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Keyes Archives

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 launches new columns feature
Opportunity also available for guest opinions

November 27, 2002
RenewAmerica staff report has just started a new feature--regular columns by a number of seasoned political writers.

The columns will generally be weekly, although the regularity will vary according to each writer's availability and the press of current events. Expect a number of timely, thought-provoking, informative columns to appear every week . . . [Click for more]

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Ratings for MSNBC, Donahue plummet

Spotlighted columnist
Thanksgiving in America: Have We Forgotten God?

November 27, 2002
Hans Zeiger

Hans Zeiger

My first exposure to the history of Thanksgiving holiday came in kindergarten when I learned about the pilgrims and the Indians. I recall my classroom feast in which we dressed like Pilgrims and Indians to commemorate the joining together of the Separatists and the Narragansett. We must have heard the story that year in several ways, from our cut and paste art projects to story time to the felt board . . . [Click for more]

Old promotion reminds cable viewers what TV ought to be
MSNBC mistakenly airs ad for "Alan Keyes is Making Sense"

November 13, 2002
RenewAmerica staff report

On November 10th, RenewAmerica received a report that MSNBC inadvertently ran an old promotion for "Alan Keyes is Making Sense" that advertised the show as though it were still airing.

The individual who saw the promotion accepted it at face value and immediately wrote us to say, "I'm overjoyed that the Alan Keyes is Making Sense program is coming back on MSNBC! It's back on beginning Monday night in its usual time slot!" . . . [Click for more]

Keyes radio speech put to use

November 9, 2002
RenewAmerica staff report

On November 2nd, RenewAmerica e-mailed over 1,100 conservative and Christian radio stations throughout the U.S. and made available to them a 29-minute radio version of Alan Keyes' recent speech in St. George, Utah.

The stirring speech, one of Keyes' best ever, focused on the need for Americans to stand firmly for moral principle in the fight against terrorism, and to support candidates who not only claim to believe in America's principles, but are willing to apply them.

Indications are that as many as a hundred stations aired the speech. In Missouri--where Republican challenger Jim Talent narrowly defeated incumbent Democrat Jean Carnahan for a Senate seat--the speech was aired on at least four stations. It was this race that specifically gave the GOP control of the Senate.

Pro-life candidate Swallow narrowly defeated
Salt Lake newspaper plays key role

November 9, 2002
RenewAmerica staff report

Click to enlarge
Congressional candidate John

Nine days before the Nov. 5th election, Utah's largest newspaper, the Salt Lake Tribune, ran an editorial by veteran political writer Paul Rolly that some believe tipped the scales in favor of pro-choice candidate for Congress, Democrat incumbent Jim Matheson. Matheson defeated Republican challenger John Swallow by a slim 1% in Utah's Second Congressional District.

At the time the editorial came out, Swallow had just overtaken Matheson by 1%, according to a poll of those "most likely to vote" . . . [Click for more]

Alan Keyes launches online Life & Liberty PAC
In support of pro-life, pro-liberty candidates

October 24, 2002
RenewAmerica staff report

In the final days before the 2002 general election, Alan Keyes has introduced a new political action committee fundraising website, Life & Liberty PAC was created to protect and defend our unalienable rights within the American political process. The PAC supports candidates who are unequivocally committed to protecting all innocent life.

In Dr. Keyes' words, "Life and Liberty PAC is soliciting last-minute financial support to help a select list of principled pro-life candidates who have run strong and effective campaigns, and who are now being targeted by pro-abortion forces" . . . [Click for more]

Life & Liberty PAC - Supporting pro-life and pro-liberty candidates

Supported candidates

U.S. Congress

Ronnie Greer of Wisconsin
Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado
Clyde Holloway of Louisiana
John Swallow of Utah
Rob Bishop of Utah

U.S. Senate

Jay Wolfe of West Virginia
Tony Perkins of Louisiana

Boggs McDonald gets boost from a conservative activist
Alan Keyes appears at fund-raiser for GOP congressional hopeful

Click to enlarge
Keyes and McDonald

September 27, 2002
By Jan Moller
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lynette Boggs McDonald defended the six-figure boost her congressional campaign has received from conservative activist Alan Keyes, saying it's a sign of national support for her long-shot bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley.

"I think it's a great issue because it just shows that I have national appeal," Boggs McDonald said as Keyes was preparing Thursday to host a $500-per-plate reception for the 1st District Republican candidate at the Las Vegas Country Club. "I was humbled to receive all that support from around the country" . . . [Click for more]

Alan Keyes visits Utah
Says voters must "take the vocation of citizenship with deadly seriousness"

September 29, 2002
RenewAmerica staff report

Click to enlarge
Keyes with Congressional candidate
John Swallow and Utah Young
Republican Chair Stefani Stone

Alan Keyes recently spent two days stumping in Utah to build grassroots interest in the upcoming election. On September 24th, Keyes spoke at Thanksgiving Point, just south of Salt Lake City, and on September 25th, he spoke at the Burns Arena in St. George, a resort city located in the southwest corner of the state near Zion's National Park.

Keyes took the opportunity to endorse Republican Congressional candidates John Swallow and Rob Bishop, both of whom also spoke. "When I hear Rob and John, I hear what America needs," Keyes said. "I would plead with you tonight to see what Rob and John can do for America, not just Utah" . . . [Click for more]


Alan Keyes' column
Voting pro-life

Posted: November 05, 2002
By Alan Keyes

Today, we are again called to our citizen vocation, and asked to vote for local and national leadership. In this election cycle, I have been working as chairman with two political action committees: Black America's PAC and Life & Liberty PAC. We are supporting conservative candidates running against some of the most committedly liberal Democrats in American public life.

I presume to be involved in these contests as a friend to many around the country, because these candidacies will decide the balance of power between our two main parties for the next two years. In some regards, they will also help determine the power of American conservative principle within the GOP . . . [Click for more]

This week's RenewAmerica Forum
Where is the "political center"?

The political arena is filled with many classifications and labels--some useful, some not. Useful or not, they're all very confusing.

Consider the validity of the following labels:

  • Hillary Clinton has warned about a "vast right-wing conspiracy" that she says threatens our country . . . [Join us at the Forum]

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Welcome to, and to the community we are building here of Americans determined to make our nation worthy again of the gifts we have received from Providence, and from our Founders. Everything I have done in my public life has rested on the truth that, in America, it is the people who make good things happen, because it is the people who have the Founding principles of America most deeply in their hearts. is dedicated to the vision of a nation renewed by the labor of its common citizens, working together with intelligence and determination.

Working together, we can restore our people's confidence in their ability to govern themselves wisely and well. We can remind the American people that our Founders made no mistake when they wrote that God created us all equal in dignity. Working together, we can begin to remember what it is like for a free people to live together as fellow citizens, as friends, as a free people, under God.

The resources available on this carefully and wisely constructed website are intended as a catalyst for the real engine of reform in America:  the principled energy you bring to the job, and are willing to share with others. Please join me in making the center of your participation in the renewal of American liberty.

Alan Keyes


The mission of RenewAmerica is to expand the influence of America's grassroots--both among individual citizens and among principled groups--in the cause of preserving our nation. RenewAmerica, however, is not just cooperative, it is inclusive: we seek to bring together in a shared effort all Americans who believe in our country's founding vision.

To achieve our mission, we intend to fully utilize all available alternative media, as well as build a well-organized network (both electronic and conventional) of dedicated grassroots citizens in every part of our nation. Organizing will be done in connection with the Declaration Alliance, Alan Keyes' political organization.


RenewAmerica is a project created by grassroots activists to further the cause of Declaration-based liberty.

The site is for ALL people who consider themselves loyal Americans. It has no philosophy, image, or agenda beyond this one unifying premise: America must return to its founding principles if it is to survive.

In 2002, RenewAmerica became affiliated with the Declaration Alliance, the political activism organization of Alan Keyes.

Because RenewAmerica is GRASSROOTS at heart, it remains fundamentally independent-minded, creative, and energetic in pursuing its own distinctive agenda in the cause of strengthening America. We welcome your creative energy in that vital cause.

Please join us. We need your strength.

Life & Liberty Political Action Committee

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