ACES' Humane Traps

ACES Carries the full line of Tru-Catch , Minnesota Platicatch and Tomahawk Traps for catching almost any animal. Our traps are humane, easy-to-use, and built tough for long, dependable service. Individuals may think about donating traps purchased from ACES to their local humane organization or animal control agency when their problem has been solved. We're Featuring Tru-Catch Traps on this site, call 1-800-338-2237 for our 1997 catalog, where all our manufacturers are represented.

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Tru-Catch Traps

Ninety-nine percent catch rate with almost no escapes is a sure thing with the Tru-Catch Trap. Tru-Catch uses a simple sliding ring mechanism with no springs. To release the animal, simply lift the door or turn the trap over - the door falls open. An optional rear guillotine door is available for even easier release / baiting. Five year warranty against animal damage. Powder coated brown finish for good looks and long life. For a higher catch rate and to protect trapped animals, use our trap covers.
Be sure to investigate our Folding Traps for easy transport & storage. For orders of two or more Tru-Catch Products (except TB-1, TC-30, TC-36), take an additional 10% off!

18 18"X 6"X 7" Squirrels $ 20.00
24 24"X 8"X 9" Weasels $ 24.00
30 30"X 9"X 11" Cat, Skunk, Rabbit $ 46.00
30D 30"X 9"X 11" (W/ Rear Door) $ 53.00
36 36"X 12" X14" Raccoon, LG Cat $ 54.00
36D 36"X 12" X14" (W/ Rear Door) $ 63.00
42 42"X 17"X 24" MED. Dog, Coyote $ 94.00
42D 42"X 17"X 24" (W/ Rear Door) $100.00
48 48"X 20"X 26" LRG. Dog $162.00
48D 48"X 20"X 26" (W/ Rear Door) $171.00
60H 60"X 22"X 28" XL Dog / Wildlife $239.00
60HD 60"X 22"X 28" (W/ Rear Door) $259.00
B-26D 26"X 20" X 8" Pigeon, Top Door $ 49.00
TC-30 Vinyl Cover For 30 & 30D $ 19.00
TC-36 Vinyl Cover For 36 & 36D $ 23.00
TB-1 All Purpose Bait $ 10.00

Tru-Catch Folding Dog Traps