Some of Eskild Tjalve's paintings of devas and nature spirits:

Gnomes working in the forest:

 esk13.jpg (29442 bytes)

Trolls in a forest:

 esk14.jpg (39820 bytes)

Landscape deva for a lake:

esk18.jpg (24305 bytes)

The landscape deva in spring:

 esk29.jpg (63536 bytes)

The Landscape Deva in autumn:

 esk32.jpg (63410 bytes)

Co-operation with devas and nature spirits in bio-
dynamic agriculture -
fertilization of the soil:

 esk39.jpg (33674 bytes)

Pan - the great deva of nature:

 esk41.jpg (70417 bytes)

The deva of the Earth element:

 esk42.jpg (64557 bytes)

A Solar Angel:

 esk48.jpg (46253 bytes)

Angels attending a Church Service:

 esk53.jpg (46451 bytes)

The Archangel Michael with the waters of life:

 esk62.jpg (64334 bytes)

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