to talk about.

His pale and placid face flushes with excitement when he talks about his "art."

His arms, locked in front of his chest or resting casually on the table for much of the two-hour interview, flail into action when re-enacting the swing of a hammer or the jab of a knife.

He considers himself a "nice person" and sees no contradiction between that and the brutality he describes.

His public defender says Hanify is the product of fetal alcohol syndrome, child abuse and mild mental retardation.

"Many of his statements are delusional and incredible," says Hollynd Hoskins.

But Hanify insists he's telling the truth, though he admits he's talking now because he wants to be famous.

I'm a very generous, friendly person.

A generous, friendly, nice person.

Killing is just a personal choice and a personal thing; it's something private.

It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

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