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Welcome to Modomedia!
Finally you don't need to have a webmaster degree to make a great website! With Siteskins, our newest product, you can build and maintain a professional website without any coding knowledge. See for yourself how easy it is by trying it out 15 days for free.

When we began over five years ago our goal was to help people make great looking websites. This was fulfilled through our initial CD Rom series Interactive Adrenaline, a collection of professional images for websites. But, when you,our user's, requested complete website builders, we were listening. So over the past three years we have been cultivating our newest product...Siteskins. A tool which allows virtually anyone to build and maintain a professional looking website. Here at Modomedia we still beleive that there is no excuse for a bad website.

The Interactive Adrenaline series, established Modomedia as a top shelf provider of images for website creation. These products were a taste of the quality to come, and although our product has grown into something new, our commitment to excellent quality and your image has remained steadfast.

It's here!... SiteSkins!
Our new product is an all-in-one solution for small business. It is a domain registration service, website builder, website maintanance plan, and hosting service for a flat monthly fee. We released this new product in June of 2002. Click Here to visit SiteSkins!

Our motto and mission
Several years ago, when talking with a customer on the phone, CEO Mathew Taft was asked why the Modomedia website was not using the images that we were selling. The customer said "you gotta eat your own dogfood!" and it resonated with us. He was right. As a company, we should make products good enough to represent our own company.

To illustrate our sincerity in this, this website was constructed and is maintained by our new website subscription service. We eat our own dog food. But we consider it to be more like a fine steak.

Website chic... without the geek.