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A basic rule says "White with Light and Red with Rich". Except with game, how you cook is more important in choosing wine than what you cook. Acidic wines go well with oily food (oil and vinegar principle). However, try pairing similar flavours - acidic wines with acidic foods. Speaking generally, the list is:
    white meat, cooked fish - white wines
    shells, crabs - neutral white wines
    dark meat, game fish, grilled fish - red wines
    sweets - dessert wines or champagnes

Furthermore, we have divided dishes into four principal groups, with each of them having a separate page, where you will learn which of our wines make a perfect match with specific dishes.


Soups are best followed by strong white wines with a distinct aroma and a developed bouquet.
Cheeses will enjoy the company of older red wines.


Shells & crabs - light and neutral white wines.
Prosciutto, ham, patties... - dry white wines, light rosés and opolos.
Eggs, lighter meat dishes, noodles, pasta - light red wines and opolos.


Grilled and fried fish, risottos, brodettos - red wines and opolos.
White meat dishes, white poultry - dry white wines.
Dark meat dishes, dark poultry - red wines.
Game and wild poultry - strong red wines.

Remember that the mythical food-wine pairings are somewhat illusive. Drink wine to enjoy it.

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