Volume 2 Issue 2                                               August 2002

Epiphany: a celebration in writing! exists to provide amateur writers and  lovers of the craft with a place to learn, read, and experience the art of creative expression. Here you, the writer, will be given tips on how to become better writers, readers, and thinkers so that you can succeed in the world of publishing. For those who just love to read, we will introduce you to some up and coming writers whose stories, articles and poetic verse will give you more reasons to love the written word.

New in This Issue...

NO MORE CHAT ROOMS. The Chat room has been deleted. We decided to concentrate on the Message Boards first. To that end, there will be weekly discussion topics for the message boards. Share your insights with your fellow readers and writers. There is also an Interactive Ongoing story for you to take part in. Read the message board topics now.

Deep Thoughts: We received a great story, but did not have a place to put it. So, we created DEEP THOUGHTS, a place for insightful fiction.

Archives: Read text only version of previous issues


...Like It Is

Publisher's Mad GabRants and raves from our Managing Editor and Publisher

A Journal of Frustration Kristina Brooke Kennedy

Featured Column- Columnist get honest about the ins and outs of writing

Bookmark This Rusty Fischer

The Write Way- Articles about how to become stronger and more effective writers

Bullet Proof Your Manuscript Dr. Vicki Hinze

Book Reviews- One book review from our viewers and one Epiphany pick

Epiphany Featured Book Review
Belinda by Ann Rice writing as Ann Rampling 
Kristina B. Kennedy

Market Reviews- Up-to-date information about the ever-changing publishing industry

The Low Down on Self-Publishing Kristina B. Kennedy

Writer's Resources- A list of some of the best sites on the web for writers.


Creative Touch

Well VersedPoetic expression at its best

I Walk By Jeffrey Gianelli
My Lucky Dress Anastasia Clark
Bilingual Brooke Marie Thomas
This Day Lynn Cross

Love & Sappiness- Heartfelt stories

Her Sister's Truth Sandra Robinson 

Cajun Style- Hot, spicy, and a little sassy fiction- Epiphany Style

Here and Now Matt Curtolo

My Dear Watson- Mystery, suspense, horror....need we say more

Most Likely to Wear a Straightjacket Shawn Bryan

It Could Happen- Science fiction, magical realism, fantasy and sheer strangeness

Fantastic Voyage Drew Daniels

Deep Thoughts-Insightful and almost philosophical fiction 

 Auld Lang Syne Nic Schweitzer

My Story- The art of the personal essay

I've Got a BS, I WANT a Job! Brooke Marie Thomas

In Due Time- Novella, screenplays, chaptered fiction

Infection (Part 1) (Part 2) Neal Litherland

Calling All Subs (Part 1) Ron Hartnett


Interactive Epiphany

Message Boards- Talk to us. Talk to each other. Get help with your masterpiece.  Topic Schedule is as follows:

July 20-27: Publishing Nightmares
July 27-August 3: Getting Over Writer's Block
August 3-10: Character Creation
August 10-20: Realistic Dialogue

Classifieds- Find a job! Post a job!


Epiphany Business

About Us- Who we are and what we are doing

Submission Guidelines- Send us your best work...please!

Media Kit- Advertise with us

Contact Us- Um...contact us!

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...Like it Is
Publisher's Mad Gab
Featured Column
The Write Way
Book Reviews
Market Reviews
Writer's Resources

Creative Touch

Well Versed
Love & Sappiness
Cajun Style
My Dear Watson
It Could Happen
Deep Thoughts
My Story

In Due Time

Interactive Epiphany
Message Boards
Epiphany Business
About Us
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Media Kit
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