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Borland Delphi

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Delphi 7 Studio - the covers are off!

This week, Borland has finished work on their latest release of their flagship multi-platform RAD development tool, Delphi - Version 7 - called Borland Delphi 7 Studio!

Delphi 7 was designed for application development from concept to production - now even faster with Model Driven Architecture and UML visual design features. You can build dynamic Web applications quickly and easily with RAD visual server-side Web application development. It includes Rave Reports and Model Maker (a modeling/case tool), supports Windows XP Themes and allows to create Web services applications. The "Companion CD" included with Delphi 7 will come with more than 200 useful components and Tools for Delphi 7, now also including a ready-to-use RX library version (2.75 from Project JEDI) and other good stuff like GExperts v1.12, the JEDI API Library and more.
The best of all: you can deploy to Windows or Linux - Delphi 7 Studio includes a full version of Borland Kylix (Version 3), the "#1 development environment for Linux" (Borland). Also, it provides the migration path to Microsoft .NET that developers have been waiting for.

Find all details about the new product here, downloadable as PDF files:

  • Delphi 7 Studio Data Sheet
  • Product FAQ
  • System requirements
  • Feature Matrix

    Finally, you can find more information, including a trial version (soon to be online) and more here:
  • Delphi 7 information page

    Shipping is scheduled for end of August!

    Borland's "License to visit"

    Borland found respective press response with details of their last Kylix and JBuilder licenses which would allow home visits of Borlanders to control correct licensing. Strange also their understanding of the "Open Edition" of Kylix: just applications based on the GPL (Gnu Public License may be created with Kylix, but the developer would have to forbid customers to redistribute them (something the GPL explicitely demands).

    On Jan 17., an Open Letter released by Borland Chief Executive Dave Fuller, apologizes for an error in the license texts, they would be replaced by new ones during the upcoming weeks.

    Free Delphi, Kylix and JBuilder editions

    Borland recently released free editions of their most popular tools: Delphi, JBuilder and also Kylix for personal and evaluation use. Unlock codes which you can request on their download pages are required for installation.
    You can find their download locations on our FTP and Software sites page for your convenience.

      Kylix launched!

    Today at LinuxWorld Expo in New York, Borland announced its highly anticipated Kylix. Kylix is the first native rapid application development (RAD) environment for the Linux operating system, combining an intuitive visual design environment, optimizing compiler, interactive debugger and comprehensive component suite ".. to give developers the tools they need to deliver Web, desktop and database applications on Linux fast", as they announced.

    Personal note: I (Richey) have personally seen Kylix on a Roadshow yesterday, too, and am really impressed. The 'Borlanders' have done tremendous work here (especially keeping in mind the small team that built it) and it's unbelievable to see how simple it will be to build (and convert) apps under *nix. I can't await to work with it! The IDE looks almost exactly like the original Delphi, as does the component toolbar, and you can have your first app ready within minutes... now it's fun to develop under Linux/*nix, and you can completely forget about "make" or hundreds of C header files!

    Kylix Server and Kylix Desktop require a Pentium compatible system (200+ MHz), 64+ MB RAM, a CD-ROM drive, 175 MB disk space (for a full install) and officially supports the Red Hat 6.2+, the Mandrake 7.2+ and the SuSE 7.0+ distributions. The RAD IDE (and graphical UI apps built with Kylix) will require the KDE 2+ (most of them run under Gnome, too).

    Official pricing information for Kylix can be found on the Borland eStore. Kylix Server Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer are already shipping, the free Open Edition of Kylix (under GPL) will be available around middle of the year (it will come without database support and without the web and 'tier components, however). The official prices as well as pre-order prices are as follows:

  • Kylix v1.0 Server Developer (US$ 1,999)
  • Kylix v1.0 Desktop Developer (US$ 999) (time-limited offers with 20% savings for current Delphi developers are available - ask your local dealer or check Borland's Online Shop linked below for details.

    See Kylix Screenshots !

    Order Kylix:

  • Order Kylix online at the Borland Shop

    A few Kylix books of possible interest:

  • Kylix Black Book: A Developers Problem-Solving Guide to Kylix by Bob Arnson (Coriolis), March 2001
  • Kylix Developers Guide by Cary Jensen, Loy Anderson (Osborne)
  • Kylix Power Solutions by Don Taylor, Jim Mischel & Tim Gentry (Coriolis), March 2001
  • Applying Design Patterns in Delphi and Kylix by Xavier Pacheco (Wordware), May 2001
  • Delphi for Linux Developer's Guide by Eric Whipple, Rick Ross and Brad Anderson, in the works
  • The Tomes of Kylix: The Linux API by Glenn A. Stephens (Wordware), June 2001
  • click here for even more books.

    A few more recent articles:

  • Kylix review by ZdNet
  • dataweb Kylix Forum (germ.)
  • Kylix wins....the Show Favorite Award for Best Development Tools at LinuxWorld Expo 2001

    For more Kylix-related entries and links see below on this news page:

  • Visual Basic for Linux by Borland ?
  • Kylix (Delphi for Linux) and Delphi 6 on the way

    Delphi Survey

    Borland just started a survey to find out more about your use of Delphi: to improve it as a development tool, but also to focus Kylix development on things you want and need. Take your chance to to make your voice heard and participate!

    Additionally, you can help Borland to find out about your VCL useage by allowing the VCL Scanner to analyze the classes and components you typically use in your applications.

    Visual Basic for Linux by Borland ?

    Borland really suprised when publishing an invitation to VB users to take an 'easy' way to Linux: by converting to Delphi! ;-D

    After all, the idea for this campaign was acclaimed by most Delphi developers, since Delphi really needs good and creative marketing to give it the attention it deserves...

    More stuff about it:
    Kylix / Delphi for Linux ;-)

    Kylix (Delphi for Linux) and Delphi 6 on the way   

    Delphi for Linux (which was given the codenname Kylix) is scheduled to be released winter 2000! An Alpha version of the command line compiler already has been finished so there are good chances this schedule will hold. Kylix will also integrate Java and C++ - code everything within one IDE, isn't that cool?
    Michael Swindell, Group Product Manager at Inprise said that Borland is intending to set the pace and standard for professional Linux development. In a newsgroup posting in February, he suggested developers to avoid plain API programming wherever possible to make their products ready for the new (and all of us hope: strong and healthy ;) child in the growing family of Borland's development tools:

    "We're still quite a ways off from being able to really make recommendations, but I can certainly appreciate the value of that info. The main point I had in mind regarding the WinAPI was that we aren't going to be implementing or leveraging a WinAPI on Linux. So that level of API compatibility isn't planned to be there. That certainly isn't a call to avoid the WinAPI today, it's just a clarification that we aren't going in that direction and don't intend to maintain WinAPI compatibility." See the "Prepare for Kylix" article mentioned below for details.

    Swindell told that additional compatibility guidelines will regularely be posted at the community website (links: see below).

    More Kylix-related news have been revealed by Charles Jazdzewski (Delphi Chief Architect) on the Orange County Delphi User Group Developers Conference recently, as told by Steven Dente: "...he gave a presentation on Kylyx and Delphi 6. He did not give any dates for either but said Kylyx would be released this year and Delphi 6 after that. From the general tone I would say very late this year or early next year. He did show a lot of information about changes to expect. There are many and they are significant, here are some examples:

    • new unit names throughout. Functions and procedures have been moved in many units.
    • at least two new compiler Directives to do with platforms.
    • there is a new, alternative crossplatform VCL, CLX (pronounced "Clicks"). There will be:
      • vCLX - visual controls
      • dbCLX database controls
      • vdbCLX visual database controls
      • etc.
    • new extension for dfm (replacement unknown at this time)
    • Data access will change greatly to something called SQLExpress. Drivers will have to be written for most databases. At least one will ship with the product, others will have to be obtained from third parties. He made it sound like they have gone to great lengths to make this easy. He said these drivers could be written in weeks not months.
    • a lot of improvement in WebBroker mostly to do with state and session management.
    • big shift to the use of Actions. He suggested that we start using Actions heavily now because the benifits in the future would be large.
    • new methods for parsing Path and File information and strings to handle the different platforms.
    • more support for Win2000 features in Delphi 6 (will propably be released after Kylix)
    • Charles was unable to demonstrate Kylyx. Seems he had just gotten a new laptop and was unable to get Linux installed and running. So much for the ease of intallation issues being handled. He did write a small demo using the new cross platform units and it worked great in Windows and he said would have run the same on Linux.
    • Another interesting comment was made regarding being limited to the Intel chip. Apparently there is a project underway to change that in the not too distant future but as this is an unannounced effort at this time no details were given.
    • much much more. To me it looks like a big sea change and learning curve is comming but all in all it should be worth it. On a very positive note he said that there has been a huge increase in interest and purchases for Delphi. He believes this is due to interest created by the Kylx project. The future is looking very good for both Delphi and Borland."

    Related pages:

    Go Kylix!

    Interbase declared Open Source

    On January 3, 2000, Inprise Corporation announced that it plans to jump to the forefront of the Linux database market by open-sourcing InterBase 6, the new version of its cross-platform SQL database. Inprise plans to release InterBase in open-source form for multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris. Since 26-Jul, Interbase 6 is ready for download!

    More details can be found here:

    Ericsson decides for Visibroker CORBA

    Inprise Corporation today announced that Ericsson has selected VisiBroker CORBA technology as a key part of its Operation Support System (OSS). Inprise's industry-standard Object Request Broker will form the basis of the future architecture within Ericsson's OSS products for managing both GSM networks and forthcoming broadband CDMA networks.

    For details, please visit the press release of Inprise.

    Delphi 4.03 / BDE 5 update available

    The Delphi 5 Update Pack is available for download!
    Find links to the appropriate download pages listed at my Delphi Updates and Patches page.
    Downloadable filesizes are 19 MB (Standard), 26 MB (Professional) or 29 MB (Enterprise).

    For details, please visit the Community oder the Borland website.

    Picture: Anders Heijsberg (one of Delphi's "midwifes" who has left
    Borland to join Micro$oft .. now plugging for Borland again! ;-)

    10 ways to increase Delphi success .. and "Stick it!"

    "CruzF" posted the following tips to increase Delphi's popularity. Since at least some of them are really good and worth to think about, I've decided to list them here.
    By the way - have you already joined Borland's "Stick it!" campaign? Read details about it here and click here to see some of the results sent to Borland so far...

    But now, check out the "10 ways to increase Delphi success" ...:
    1. Raise your standard - if you are fortunate enough to have a job writing Delphi programs, then make the effort to write better, more polished applications. So what if your boss is a block-head? A well written Delphi application speaks for itself.
    2. Get involved - participate in the Delphi community. come to the news group and offer advice or just complaining. Remember: structured complaining can change the world. People have been begging for a LINUX version of Delphi for over 3 years on these new groups. And now, thanks to people like Dale, we are finally going to see it. Send in code samples. Help others debug there's. Are you an expert in engineering software? Write a great tutorial for the rest of us. The list goes on...
    3. Evangelize - tell people about Delphi when ever you get the chance. Some will fall over laughing, but others will listen.
    4. Build a case - start collecting articles and information about the benefits of Delphi to share with others when the occasion presents itself. Have you looked at the case studies?
    5. Integrate - find ways to integrate Delphi into the main stream of solutions you may be working on. Are you working in ASP? Use Delphi to write server components. ISAPI dll's are easy to implement in Delphi. COM and dll's open up a whole new world of possibilities.
    6. Network - while your busy getting involved, make some contacts you can call on when you need a bit of advice.
    7. Research and develop - take the time to experiment with Delphi. Try out new things. Expand your horizons. Learn a new language like Java. Buy yourself a copy of JBuilder and start learning it. Why? Learning another language can often give you insights into the principal language you work with. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to know Java as well as Delphi.
    8. Improve your skills - having trouble writing that killer app? Maybe you need to sharpen your skills. We could all benefit from reading the latest OOP books or some of the great Delphi literature from Cantu, Calvert, Texeira, Pacheco, Lischner and others. Study the VCL. It's not perfect, but it is full of great examples of advanced uses for Delphi.
    9. Collaborate - people talk about open source, but few fully understand the implications. It is a nice buzz word, but what does it really mean? It means people who love to program working together for the shear thrill of the accomplishment. This is what built LINUX and Apache in the first place. Find programmers who share similar interests and work with them on a common project. We could sure use some great case tools for Delphi. How about a killer financial application or a web app. How many successful development companies began with just a couple of programmers who had a great idea?
    10. Buy it - Put your money where your mouth is. If you haven't upgraded in a while why not consider Delphi 5? ADO, IB Express, Frames, better debugging etc... - good features that increase productivity.

    Corel Inprise/Borland Merger terminated!

    Inprise/Borland Corporation yesterday announced that its merger agreement with Corel Corporation has been terminated by mutual agreement of the two companies without payment of any termination fees. The reciprocal stock option agreements have also been terminated.
    [more info]

    These were the news of the recent months:
    Corel Corporation and Inprise/Borland Corporation announced in New York, that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement. Upon completion of the merger, the combined organization, called Corel, will be a Linux powerhouse, offering a single source for end-to-end solutions featuring a range of productivity applications, development tools, and professional services for all major platforms. The valuation for the entire transaction is approximately US$2.44 billion.

    According to the news provided, Delphi may play an important rule in the strategy of the strenghtened company: "..the Delphi tool will enable software written for Windows to be moved to Linux..", Dave Fuller (Inprise CEO) said.

    Read the details:

    The official press release

    Corel, Inprise see greener pastures Linux-way ..
    Corel Linux OS Desktop to Access and Run Windows apps ..
    Corel To Buy Inprise/Borland For Linux Boost ..
    Corel, Inprise in $2.44 billion merger ..
    Corel, Inprise bet on Linux tide change
    Technology Drove Corel-Inprise Merger Derek Burney (CTO of Corel Corp.) talks about the merger
    Corel plus Borland plus Linux - is this the big one?
    A Commitment to Open Standards and Multiple Platforms.
    Power to the Client Dale Fuller talks about the merger.
    something about former Inprise director Coates
    something about his recent suit against Inprise
    and finally (has a list too over what announcements withhold until merger):
    Deal terminated:
    Inprise/Borland press release about the terminated merger

    C++ Compiler to be available FREE

    Inprise Corp. will announce this week that it plans to distribute version 5.5 of its Borland C++ compiler, along with associated command-line tools, free via the Web.
    This seems to be another step showing the new Linux philosophy/strategy of Inprise - just see how their current website portal looks like!.. :)

    More details can be found here:

    Upcoming Borland events

    • BorCon '99 will take place at the Brisbane Sheraton in Queensland from Sat., 13th - Tue., 16th November 1999. For details, please click here.
    • Inprise Corporation has begun planning for the 11th Annual Inprise & Borland Conference to be held in San Diego California, Jul 8-12, 2000. Click here if you are interested in more information.
    • Inprise will establishing a Worldwide Customer Support Group with three major support centers around the globe in: Scotts Valley, USA; Singapore; and now also Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It will operate as a separate entity from the PSO in order to ensure that customers have access to a dedicated expert resource at all times. Charles Odinot will head up the European operations. For details, please visit the Inprise website.

    Borland officially opens Community website to the public

    After months of beta-testing and adding content, Borland finally officially announced the Borland Community website these days. If you didn't already, you definitely must check it out. It doesn't only provide high-quality development-related articles covering technologies, news and generic questions of interest for today's developers (new articles will be released every 5-7 days), but also has interesting sections like the finally official release of the CodeCentral, the "Borland museum" where you can find pearls like the good-old Turbo Pascal and other stuff for free, surveys, the "Bug-Tracking Pages" for Delphi and other stuff.

    J.D. Hildebrand will be the "content czar" of the community site. He brings 20 years of experience in editorial management and will be working with a team of over 15 journalists - programming experts from five continents - to develop the daily Developer News content on the pages.

    Delphi Live Chats

    From time to time, Borland offers online chats with the Delphi Development team or other staff members to stay in contact with the Delphi community. Chats are your opportunity to chat with the Delphi Team! Give them your feedback and get your technical questions answered.
    Click one of the following links to find transcripts of recent chats or informations about upcoming ones:

    Note: chats are scheduled in PDT (Pacific daylight time). For the current PDT, please click here.

    QuickReports distribution moved to QBS Software Ltd.

    As of 1st August 1999, QBS Software Ltd have taken over the worldwide distribution, electronic and physical, of QuSoft's product QuickReport Professional.
    In an email to the DELPHI-BOX, Skye Quin from QBS Software told that they intend to be more than just a reseller for QuickReports - they plan to work with Allan Lochert (the "brain" behind QR) at QuSoft to improve the product. To start they have just completed a manual for QuickReport 3.05. This is or will soon be available as a download from the QuSoft website (see link above). They will also make QuickReport available through a number of local resellers worldwide.
    We hope that the intentions of QBS will free up QuSoft's resources to speed up further improvements on this basically great and flexible reporting tool.

    Borland products about to be ported to Linux

    According to an IT-Director article, Borland plans to port most - if not all - development products to Linux in the near future. Delphi is now officially part of these plans, and Borland still offers positions within the related development team. [read more..]

    Related pages:

    Delphi 5 is comin' at ya..

    The new Delphi 5 (which will ship in mid-August 1999) will bring hot features like ADO support (no BDE required anymore!), XML support, HTML 4 (create ultra-thin clients) support, will include Interbase Express, the new "TeamSource" feature will increase team development flexibility, the included Translation Suite will ease product localizations and other nice things like the ability to hide seldom used properties from the object inspector.
    Tip: latest information and rumors can usually be found in Brad's Delphi 5 pages, linked from my "Delphi Tips" page.

    And finally, here already some links to Beta reviews and press releases:

    btw., obviously, the rumors were wrong: Delphi 5 will not be named Delphi 7 ;) ..

    New "Powered By Delphi" buttons available!

    During the last days, some very talented people have sent me new "Powered By Delphi" button creations - you should definitely check them out.
    Finally, Borland now officially supports the "Powered By Delphi" campaign - can you believe it? They also have created a new button (which is of course also included in the "Powered By Delphi" button collection now), check out their support page if you like.

    "Why use such a button in my application?" you might ask. Well, for me I can say that I'm happy to let other people know what development platform I use (except QR). I'm happy to encourage other people to take up Delphi - and I believe it is good for our favorite development tool if IT managers and the "managers" see which nice and powerful applications are possible under this environment. ;-)

    just 3 of 33 buttons! just 3 of 33 buttons! just 3 of 33 buttons!

    Another reason is that I simply like it more to see a "Powered By Delphi" button in an "About" box than some M$ advertising ...

    You can get the complete package at my Download page.
    Find more information about this topic down on this page.

    Charlie Calvert's Statement about the MS-Borprise deal

    Charlie Calvert, well-known Delphi book author and responsible for Borland Developer relations, recently released the following statement concerning the deal between Microsoft and Inprise:

    "I've heard a number of people worrying about this new announcement between Microsoft and Borland/Inprise.

    I just thought it might help if someone who's been here at Borland for awhile posted a few statements that might help clear up some rumors.

    First off, this deal has little to no impact on Delphi R&D.; There is some chance that we will get a little more information from MS as a result of this deal, but otherwise there is no connection between the deal and Delphi R&D.; We have always tried to support Microsoft technologies in Delphi, and we will continue to do so. Hopefully this deal will make it easier for us to get information from MS, but there is no other impact on the team or on our future plans for Delphi.

    We are not changing any plans for R&D; as a result of this deal, other than perhaps adding more engineers since we have more money. If we were planning on supporting other platforms than Windows, then we are still planning to do that. For instance, we have announced that JBuilder will run on Solaris. We are still going to have a JBuilder for Solaris. This deal with Microsoft is not changing our plans for other platforms in any way.

    In general, it is good if Microsoft and Borland get along. I know some people don't like Microsoft tools, but I am not one of those people. I am happy to work with Microsoft so that we can make our tools better. Delphi is a Windows based tool, so if we have better support for Windows, then Delphi is better. JBuilder is not a Windows based tool, and so it has a different agenda. There is nothing in this deal with Microsoft that will affect the way we work with JBuilder. JBuilder will continue to be a Java based tool which supports the Java VM, not some Microsoft agenda.

    In short, this deal with Microsoft aids us in many ways, and does us no harm. Microsoft will not end up dictating anything that we do here at Borland. If you knew Dale Fuller at all, you would realize that there is no way anything like that is going to happen. We are a separate company from Microsoft, and will remain independant from them in every sense."

    - Charlie Calvert
    Borland Developer Relations

    10 Percent Investment in Inprise by Microsoft

    Microsoft and Inprise announced the completion of a set of strategic technology and licensing agreements that will be the foundation for a long-term alliance between the two companies. The announcement includes a $25 million purchase by Microsoft of shares of Inprise preferred stock.
    Detailled information can be found at Inprises' official press release as well as in some news articles I've listed on this page.

    Borland announces JBuilder 3

    Borland today announced JBuilder 3, which is planned to be available on multiple platforms: first, on Microsoft Windows, which is planned to be available in May; second, on Solaris, which is planned to be available before the end of the calendar year; and third, on Linux *), which is planned to be available following the Solaris platform release. ...."

    More information can be found here:

    *) Pascal->Linux ports are listed on our Delphi Tools page.

    Del Yocam resigns, Dale Fuller arrives   (c) CNet

    On 12-Apr-99, Inprise announced Dale Fuller, the former Apple and WhoWhere executive, as the new CEO of the company.
    Delbert W. Yocam resigned abruptly on March 31 as the company's chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Kathleen Fisher has resigned as the company's vice president and Chief Financial Officer.

    More information can be found here:

    Borland Collaborates with Project JEDI

    The Borland JEDI Initiative is a collaborative effort between Delphi R&D and the Delphi programming community. The goal of the initiative is to solicit code from third parties for inclusion on the Borland web site or on the Delphi product CD itself. In particular, the Borland JEDI initiative is a coorperative program between Borland Delphi R&D, CBuilder R&D, Developer Relations and Project JEDI.

    Here you can read about this program, and a specification for developing Pascal header translations of C/C++ headers is available here. The Project JEDI URL is as follows:

    This is a very promising program, and Borland is very excited about participating in it.
    (released by Charlie Calvert, Borland Developer Relations)

    Delphi 4.03 / BDE 5 update available

    Both the Delphi 4 Update Pack 3 and the BDE 5.01 (second release) upgrade install are available for download. Find links to the appropriate download pages listed at my Delphi Updates and Patches page.
    Note that the Delphi 4.03 *) update is not be a cumulative update, so you have to upgrade to 4.02 first - this time, filesize is just be about 3-5 MB (depending if you have Delphi Std./Prof./CS) ! The BDE install is a full upgrade and will cover 12 MB on your PC. =:-)
    French and German versions are also available since 26-Mar-99!
    *) The Delphi 4 Patch #3 displays "Version 4.0 (Build 5.108)" in your "About" box, just to prevent any confusion.

    CodeCentral - Borland's Online Code Example Database

    There have been many complaints regarding poor documentation and missing coding examples for many problems which arise during a typical developer's career since the beginning of Delphi ... but now this time could be over: the CodeCentral has been set up at, which was designed to grow to a database with examples for every level of developer, for every tool Borland has. Let's talk John Kaster, Developer Relations manager at Borland and maintainer of this database, himself: "There is every reason to believe we'll have over 10,000 detailed, useful examples by this time next year. If all of our developers/customers submit AT LEAST ONE, we could have millions in less than months. [..] I'd like to see 10 times more examples than you'd ever see on MSDN."
    So, let's start with it, fellows! This thingy could be of enourmous help for all of us. A working Beta release of the Client is ready for download and Borland awaits your comments and suggestions.

    Borland back again!

    As mentioned in their official press release, Inprise will strategically divide into the Inprise division (main target: middleware, enterprise) and the new/old Borland division (product line: Delphi, C++Builder, JavaBuilder, Interbase). Beside a job-cut of 190 employees, this was obviously one of the main movements after publication of their financial reports for Quarter 4/1998. So we will see back again together with some new marketing ideas and efforts especially to this part of the site during the next weeks.

    For now, due to Inprise's "shhhh! - don't tell anyone!" marketing strategy no one can really say for sure what this means to all of us and to our preferred development tool, Delphi. We can just hope that Inprise - yet Borland again - will keep on to be aware of its crown jewel and to increase their strenghts for releasing state-of-the-art versions of Delphi in the future - eventually also to open for the Unix (resp. Linux) market which undoubtedly gains market share rapidly and not the least attracts more and more developers these days.

    IE4 can be removed from Windows 98!

    Sorry for OT, but this is really amazing (although I always expected it.. ;-):

    "..Despite Microsoft's insistence that Internet Explorer and Windows 98 cannot be separated, a Maryland biologist has done it and is willing to share his methods with anyone who's interested..":

    Just wanted to let you know... o:)

    New Delphi Mailing-Lists!

    New Delphi Mailing-Lists have been set up by Ken Kyler as a replacement for the obiviously dead DDJ-Thread, DDJ-Thread-DB and Delphi-Talk Mailing Lists. Subscription to these mailing lists is especially suggested to Delphi Developers who have just limited access to the Newsgroups or simply want to join interesting topics and discussions about Delphi-related programming topics. Find more information and subscription informations on my Delphi Information Resources page.

    Vote: Delphi for Linux

    Linux gains more and more market. As the Halloween documents have shown, even M$ seems have started to respect Linux as serious competitor for their OS. Now, what about Delphi? Wouldn't it be wonderful being able to work with it under Linux, too? The problem is just that Inprise didn't yet show any plans to develop something like a "Delphi for Linux". If you think the idea of such a Pascal-based RAD system under Linux would be worth thinking more about it, please make your vote at the Software Wish List. Quite interesting quote so far, btw. ...!

    Delphi Success Story Contest

    Inprise started above contest for US developers (why just them? anyway..) Find more information at their related webpage if you are interested.

    BDE 5.01 update available!

    The upgrade of the Borland Database Engine version 5.01 is available for download on the Inprise web site. BDE 5.01 contains many new features and performance improvements you might find valuable. It's a slightly newer version of the BDE than the version included with Delphi 4 web update #2 - the only difference is the performance improvements for Microsoft Access.
    New BDE features include:
    New SQL Links driver for IBM DB2 V5
    Fix for rounding errors on BCD types
    Fix for Oracle stored procedures
    Performance Improvements for DbiModifyRecord
    Performance Improvements for Microsoft Access
    Improvements for Paradox
    Other bug fixes

    You can find links to the download pages for the upgrade on my "Delphi Tools, Patches & Updates" page.

    International Delphi 4 Patches available

    The long awaited International (german, french) Patches #2 for Delphi 4 are now available at the Inprise Website. Delphi 4.02 still has a number of bugs, but runs much faster and more stable than both first releases. Be sure to get it!

    You can find links to the download pages for those patches on my "Delphi Tools, Patches & Updates" page.

    Delphi 4 Patches available

    The long awaited Patches #2 for Delphi 4 are now available at the Inprise Website. Due to Server overload, I had no chance to download and install it yet, but many people in the newsgroups told that Delphi 4.02 runs quite smart now and doesn't show bugs of the ugly sort anymore. More, QuSoft just released a quite stable and reliably working Version 3.02 of QuickReports, so we finally seem to have reached the point where upgrading to Delphi 4 makes sense!

    You can find links to the download pages for those patches on my "Delphi Tools, Patches & Updates" page.

    FREE Delphi 2!

    Some fairies told me that some popular computer magazines like the german "PC Plus" recently contained FREE copies of Delphi 2 on their enclosed Software CDROMs! This might be a great chance for Delphi newbies to learn about the program without too much risk.

    Only a few weeks to go, and Delphi 4 will be shipped !

    For latest available information about this promising update, I'd suggest you to visit Inprises Delphi 4 Homepage.
    Other good sources of information can be found at Dr.Bob's great Delphi 4 Information Pages.
    Also, see interesting online articles listed on this page or Dr.Bob's great list of features Delphi 4 will bring.

    Inprise offers free Delphi Upgrade to new users

    If you purchase Delphi 3 between April 1, 1998 and June 30, 1998 , Inprise offers you an upgrade to the next Delphi version for free.

    See details on Inprise's related webpage.

    Borland becomes INPRISE Corporation !

    Even if I tried it, I could not explain everything concerning this change better than Borland (or should I already say "Inprise" ?) itself...
    Please simply visit Borland's / Inprise's new site or try the following ones: However, Delphi will still be named "Borland Delphi" for the next time.

    Personally I can understand that Borland had to think about new strategies to become a little more independent of a market where M$ is a merciless landlord if Gates thinks that the interests of his company could somehow be endangered...

    But all of us hope that Borland doesn't "forget" us "little programmers" who helped Borland gaining floor again after its heavy financial troubles. Delphi is a great product and Borland should continue putting energy in this only alternative to VB for programmers in the RAD Tools market.
    Just my $ 0.02 ..

    Borland Wins Again !

    "Software Magazine" just announced 1997/98 winners of their coveted Editors' Choice Awards, which are given to software vendors who achieve excellence in a particular vertical segment. Borland won in the "Software Development" category !

    Borland Newsgroup Archive available

    Borland opened a newsgroup archive for searching at The archive includes all messages posted to starting with May 7, 1997.

    Borland is profitable again !

    Borland recently announced earnings for Q2 and have achieved their second profitable quarter in a row. Here are some points from the report which is available on the Web:
    • 8% growth in revenues from Q1 to Q2
    • 3 cents per share profitability, beating street expectations
    • 55%-60% revenues from client/server products

    The plans on making Borland a strong growing business and releasing one major product per quarter is really paying off. Borland's strength seems to continue to grow, more customers will find Borland a long-term, viable vendor. This results in more consulting opportunities, more jobs, and more profitability. Which, in turn, means more best-of-breed products.

    If you are interested in details of the good news, check out Borland's paper about their Second Quarter Fiscal 1998 Results.

    Borland and Microsoft settle suit

    Borland and Microsoft announced today that they have reached a settlement in the lawsuit Borland filed earlier this year in which they accused Microsoft of recruiting and hiring Borland technical talent in an intentional effort to harm financially-troubled Borland. The suit charged that Microsoft was lured 34 key employees away from Borland by offering ridiculously large salaries. According to Borland, $1 million signing bonuses were offered in several cases. Terms of the settlement are confidential.

    "We believe this settlement is in the best interest of both our companies," Borland and Microsoft officials said in a statement. "This settlement resolves any legal questions surrounding the lawsuit and allows both companies to move forward."
    For more "information" (!): this is Micro$oft's official press release.

    What happened while I've been on holidays..

    ..found at various sites and in the Borland newsgroups
    • Borland sold 1 Million copies of Delphi 3 !
      (announced at the 1997 BorDev conference)
    • Borland works on a maintenance release for Delphi 3
      (US version should be available at the end of August)
    • Borland will ship the Delphi 3 Enterprise edition soon.
      (which is basically Delphi 3 C/S with the Entera product included).
    • Borland will not produce a 16-bit update of Delphi 1.02
      (well, that hurts)

    Borland Returns to Profitability

    ..published by Borland

    SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- July 22, 1997 -- Borland International, Inc. (NASDAQ - BORL) today announced results for its first quarter fiscal year 1998 ending June 30, 1997. First quarter revenues were $41,970,000 compared with revenues of $38,146,000 for the first quarter of the previous fiscal year. First quarter revenues were up 10 percent over the first quarter of fiscal year 1997.
    Net income for the first quarter of fiscal year 1998 was $79,000, which is a break-even in terms of earnings per share. This is compared with a net loss of $21,809,000 or ($.60) per share for the first quarter of fiscal 1997.
    The company's cash balance on June 30, 1997 was $76,600,000 at the end of the first quarter of 1998 compared to an ending cash balance of $54,400,000 at March 31, 1997. The increase in cash was primarily the result of the closing of the privately placed equity financing of approximately $25 million and exercises of employee stock options of approximately $1.6 million.
    "The positive results for the first quarter of our fiscal year 1998 clearly indicate that our aggressive turnaround program has introduced stability to the company and placed us on track for meeting our long-term financial objectives," said Borland Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Delbert W. Yocam.
    "Six months ago we initiated an aggressive turnaround program that included substantial cost reductions, the streamlining of our workforce, as well as the introduction of a world-class management team. We also took immediate steps to streamline and revise our existing products, introduce new products where appropriate, and redouble our efforts to ensure on-time product releases," Yocam added.
    NOTE: Copies of previous Borland press releases as well as the full text of this press release you can find on Borland's Website.

    SuccessWare »> Luxent me. ;-)

    DFL Software and Successware (home of the great Apollo Database engine) have become part of Luxent Software (home of the LightLib products), making Luxent the largest privately held component developer in the world.
    It's planned to release major upgrades for all concerned products within the coming 3 months.
    In addition, Luxent plans to "integrate the powerful graphic and database features of both product lines (Apollo / 3D Graphics Server) to create new ActiveX-based component suites aimed at a fully integrated graphical database solution for the Professional and Corporate software development marketplace.
    If interested, see the related press release.

    Join the "Powered by Delphi" campaign !

    by Brad Clarke, John Hamm, Michael Heacock, me and other members of the Delphi-Talk mailing list

    Join the "POWERED BY DELPHI" campaign by putting the corresponding "Button" in your Applications' "About"-boxes ! ... thus showing the world (and it's software-managers) which great products are realizeable with this tool.

    Quoting Michael: "We might all do the same...this might just catch the attention of some of the corporate folk (the people who hire) and make them think, "Hey, this is a pretty amazing program and it wasn't programmed in VB... I wonder why? Hey, Bob, look into Delphi willya!"

    just 3 of 33 buttons! just 3 of 33 buttons! just 3 of 33 buttons!

    Left Button design by John Hamm / SnapJax, right one by Chris Cowherd, both slightly adapted by me. There are some other versions of the button available on our Download-Page, so you can choose the best-fitting version of it for your App.

    Warning: Uninstalling D2 after installing D3

    by Brad Clarke

    Be very careful when uninstalling Delphi 2 after you have installed Delphi 3; you might have a lot of work ahead of you.

    Here's why....

    I didn't need Delphi 2 on my system anymore, so I decided to uninstall it using the uninstall feature (InstallShield).

    No big deal right? WRONG!!!

    In addition to removing Delphi 2 from my system, it removed about 80% of my Delphi 3 settings from the registry, as well as removing all of my components from the IDE.

    Now I have to spend several hours reinstalling Delphi 3 and all my third party components, and reconfigure Delphi 3 back to the way it was before the InstallShield crap blew everything away!!!!!

    Sausage dumps 'unstable' Visual Basic, adopts Delphi

    by Jennifer McCarthy

    Internet developer Sausage Software has moved to correct a "horrendously" expensive mistake" by shifting all its windows-specific development to Borland's Delphi programming language.

    Sausage had previously been using Microsoft Visual Basic to write its internet applications.

    Sausage chief executive steve outtrim said VB had been inefficient and was a "horrendously expensive mistake".

    The switch by Sausage means the first Delphi 3 version of Hotdog Profesional will be released next month.

    The first version of Sausage's entry-level web publishing tool, Hotdog Express was written in Delphi and proved a success.

    Hotdog Express was designed for people building a web site for the first time and is the beginner's version of the company's Hotdog Professional web authoring tool.

    Mr. Outtrim said previous versions had been written in Visual Basic but many users had experienced installation problems, untraceable bugs, and susceptibility to frequent changes in core Microsoft operating system libraries.

    Mr. Outtrim said that although he expected Delphi to produce faster executables he had not realised it would solve major customer support problems as well.

    "We're using Delphi from now on.", he said.

    Visual Basic might have been an appropriate language for prototyping, but it was unsuitable for writing real applications, Mr. Outtrim said.

    Local Borland managing director Ray Bradbery said his company had giuen sausage a "fair degree of support" and it could now get other products to market more quickly.

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