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We heard from a number of users who had problems running CD-Grabbing software
using old SCSI drivers and their problems disappeared after installing the
updated drivers.  Therefore, we recommend the update to all users.

Let me start with a brief description of history and where ASPI fits into the
Windows 95/98/NT/2000 system.

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  CD-Grabbing interacts with your DDS (or other compatible) tape drive via the
  ASPI-for-Win32 device driver, namely, WNASPI32.DLL which is usually stored in
  your C:\Windows directory.  This module is a direct replacement for the more
  familiar ASPI device drivers such as ASPI4DOS.SYS and ASPI7DOS.SYS if you have
  experience operating SCSI devices under DOS.

  But, many people are not aware of the existence of WNASPI32.DLL since it is
  seldom mentioned and so automatic and care-free for most people.  Moreover,
  its installation is done once when your Win95/98 system was first installed on
  your system.  That is, the WNASPI32.DLL module is included in the official
  Microsoft Windows 95/98 install CD-ROM.

  Unlike its predecessor (the Real-mode ASPI Manager), ASPI-for-Win32 scheme
  splits the SCSI hardware inteface API into two parts, the Win32 API layer
  (Ring-3, DLL) and the Virtual Driver layer (Ring-0, VxD).  The first stage
  component (WNASPI32.DLL) is universal and just one driver handles all SCSI
  hardware. On the other hand, the VxD components are hardware-dependent and
  therefore must be supplied by the hardware manufacturer.  In many instances,
  Microsoft's Win95/98 CD-ROM contains many common drivers and therefore, the
  driver headache for SCSI is now mostly gone, thanks to the Plug-N-Play scheme. 
  Most of these VxD drivers are stored in the C:\Windows\System\iosubsys
  directory (AIC78XX.MPD, SPARROW.MPD, NCRC810.MPD, SCSIPORT.PDR are such
  drivers).  That's a good news.

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About ASPI!

  We get many reports that installing this driver solves a lot of problems and

Download ASPI!.EXE