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Is this myth stopping you from getting the most value for your dollar?


Sure, I could order 100 white shirts, printed in 1 color for
$3.46 each,
including everything except shipping,

Your reorder price of $2.86 each is great,

I would rather buy local
because it is
safer and more convenient


We offer complete satisfaction-just see what our customers say
Most local screeners don't offer references

We offer a 1 year guarantee on our printing
Most local screen printers won't offer even a 1 year guarantee - makes you wonder why?

We offer online proofing at your convience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - world wide
Local shops require you to drive down to their shop at times convienient to them
If there was a problem and it isn't ready, you'll have to blow 15 - 30 minutes out of your busy schedule again

We offer firm - up front pricing with no last minute charges when you pick up your garments
If the art takes longer or they need to add a color or flash cure - you find out that you owe even more when you pick them up

More convenient?

We deliver our product to your door
You have to fight traffic to get to their shop before they close

We offer online proofing that not only fits your busy schedule, but allows other members of the project to call up the art and give you their feedback so that you can make sure that everyone loves the design or to get the vital feedback you need.
Good luck getting 3-7 people to juggle their schedules to meet you at the printers

We proof and reproof as many times as it takes to make you completely satisfied - minor changes are posted in less that 1 hour world wide - we have found that these minor changes (tweaking) make all the difference in the world
Most local shops charge for all these additional proofs and each one requires a trip to their shop to view

All screen printers are about the same - right?

The basic types of screen print shops you will find in you local area are:

THE BEGINNER-Most are less than 5 years old and have a lot to learn. Most referrals do not come from customers, but rather friends that tell you they will give you a good deal. They tend to promise more than they can deliver - it is a learning process. Prices can vary wildly from customer to customer. If you like surprises, this is the place for you.

THE SMALL CORPORATE SCREEN PRINTER-Tends to project a corporate front, rather than a lot of beautiful prints on display. Turnover of employees tends to make quality vary a lot. A lot of these types of shops are more interested in the bottom line, than the craft of screen printing. Disgruntled, underpaid employees printing your shirts.

THE SIGN SHOP-Produces t-shirts as a side line for logos they have created for signs. They tend to be creatively strong, but weak on technology. Produce mostly basic one color shirts with prices a little higher than most.

THE SPORTS SHOP-Mostly low volume 1 and 2 color work. A retailer with no great love for the craft that tends to make enough on the garment to give the printing away. The most uninspiring work tends to come from shops like this.

THE AD SPECIALTY DEALER-A middle-man that is always looking for the cheapest place to get his shirts done.Asks for camera ready art, while the rest of the world is asking for computer ready.

T-SHIRT SHOP-Work tends to be good and prices firm. Tehnology tends to lag behind customer demand for sophistication. Limited capacity.

The Add On Shop-The price starts out low and then they keep adding charges after the quote. Many of these charges come after you have committed to their shop and there is no time left to go to someone else. Beware the shop that quotes you a price, but doesn't tell you what is included in it. We look at a rough of your job and decide if we can do what you are looking for. Once we take it on, we do it with no last minute charges.


A small national company dedicated to craftmanship for over 20 years.

We strive to be the best in the country for customers who buy 25-250 garments.

Not only do we offer more color in lower quantities, at lower prices than any local or national printer, but we do it with a 1 year guarantee on our print and your complete satisfaction.

We ask you questions that no one else does.

For example, did you know that you can see a bra strap through that 5.6oz shirt that other screen printers have been quoting you?

Did you know that the shirt color bleeds into the ink, changing the colors on 50/50, but not 100% cotton?

Visit your local printers and look at their work, then look at ours.

10-5:30 eastern M-F

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Of course, the fact is, our work is much better than most local printers
in the United States...


What does it matter if you can't afford the amazing work we do?

Surprise, Surprise - When everything is added up -

We usually cost less

Click here to get our latest pricing

While you are at it, you might as well get a quote - It's FREE

Well - If you browse our site, you will be a much more educated buyer than when you got here.
That is the idea, anyway.

Some parting thoughts

You can call around and get pricing, but without looking at the work that is being quoted, you should be wary. I know that time is an issue in all our lives, but this isn't like ordering printed letter head from a printer. Screen printing is a craft that takes years to master. Most screen printers do simple work, because it is easier to do. Millions of boring shirts are printed in the U.S. every year. Using the same ink, the same shirt, a little creativity and a lot of skill; you can create a shirt that excites people, and gets you the compliments you deserve for making the right choices.

If you don't have the time to visit all the local shops, you should get their web address and visit their site to view their work. It costs me $249 a year to run this site. I see 1300+ users per week visit my site.

If they don't have a site, you should wonder why?

Screen printing is a craft that is driven by technology, basic websites are simple by comparison.

As you browse our design galleries, please keep in mind that most all designs were done for

$25 and now we don't even charge that!

Good Luck

and I Really Hope That You Will Allow Us

To Work On Your Project With You.