Friday, June 28
Registration (4-10pm)
Welcome Reception (7-8:30pm)
Opening Plenary (8:30-10pm)
Opening Ceremony - Allas, Tuttle
Welcome by Sponsors - Cohen, Davis, Hershaft, Katz, Pacelle, Reiman
Program Preview - Hershaft
Networking Reception I (10-11pm) - Casteel-Lorick, Lorick, Zintz

Saturday, June 29
Group Workouts I (7:30-8:15am) - Elliott, Shoss
Registration (8am-6pm)
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)
Newcomer Orientation (9-11am)
Newcomer Orientation (animal rights, perceptions of animals, animals for food, animals for research, animals for amusement, animals in the wild, vegan lifestyle, activism, legislation, the movement, the conference, Q&A;) - Amundson, Kwan, Leitner, Mason, Norris, Perry, P. Shapiro, Smith
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps
Elements of Social Change (nature of social struggle, stages of social change, recognizing victory) - Haptas, Hershaft      Click for Outline
How Vegan Is Enough? (use of sugar, wine, gelcaps, cat food, film, tires, 'cruelty-free' with body parts?) - Ball
Waging Effective Campaigns (defining objectives, scope, resources, tactics, action plan, review process) - A. Berger, Hershaft, Reiman      Click for Outline
Too Judgmental? Too Defensive? (should we be more assertive and less apologetic in approaching others?) - Davis
Animal Perceptions (public perception of animals and the role of language) - Dunayer, Favre, Katz, Singer
The Making of An Activist I (getting rid of emotional garbage and becoming who you want to be) - Hershaft      Click for Outline
Getting Attention (Legally) (effective use of picketing, marches, vigils, street theater, hunger strike) - Cohen, De Greef, Friedrich      Click for Outline
How Broad Our Ethics? (can we justify lying, cheating, stealing, subordinating other social justice goals?) - Morlino
Animal Victimhood (commonality of oppression of animals, children, women, others) - Balluch, Best, Mason
The Making of An Activist II (developing leadership skills and ability to get things done) - Hershaft      Click for Outline
Getting Attention (Otherwise) (CDs, disruptions, banner drops, rescues, phone/web siege, destruction) - Park, Rosebraugh, Vlasak      Click for Outline
How to Set Personal Priorities? (get degree first? get rich first? plunge in part-time? plunge in full-time?) - Carter-Long
Lunch (1-2pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps
Abuses On the Farm (abuses of cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys in factory farms) - Davis, Mason, Ornelas, Runkle
Surviving Activism (dealing constructively with worry, anxiety, loss, and burnout) - Carter-Long, Greger, Tischler      Click for Outline
Dealing with Law Enforcement (dealing with authorities, permits, arrests, jail time, grand juries, law suits) - Rosebraugh, Vlasak, Watson      Click for Outline
How to Relate to Animals? (which relations are acceptable: symbolic, companionship, intimate, symbiotic?) - Phelps
Agony in the Slaughterhouse (abuse of animals in slaughterhouses and live markets) - Davis, Friedlander, Roberts
Vegan Lifestyle (benefits and concerns of a vegan lifestyle) - Greger, Norris, Sproul      Click for Outline
Damage Control (dealing with disasters like Buckeye, campaign backlash, arson gone bad) - Friedrich, Rosebraugh, Runkle
What Rights? Which Animals? (what rights do we advocate for which animals? should intelligence matter?) - Regan
Slaughter in the Fields (destruction of wildlife and their habitats by animal agriculture) - Hudak, Lawson, Perry      Click for Outline
Armchair Activism (letter writing, talk show calling, family and workplace outreach) - Andrzejewski, Butler, Dawn      Click for Outline
Marketing Animal Rights (effective use of marketing techniques in reaching various constituencies) - Ginsberg, Haptas, Shoss      Click for Outline
Your Son Or the Rat? (whose life do we value? Is there really a species barrier or is it our relationship?) - Tischler
Slaughter on the Seas (commercial slaughter of fish and marine mammmals) - Dunayer, Shannon, Watson
Choosing a Career (law, medicine, management, and direct involvement as career paths) - Ginsberg, Greger, Kursban, P. Shapiro      Click for Outline
Winning Hearts and Minds (effective techniques for changing behavior through feelings and beliefs) - Hershaft      Click for Outline
When Is Killing OK? (attacking animals? unwanted dogs & cats? unwanted or deformed fetuses?) - Singer
Dinner (6-7pm)
Plenary Sessions I (7:30-10pm) - Amundson
Public Announcements I
State of Our Movement - Davis, Greek, Hazard, Phelps
The Challenge of Animal Rights - Capaldo, Katz, Tischler
Keynote Address I - Singer
Keynote Address II - Regan
Networking Reception II (10-11pm) - Casteel-Lorick, Lorick, Zintz

Sunday, June 30
Group Workouts II (7:30-8:15am) - Elliott, Shoss
Registration (8am-2pm)
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps
Animals in Research (abuse of animals in biomedical research) - Capaldo, Dunayer, Greek
Research On the Internet (finding useful sources, conducting searches, transfering data) - Budkie, Cohen, Pryor, Sutton
Appeal to Feelings (effective techniques for appealing to public feelings) - Carter-Long, Lyman, Morlino
How to Deal with Loved Ones? (dealing with social occasions, mates, relatives, friends, acquaintances?) - Hazard
Animals in Education/Training (abuse of animals in school dissection and surgery training labs) - Capaldo, Lewis, Vlasak
Effective Field Investigations (effective use of opportunity, equipment, procedures, authority) - G. Bauston, Rossell, P. Shapiro
Arguing Cruelty-Free Eating (raising health, environment, resource, economic, and ethical arguments) - Friedrich, Mason, Regan
How Can We All Get Together? (what are the opportunities and obstacles? how to get started? how to continue?) - A. Berger
Animals in Manufacture (abuse of animals in manufacture of drugs and organs) - Bellak, A. Berger, Miller
Effective Documentation (effective documentation of animal abuses) - Hindi, Kursban, Sutton
Arguing Cruelty-Free Research (raising issues of misleading results, delayed progress, excessive cost) - Capaldo, Greek, K. Shapiro, Stagno
What Are Movement Priorities? (which animal abuses? nationals or grassroots? advocates or sanctuaries?) - Mason
Animals in Testing (abuse of animals in testing of household and cosmetic products) - Amundson, Jonas, Stagno
Communication Technology (effective use of broadcast faxing, e-faxing, listservs, data transfer) - Banholzer, Erenberg, Sutton
Arguing Cruelty-Free Amusement (raising issues of public safety, kids and violence, poor sportmanship) - Dunayer, Elroy, Garrison
What Price Solidarity? (when should we tolerate damaging tactics or statements by other leaders?) - K. Shapiro
Lunch (1-2pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps
Breeding Our Companions (abuse of animal companions in puppy mills) - Hazard, Katz, Mason, Sproul
Effective Publications (effective writing/publication of fact sheets, brochures, newsletters) - Ball, Basile, Dunayer, Stallwood      Click for Outline
Enacting Federal Legislation (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators and committees) - G. Bauston, Pacelle, Paquette
What Price Animal Liberation? (how far should we go to liberate animals? what tactics should be off-limits?) - Favre
Killing Our Companions (abuse and destruction of unwanted animal companions) - Davis, J. Frank, Kullberg      Click for Outline
Effective Visuals (effective use of videos, art work, stationary and mobile displays) - De Greef, Hindi, Hogan      Click for Outline
Enacting State/Local Laws (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators and committees) - Lewin, Nixon, Paquette
What Price Media? (what price in image should we be willing to pay to get media attention?) - Stallwood
Eating Our Companions (slaughter of dogs, horses, and other companions for food) - Bellak, Davis, Park
Effective Web Sites (effective structure and design, rapid loading, promoting traffic) - Carter-Long, Stram, Sutton      Click for Outline
Enforcing Protective Laws (use of discussions, complaints, petitions, lawsuits, and direct intervention) - G. Bauston, D. Campbell, Kursban, Watson
Welfare And/Or Abolition? (are pursuits of welfare and abolition compatible? are small steps acceptable?) - Kullberg
Sharing Our Habitats (dealing with rodents, feral cats, deer, and other urban wildlife) - Fox, Holton, Leonard, Sproul      Click for Outline
Effective Advertising (effective use of newspaper, public transport, billboard advertising) - A. Berger, Butler, Markarian, Shoss
Direct Tactics (economic, social, and religious pressure, physical intimidation, destruction) - Jonas, Rosebraugh, Watson
How to Deal w. Adversaries? (through eternal hostility? end runs? negotiations? viewing as potential partners?) - Weil
Dinner (6-7pm)
Plenary Sessions II (7:30-10pm) - Markarian
Public Announcements II
Industry Perspective - Carroccio, Murphy, Twerdok      Click for Outline
Building an Effective Movement - A. Berger, Mason, Stallwood      Click for Outline
Keynote Address III - Newkirk
Networking Reception III (10-11pm) - Casteel-Lorick, Lorick, Zintz

Monday, July 1
Group Workouts III (7:30-8:15am) - Elliott, Shoss
Registration (8am-2pm)
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Raps
Killing for 'Sport' (abuse of animals in hunting and fishing; canned hunts) - Perry, Prescott, Shannon
Effective Presentations (effective techniques based on purpose, audience, setting, visuals) - Bellaccomo, M. Campbell, Hershaft      Click for Outline
Engaging Children I (effective use of teacher kits, lectures, field trips, cafeteria vegan options) - Balluch, Hershaft, Weil
Meet the Summit (informal Q&A; about a movement trade association) - Ginsberg
Skins Off Their Backs (abuse of animals raised, slaughtered, & trapped for fur or leather) - Butler, Fox, Goodwin, Nichols      Click for Outline
Effective Public Speaking (effective projection and modulation with role-play training) - Bellaccomo, Carter-Long, Cohen, Lyman
Engaging Children II (effective techniques in humane education) - Weil
Meet the Authors I (informal Q&A; with movement authors and leaders) - Greek, Randour, K. Shapiro
Animal Exhibits (abuse of animals in zoos, aquariums, circuses, and side shows) - Dunayer, Elroy, Paquette
Effective Media Interviews (effective ways of getting our message out under adverse conditions) - Friedrich, Hershaft, Lyman      Click for Outline
Engaging Youth (school groups, cafeteria vegan options, rock concerts, literature distribution) - Andrzejewski, Ball, Kwan, Nocella      Click for Outline
Meet the Authors II (informal Q&A; with movement authors and leaders) - Best, Cohen, Davis
Animal Competition (animal abuse in racing, rodeos, and dog and cock fights) - Dorchak, Hindi, Pacelle
Effective Debating/Negotiating (effective debating and negotiating techniques) - Carter-Long, Cohen, Hershaft      Click for Outline
Engaging Women/Ethnic (effective ways of reaching women's and ethnic groups) - Basile, Chandna, Erenberg, Jones      Click for Outline
Meet the Authors III (informal Q&A; with movement authors and leaders) - Lyman, Mason, Watson
Lunch (1-2pm)
Demos and Lobbying (2-6pm)
Dinner (6-7pm)
Plenary Sessions III (7:30-10pm) - L. Bauston
Public Announcements III
Compassion Into Action - Best, Cohen, Davis, Rosebraugh
Engaging Other Communities - Friedrich, Jones, Pacelle, Weil
Keynote Address IV - Lyman
Networking Reception IV (10-11pm) - J. Berger, Jane, Simpson, Ternay

Tuesday, July 2
Group Workouts IV (7:30-8:15am) - Elliott, Shoss
Registration (8am-12pm)
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-6pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Reports
Farm/Slaughter Legislation (legislation and litigation on behalf of animals in agriculture) - Balluch, G. Bauston, D'Silva, Friedlander
Running a Local Group (recruiting, officers, by-laws, incorporation, planning, outreach) - Chandna, Erenberg, Haptas, Leonard
Engaging Religion (effective ways of reaching major and minor religious denominations) - Friedrich, Kalechofsky, Phelps, Tuttle
Information Programs (DawnWatch, Animal Rights Online, Farmed Animal Watch, Animals Agenda) - Dawn, Finelli, Lawson, Stallwood      Click for Outline
Animal Welfare Act (implementing AWA in puppy mills, laboratories, zoos, circuses) - Amundson, Anderson, Nelson, Rossell      Click for Outline
Running a Sanctuary (land, zoning, animal acceptance and maintenance, staffing) - L. Bauston, A. Berger, Davis
Engaging Public Interest (effective ways of reaching environmental, health, and justice movements) - Chandna, Hauter, Hudak, Jones      Click for Outline
Research Campaigns I (Huntingdon, Coulston, Procter & Gamble, World Week) - Budkie, Jonas, Stagno
Wildlife Protection Laws (legislation and litigation on behalf of animals in the wild) - Markarian, Perry, Roberts
Fund Raising & Management (direct mail, events, planned giving, foundations, accounting & audits) - A. Berger, Clifton, Kullberg, Mason
Engaging Workplace (cafeteria vegan options, in-plant events, food/literature distribution, posters) - Best, Ginsberg, Hershaft      Click for Outline
Research Campaigns II (Animal Welfare Act, March of Dimes, EPA testing campaign, cosmetic coalition) - Amundson, Butler, Thew, Usher
Legal Standing (ability to petition and litigate on behalf of animals) - Anderson, Balluch, Best, Paquette
Managing Volunteers (how to keep them coming and assuming responsibility) - Erenberg, Ornelas, Williams
Engaging Business (reaching food manufacturers and retailers, corporate advertisers) - J. Frank, Ginsberg, Shannon      Click for Outline
Companion Campaigns (not-property, puppy mills, spay/neuter, no-kill, chained dogs, feral cats) - Friedman, Hazard, Holton
Lunch (1-2pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Reports
Abusing Our Cousins (abuse and trade of primates for food, research, and exhibition) - Budkie, Miller, Rossell, Thew      Click for Outline
Running Effective Meetings (effective use of meeting time to produce concrete results) - Amundson, Ginsberg, Haptas
Engaging the Community (identifying community issues and allies, staging events, running video van) - Chandna, Chiodo, Friedman, Kumar
Diet Campaigns I (Meatout, World Food Summit, meatless food manufacturers) - Banholzer, Jones, Pryor
Animal Relationships (various ways people can and do relate to animals) - L. Bauston, Best, P. Frank, Sproul      Click for Outline
Running Effective Events (objectives, action plan, resource inventory, publicity, media, policing) - Budkie, Chiodo, Kumar, Stagno
Engaging Abroad (effective ways of affecting public opinion and decisions in other countries) - Andrzejewski, D'Silva, Jones, Watson
Diet Campaigns II (veggie advertising, no-milk, milk moustache,) - A. Berger, Cohen, Friedrich
Animal Communications (how animals communicate with us and one another) - P. Frank, Sproul      Click for Outline
Movement Communications (establishing vehicles for communicating within our movement) - Cohen, Lawson, Stallwood      Click for Outline
Engaging Media (news releases, opinion pieces, talk shows, feeding and care, framing events) - Blanchard, Dawn, Friedrich, Pacelle      Click for Outline
Agriculture Campaigns I (World Day, veal, downers, gestation stalls, battery cages, ducks) - Banholzer, G. Bauston, Davis, Ornelas
Animal Spirituality (discovering and defining our spiritual bond with animals) - Carman, Randour, Sproul, Tuttle      Click for Outline
Movement Institutions (establishing cooperative institutions within our movement) - Ginsberg, Stallwood      Click for Outline
Engaging Politicians (obtaining position and platform plank, educating delegates, electioneering) - Muller, Nixon, Pacelle
Agriculture Campaigns II (fast food and supermarket chains, American horses, public lands grazing, humane slaughter, European legislation) - Basile, D'Silva, Friedrich, Hudak      Click for Outline
Banquet (6:30-7:30pm)
Plenary Sessions IV (7:30-10pm) - Lyman
Public Announcements IV
AR2002 Report - Cohen, Hershaft, Lyman
Animal Rights Hall of Fame - Hershaft, Lyman, Mason
Special Awards - Blanchard, Goldberg, Ross
Keynote Address V - Kullberg
Networking Reception V (10-11pm) - J. Berger, Jane, Simpson, Ternay

Wednesday, July 3
Group Workouts V (7:30-8:15am) - Elliott, Shoss
Breakfast (8:30)
Exhibits and Videos (9am-2pm)
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Remedies) & Reports
Abuse Abroad (animal abuses and related issues in other countries) - De Greef, Hannen, Wolf      Click for Outline
Building Networks (forming effective state and regional networks and PACs) - Goodwin, Leonard, Nixon
Effective Tactics for Agriculture (effective tactics for ending abuse of animals used for food) - D'Silva, Friedrich, Hershaft      Click for Outline
Fur/Leather Campaigns (Fur-Free Friday, Neiman-Marcus, European efforts) - Balluch, Nichols, Petersan
Trade Issues (impacts of global trade on animal abuse) - D'Silva, Greger, Roberts, Wolf      Click for Outline
National-Grassroots Relations (effective sharing of campaign management and resources) - Haptas, Hershaft, Ornelas, Runkle      Click for Outline
Effective Tactics for Research (effective tactics for ending abuse of animals used for research) - Greek, K. Shapiro, Thew
Exhibit Campaigns (circuses, zoos, aquariums) - Balluch, De Greef, Elroy, Nocella      Click for Outline
Forging Coalitions (types of coalitions, identifying prospects, feeding and care) - Erenberg, Hauter, Jones      Click for Outline
Effective Tactics for Companions (effective tactics for ending abuse of animal companions) - Friedman, Kullberg, Mason
'Sport' Campaigns (hunting, rodeos, bullfighting, cockfighting, greyhound racing) - Diener, Dorchak, Goodwin, Hindi, Prescott
Conflict Resolution (identifying sources, opening communications, building trust) - Hershaft, Nocella, K. Shapiro      Click for Outline
Effective Tactics for Amusement (effective tactics for ending abuse of animals used for amusement) - Elroy, Goodwin, Hindi, Pacelle
Wildlife Campaigns (Animal Damage Control, wild horses, bears, GAP, marine mammals) - Bellak, Lawson, Markarian, Watson      Click for Outline
Lunch (1-2pm)
Planning Meetings (1:30-2:30pm)
(utilizing the knowledge and contacts gained at AR2002 to plan effective projects)
Agriculture Projects - Mason
Amusement Projects - Hindi
Companion Projects - Hazard
Networking Projects - Leonard
Political Projects - Pacelle
Research Projects - Greek
Youth Projects - Kwan
Plenary Sessions V (2:30-5pm) - Mason
Public Announcements V
Global Issues - Greger, Jones      Click for Outline
Future Strategies - Hershaft, Pacelle, Thew
Keynote Address VI - Watson
Closing Ceremony - Allas, Tuttle