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  Creatures 2 Objects
  Here are our objects which I have created, sometimes with other authors and artists, for Creatures 2. If you have any problems getting these into your game, please visit our help pages!

Object (click to download) Description
Rooms update

Ever been frustrated by leaving water-dwelling Norns in the Eastern Ocean? If they fall down the ledge and land to the left of the sub-bay, there's no way back up and, worse still, if they open the door to the sub bay they could kill themselves if the room drains.... So here's a solution!

Before installing, check the sub bay looks like this with the sub-bay door OPEN:

Then install the object. There is a remover that will unlock the door but will not remove the lift.

Cob and graphics created by Alastair Maggs (Ali)
Rooms update
Fed up of your norns not being able to walk from the island of love (with the love horn) through to the upper level of the volcano and on to the palm trees?

Well.... No need to be. Just get this cob. It modifies the room and creates some doors. All files are included in the .exe file. Just run it :)

The only problem is that once you've installed it and uninstalled it, you can't install it again.  I will get this fixed shortly.  This doesn't affect your world in anyway whatsoever as no room dimensions are changed.  All it means is that you can't reinstall it into the same world after you've uninstalled it - not that you'd ever want to :)

Cob and graphics created by Alastair Maggs (Ali)

Want your norns to be happy?

Well, try the Happy Juice Vendor for C2! This entirely new version of an old C1 cob will bring a smile to every norn's face :) - hopefully.

UPDATED 14:14 (2:14pm) 17th Feb 1998: Version 1.1 uploaded which corrects the chemical error in last nights version (1.0)!

Cob and graphics created by Alastair Maggs (Ali)

Injects a brand spanking new Valentines Day balloon for your norns to remember the occasion by. Let your norns know that you love them!

Some problems occur on removal of the cob - sometimes the graphics stay (but the scripts are removed). This won't cause too much of a problem (and won't affect the cob in any way), simply - when you wish to delete the object form your world - move the useless graphics and drop them into the water or you could try Brad's incinerator cob from: http://i.am/brf/

Cob and balloon graphics created by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me, box graphics by Wafuru!

The Shee, feeling longingness to see the norns again, decided to drop by with some new toys to play with.

The Bumble ball had been used to calm baby Shee on their home planet, so the Shee felt that by sending the norns a couple, then they too could be happy.

A Bumble Ball is injected in the desert, above the learning computer! Version 1.1 - Jan. 19th, 1999 (fixes graphical errors of transparency. Note, if you are already using the original ball, you may wish to uninstall the cob, remove the bumb.s16 from your images folder, then install this new version).

Cob created by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me, graphics by Wafuru!
This fish is known as the 'Angel Fish'. They hatch in the Spring which is also the season for breeding of these fish.

The Angel Fish came from the sky as a present from one of the Shee who, on a recent trip around the solar system, decided to give the norns a few presents to keep them going until the day when it will be stable for the Shee to collect the norns and take them to their new planet.

A vendor is included too to help you hatch your fish and a couple will be placed in each of the two oceans to get you started.

Cob created by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me, graphics by Wafuru!
Vendor (of fruit)
The Coconut Vendor COB produces delicious and nutritious coconuts for your creatures to eat. Please read the enclosed text file after unzipping. The other enclosed file is a COB file; extract it to the Objects folder. You must have installed Object Pack 1 from the official Creatures 2 site for this COB to work, as that pack upgrades your Agent Injector. Version 1.1 - Jan. 3, 1998

You'll need winzip < www.winzip.com > to open this file!

COB by Denise Voskuil, with an update by me, Ali Maggs; graphics by SteerPike with animation help from Frimlin.
This fish will only rescue norns that are actually suffocating. Mernorns and amphibinorns will be left alone. These fish look different too.

This cob will remove existing Cyberlife Puffer Fish and inject a new improved Puffer Fish into each of the two oceans.

The fish will only rescue suffocating norns. It will, upon rescuing a suffocating norn, inject some extra helpful chemicals into the norn's bloodstream.

Cob created by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me, graphics by Wafuru!

Parts 4 and 5!

Christmas pack: Plant, Fruit, Food, Vendor
Part two of the xmas pack!

Injects two new food types to the tree! Candy and Pine cone fruit - both can grow all year around!

Needs the first part of the pack from below :)!

Cob created by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me, graphics by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me! Additional graphics from the god of graphics, Wafuru!

Parts 1, 2 and 3!

Christmas pack: Nature, Fruit, Toys.
This is the first ever Albia2000 Xmas pack!

Hopefully, you'll agree that this is possibly one of the best Xmas gifts you could give your norns.

Its in the form of a Pine tree, when Winter comes, when day by day, the tree will sprout lights, decorations and presents!

Its the ULTIMATE Xmas gift!

Plus, check back Christmas day for the 4th and 5th parts to this cob which allow candy to grow during the Winter and Pine cones and fruit to grow during the Summer!

Cob created by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me, graphics by Alastair Maggs (Ali) - that's me! Additional graphics from the god of graphics, Wafuru!

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