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[ Saturday, January 19, 2002 | LtWCard01 ]
As of the 1st of this year, we can't play Sole Survivor anymore. I would just like to say, it's been nice y'all. Guess what though, Westwood is making this First-Person Shooter called Renegade, that a lot of us old SSers consider to be "Sole Survivor 2" because they are so similiar. It's an awesome game and the two biggest Renegade sites are run by ex-Sole Survivor players those being my site and KingZeus & Kaymaster's!

Also, there is a new Sole Survivor site out there called the Sole Survivor Nerve Center. Since this is the last post I'll ever make to this site, I suggest you check them out from now on.

I wonder if a chemwarrior will ever be known as a chemy again or a mammoth tank as a mammy? Later.

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