Personal Histories of
Their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Crown Princess


His Imperial Highness Crown Prince
・Eldest Son of His Majesty the Emperor
○Date of Birth
・23 February 1960
○The Parsonal Title for Young Members(Been conferred in accordance with the Imperial Family's tradition of appellation)
・Prince Hiro(Hiro-no-Miya)
○Coming of Age Ceremony
・23 February 1980 (at the age of 20)
○Investiture as Crown Prince
・23 February 1991
○Honorary Positions
・Reserve Member of the Imperial House Council
・Honorary Vice-President of the Japanese Red Cross Society
・1982 - Graduated from the Department of History in the Faculty of Letters of Gakushuin University
・1983-1985 - Studied abroad at Merton College, University of Oxford, UK
・1988 - Completed first part of doctorate at the Graduate School of Humanities of Gakushuin University
・1992 - Became guest researcher in the archives of Gakushuin University

Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess
・Eldest Daughter of Mr. Hisashi Owada
○Date of Birth
・9 December 1963
○Honorary Positions
・Honorary Vice-President of the Japanese Red Cross Society
・1985 - Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Harvard University, USA
・1987 - Left Tokyo University
・1987 - Entered Ministry of Foreign Affairs
・1988-1990 - Studied abroad at Balliol College, University of Oxford, UK
・1993 - Left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

○Imperial House Council
・19 January 1993
○Engagement Ceremony(Nosai no Gi)
・12 April 1993
・9 June 1993

・Her Imperial Highness Princess Aiko
・Date of Birth:1 December 2001
・The Parsonal Title for Young Members :Princess Toshi(Toshi-no-Miya)