Hi There,  Thanks for dropping in to visit.  This is a site I created when I
first came to cyberspace eight years ago.  As time passed, I learned so 
many new things.  I had used backgrounds I found on the web and was so
grateful for  those who shared their talents freely. I did learn to give credit
by using their logos on my pages and became interested in how to create
my own.  As I became better at web design, I created new sites for my new
interest and neglected the Pantry.  I came back recently to visit my old site
and  had so much fun that I decided to fix the broken links and give it a new
entrance page.  (this one) and I also remembered how much I had enjoyed  
the silly java scripts and jokes and games I had created for this site. The
snow and lake applets still inspire me as they did years ago.  I hope you
too, will have a delightful time as I did, as you browse through the pantry.


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Sammy Lane Sharp



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