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The first Mania® kit car was built around 1992. When it was first shown, it was a great success. Small alterations were made to get the final shape it has today. 4-5 of the cars, has been built as show winners, like Marco Garvers. The latest built by Lars Lorick is shown on this page. It's probably the most advanced of them all, when it comes to smart inventions. Many more have been built, and are nice in their own way, as beautiful sport cars. They have been sold mostly in Scandinavia.

The Mania® is built on a standard length VW Type 1 chassi. Most builders use the Beetle with the ball joint suspension, but link pin front suspension is also OK. Lars Lorick has used the McPerson suspension from a Super Beetle, with some modifications, as the Mania® is very low in the front. He also had to make a separate sub frame to be able to mount the top of the suspension. We will have some pictures of that soon. Front hood design, lights and so on, are choosed by the builder, as we all have different ideas of what is the best solution. We will in the future, be able to provide some of those parts, as we sell the kits, and we will have more pictures on this page with ideas. Some are below. Click on the thumb nail to se a larger picture.
Engine: Whatever you can fit under the hood.

The kit we sell consists of front and cock pit in one piece, 2 doors and the rear part. The wind screen frame is included in the front part. Wind screen is extra. Rear spoiler is extra.
Please notice that we only sell this basic kit. You have to be a handy man to build the car. Don´t send us e-mails with questions if the kit includes this and that. All the info we have is on this page. If we have any news we will put them here.
Price US$ 3295,00 for the Mania® kit
Wind screen US$ 595,00
Spoiler price ? Soon.
Tax or freight not included.

 Lars Loricks Mania® back from the final touch in the paint shop. Wish they had painted the trailer at the same time!  
 First paint job and final assembly.  
 Another view of the fresh painted Mania® on another trailer.  
 Preparation for the new hard top.  
 Lars Loricks McPerson solution. Better pictures will follow soon.  
 Dash board by Lars. Under construction.  
 Dash board finished.  
 Marco Garvers rear light solution.  
 Rear end with the roaring 1600cc engine. You can se some of the reinforcements Lars have done.  
 More reinforcements.  
 Another one.  
 Front end. You can se the aluminium fuel tank Lars built.  
 Clooser look at the front end and tank.  
 Another view of the rear part of the car. The seats are Recaro, and remaid by a local guy. They are in leather, as the rest of the interior.  
 Interior by Lars.  
 Door with blue leather.  
 Rear view.  
 Front-side view, with a proper Swedish car in the background.  
 Some pictures of a new nice Mania® kit car, built by another Lars in Sweden. This Lars has the surname of Aaslund, and lives in Sandviken, who has produced many famous Swedish icehockey players. Click on the part of the thumbnail you want to look at.  

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