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20.9 Electromagnetic Waves

Propagation of an E&M wave
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Click on the "Start Simulation" button to open the applet window. The magnetic field is represented by a blue arrow, the electric field by a red arrow and the velocity of the wave by a yellow arrow. You can change the magnetic field (B) vector by positioning the mouse over the tip and clicking and dragging with the left mouse button. Note that the velocity and electric field change accordingly. You can change the viewing angle by right clicking and dragging. You can move the whole frame by right clicking at the origin and dragging. You start the simulation by pressing start, you pause it by clicking with the left mouse button and resume it by clicking again.

Navigation: You can come back to this window by pressing the "Close Simulation" button on the bottom frame of the utility.  

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This applet shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field and wave vector when the electromagnetic wave propagates through space. The concepts are discussed in section 20.9. You might want to note the similarities between Figure 20.23.
Fu-Kwun Hwang

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