GB Camera Diary

These images were taken on the 23rd of May 2001

Preparation for any rave or concert is vital. I packed the following items into my Schott raving jacket:

A to Z My battered copy, but it turned out not to be needed
Water bottle Essential refreshment
Cigarettes Because I wished to live fast and die young
Motorhead keyring... of course! And obviously I took my gameboy camera and spare batteries

The journey to the Forum nightclub (Kentish Town) seemed to take forever. Heres the edited highlights:

Speedometer I sat in a traffic jam until I reached Morden
Opel Manta In the traffic jam this poorly customised Opel Manta was spotted
Food Because it took so long I decided not to eat out and grabbed a quick baguette
Morden Tube My tube journey took me from deepest south London...
Kentish Town Tube... to mid-north London

It was easy to spot Motorhead fans on the tube - black leather and tatoos revealed all.

Kentish Town
The pubs in Kentish town were brimmed full of rockers. I ignored the temptations of drink and cheap (fake) Motorhead tour t-shirts and went straight to the club, thanks to the directions of my mate Ella.

The Forum The Forum nightclub looked like this

The queue streched round the block, but it was fast moving and I was soon in the concert. Tickets were avalible on the door - however the club was filled up later on.

The Forum
I'd never been to the Forum before, it turned out to a reasonably sized, but intimate venue. The club was dark and not ideal for gameboy camera photography - however I got these shots:

Merchandise stall The merchandise stall sold the usual gear like t-shirts
Food You could buy top rock food like danish pastries, and this quiche
Mixing desk The huge mixing desk used by the engineers
Rack Big racks of equipment seemed unnecessary for a 3 piece rock band

Beer was OK for a club at 2.90 but water-bottles were a pisstake 1.30 - not good.

I talked to some guys into IDM during the two support acts. The first band turned out to be above average, and the second was very reasonable. I was impressed by their professionalism, and they were both well received.

During the 45 minute gap until Motorhead the proceedings were spiced up with ladish chants such as "Motorhead, motorhead, motorhead", "Lemmy is the guv'nor" and the classic Motorhead chant, as old as the band itself, the slow "Modor-head!" - and that spelling is correct.

Gameboy camera work was obviously impossible during the actual gig. As Lemmy said - "We're Motorhead and we're gonna fucking rock!". I can't possibly list all the classic choonz that were dropped, but some were:

The lads also covered a Ramones track in honour of Joey Ramone who recently passed away.

Lemmy also disrespected all politicans (a reference to the forthcoming general election) saying - "This isn't about politics... its rock and roll". A sentiment I agree with. Lemmy also cracked some jokes - which weren't funny. but he's a rock legend so I'll forgive him.

The mosh was violent - but in a good natured way. One guy fell over, and the people around him formed a barrier until he was able to get up - a very proper spirit. I stayed in the region between the full-on pushing and the staid standing types, where a rock-chick kept stinging my arm with her enthusiastic headbanging (respect!).

Lemmy had his usual bass, Phil used a variety of guitar through out the night - including a beautiful red/yellow sunburst Gibson Explorer (I later learned this not to be a Gibson - but actually by a special maufacturer called LAG). None of them obviously needed to tune up either. I would have prefered to see Phil's guitar with more mid/treble and Lemmy's vocals at a slightly higher level - but the production was the best I've seen from a Motorhead live set.

The end
Once the raucous feedback died away, the crowd quickly dispersed and I was able to take some shots:

Drape The massive 'iron boar' drape at the back of the stage. The eyes glow red!!
Afterwards Motorhead fans discussing the set
Pick bottom I chatted to this crusty old rocker - and he gave a souvenier guitar pick (geezer!)
Pick top The pictures are blurry, but this is the Motorhead logo. The top one has Phils signature

Everyone I met after the gig had hearing problems, but were totally cool. Some of us made our way back to the tube. The feined disinterested expression of the normal passengers was comedy. Others went down the pub - who had thoughtfully organised a late lisence.

Eventually I reached Morden. Seeing the Nova^H^H^H^H^H Astra after a nightout is always quality:
The Astra My '91 Vauxhall Astra Mk2 (Opel Kadett). The GB Cam did well in near darkness!

I was hoping to look wasted for this shot - but I don't...
Damage Case ...anyhow heres a real 'damage case'!

The next day I did this diary and rocked out on my Flying-V using the Motorhead pick. It was really nice actually - but I've decided not to use it, in case the logo rubs off:
My not-Gibson Flying-V (check the acid house strap!!!)

The one bad point of a wicked rave was that I lost the spare batteries for my Gameboy!

gwem 2001
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