Multipurpose Frigates (Karel Doorman class)
Name No. Hull Customer Laid down Launched Commissioned
Karel Doorman F827 364 RNIN 26-2-1985 20-4-1988 31-5-1991
Willem van der Zaan F829 365 RNIN 6-11-1985 21-1-1989 28-11-1991
Tjerk Hiddes F830 366 RNIN 28-10-1986 9-12-1989 3-12-1992
Van Amstel F831 367 RNIN 3-5-1988 19-5-1990 27-5-1993
Abraham van der Hulst F832 368 RNIN 8-2-1989 7-9-1991 15-12-1993
Van Nes F833 369 RNIN 10-1-1990 16-5-1992 2-6-1994
Van Galen F834 370 RNIN 7-6-1990 21-11-1992 1-12-1994
Van Speijk F828 371 RNIN 1-10-1991 26-3-1994 7-9-1995
Class particulars
The design of the Karel Doorman class reflects the increasing priority that the Royal Netherlands Navy gives to survivability. Designed to reduce the Radar, Under Water Noise, Infra-Red and magnetic signatures the ships have an extensive NBCD arrangement.The hull design is based on extensive research into seakeeping and propulsion, giving high sustained speed in seaway and a wide weather window for helicopter operation. Equipped with a rudder roll stabilising system. Highly automated in machinery control and C³I systems the class has a characteristically low manning level.
Dimensions(m) 122.24 oa, 114.36 wl x 13.11 x 4.30
Flight deck(m) 22 x 14.40
Displacement(t) 3320 full load
Main machinery CODOG
2 x RR Spey SM1C gasturbines at 25.2 MW sustained
2 x Stork-Wartsila 12SW280 diesels at 7.2 MW sustained
2 shafts with CPP
Active roll stabilisation by Rudder Roll System
Speed(knots) Boost 30.0 cruising 21
Range(nautical miles) 5000 at 18 kt
Accommodation 163
Missiles 16 cells Mk48 VL for SeaSparrow
SSM Harpoon
Guns 76mm Gun Oto Melara
Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon System
Torpedoes 2 twin-tube Mk39 launchers
Mk46 mod 5 torpedoes
Countermeasures APECS II
2 SRBOC launchers
Nixie torpedo decoy
Combat data systems Signaal SEWACO VII
Link 11
Weapons control systems 2 x Signaal STIR
Radars LW08 Long Range Air Surveillance Radar
SMART-S 3D Air/Surface Search Radar
Scout LPI Radar
Sonars PHS-36 hull mounted sonar
Helicopter 1 x Westland Lynx
P.O. box 555
4380 AN Vlissingen
The Netherlands
+31 118 482118
+31 118 485020