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Shenmue The Movie Review

I have just finished a long review of Shenmue The Movie and you can now read it, just click here.

No European Shenmue II!

According to a member of the EB staff there will be no Shenmue II released in Europe. He said that he heard that there would be only US and Jap releases. We will have to see if that is true...

Shenmue IIX DVD

Sega have announced that including Shenmue II on Xbox there will be the DVD movie included too. More news as it comes. Expect a full review of Shenmue The Movie when I get a digital camera...

New Site Banner and Advertising Opportunities (Boring...)

We now have a new site banner, not much its just one I knocked up in about 3 or 4 seconds. Advertising now cost thousands just for a tiny ad. How about this for a deal. From a pound you could advertise on some sites for a whole year. This is in the process of being set up at the moment but if you have a site this is a great, cheap way of getting traffic to your website. Here is the banner anyhow...

More Shenmue II Xbox Screenies

Shenmue IIx Release Date

Yet once again it seems that the release date of Shenmue IIx has been changed. Now it seems on two big companies websites that they are saying sometime in November. But good news awaits. Apparently Shenmue III may come out in December - but I think this is very unlikely.

Shenmue IIx Screenies

Poll Results So Far

So far Shenmue II Disc III is winning as the best Shenmue disc in the series. The poll is open for the next couple of days so keep voting...

Shenmue IIx Gets Unofficial Xbox Mag Treatment

After going down to West Bromwhich to look at some games I noticed a new copy of Xbox Nation (I think it was that but cannot be sure) featured Shenmue IIx Screenshots and news articles on it. I think the release date of Shenmue IIx maybe earlier than October as media about games is usually published about 3 weeks before the release date. Keep your eyes peeled.

Shenmue Wallpapers

If you want some great Shenmue wallpapers visit this page, click here. Don't forget to vote on the poll. So far Shenmue II Disc III is winning you vote now!

New Links & Support Us Pages

After more work on the site I have restored the Links and the Support Us pages ( Link To Us). All links can be found at the bottom of the page.

New Characters Page

We now have anew characters page which I have been working on for absolutely ages. Click HERE to visit it. Obviously I cannot fit the link in at the top of the page so all the pages can be found on the bottom of the page.

Shenmue Dojo Officially The Best Shenmue Site!

Shenmue Dojo is officially the best Shenmue site. Thankyou for voting everybody. This weeks poll contains the question which disc was best throughout the series? Get voting...

Shenmue III Scrapped?

An interview with a representative of Yu Suzuki declared hat no plans have been made for Shenmue III at the moment until the release of Shenmue IIx. We will keep you updated for a response from Yu himself.

Shenmue IIx Gets Media Attention

Recently has dedicated a whole page to Shenmue IIx which we believe will be coming out around October of this year. Today on Gamepad (a game program on Bravo) a Yu Suzuki feature included news on Shenmue IIx. Maybe we may not have to wit until October to get our hands on it. The program discussed the fact that Shenmue was a very expensive game to make. If Shenmue IIx doesn't do well the project may be scraped.

Shenmue IIx Contains New Game Chapters

Sorry about the lack of updates as I have been on holiday in Wales - don't go there. Images first though to be Shenmue 3 on the Japanese official site seem to be cleared up. Its not Shenmue 3 it is Shenmue 2X. Shenmue the story is written in chapters. Shenmue 1 was chapter one, Shenmue 2 on Dreamcast was chapters 2-4. Apparently Shenmue 2 is chapters 2-6. This may explain why it has took so long to transfer the game over to Xbox. More news as it comes in. Please visit Shenmue International as they have new forums on. They are very cool. Click here to go there. According to the poll Shenmue Dojo are currently the best Shenmue site around - there is still time to vote. What doe you all think of the new look? I'd like to thank SiteDesign.NET for their input. I also have a new e-mail address, it is Click here to Bookmark This Page

New Banner For Website

Here is the new banner for the site. I hope all like it. If anyone would like help on placing the banner on their site please contact me

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