Kiyamon, Minister of Diplomatic Relations


We are dedicated to serving the Trinity Republic by implmenting and carrying out policies that will help further the Trinity Republic Cause. We will initiate diplomatic contacts with other PA's and certain Guilds that will allow us to become competitive and stronger in the political arena. We are committed to contacting these PA's and guilds in a manner that will promote our values of Justice, Honor and Leadership.


The Diplomatic Relations Council is granted it's authority by the Constitution of the Trinity Republic under the auspices of the President of Trinity Republic. Our Council was created on February 19, 2002 via Executive Order #1, signed and entered into law by the President of Trinity Republic. We are also governed by the Uniform Trinity Code, Title 6, entitled Diplomatic Code.


1. To foster high standards of qualification for, and performance in, the conduct of diplomacy and the foreign affairs of Trinity Republic.

2. To increase public understanding and appreciation of the contributions of diplomacy to the interests of Trinity Republic and its members.

3. To study and, as appropriate, to disseminate findings and recommendations with regard to the conduct and content of the Constitution, foreign policy, and PA Affairs.

4. To encourage the strengthening and improvement of diplomatic relations with Rebel PA's and represent the sacraments of Justice, Honor and Leadership abroad the SWG community.