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Voters Pamphlet Statement

Itís time for us to solve our nationís problems independent of the two party system. As long as Congress remains in the hands of Democrats and Republicans, corporate greed will continue to destroy the economy and environment, and lead to a police state at home, and imperial warfare against the rest of the world. To limit political corruption we should follow the Constitution and have Congressional Districts of 30,000 people instead of 600,000. In such a large district, diverse communities cannot be represented, only the wealthy. 42 years ago, Eisenhower warned us that we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the military-industrial complex. Instead the problem is compounded by the corporate media, and the corrupt educational establishment. Only through new leaders can we hope to solve our problems, and enjoy the fruits of the ongoing scientific revolution. I have been part of that revolution myself, spending my life developing alternative energy sources to avoid burning fossil fuels, which are polluting the air we breath, burning up billions of dollars and leading us to war in the Middle East. Rapidly moving to a solar-wind powered economy, using hydrogen as fuel, would provide tens of millions of good jobs, and would solve all of these problems. We need to shift scarce public resources from a failed public education system to one of school choice. We should cut the insurance industry out of the medical business, so that we can have universal healthcare for less than we spend now. We need to end the War on Drugs. We need a national high-speed rail system, and shift from road to rail building in our cities. We need to eliminate the IRS and instead tax activities which burden society, like burning oil.


Transportation Power Politics on Nov. 5, 2002

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