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The site validates at XHTML 1.0 Strict, and uses CSS for all display purposes. It looks best in the latest standards compliant browsers, but should work just fine any browser. Big thanks to Leonard Lin and Anil Dash for help debugging CSS display issues, big thanks to Andy Baio for help with SQL and database issues, big thanks to Derek Powazek and Jesse James Garrett for help planning and fleshing the idea out in 2000, and big thanks to everyone who had the patience to wait the two and a half years I wasted thinking and talking about the site instead of building it.

About Ticketstubs

How ticketstubs came to be

The reason for this site begins years ago, when I started saving ticketstubs from movies and concerts. I kept them around to remind me of the film, the music, or the event that took place. Over the years I continued to save various stubs from all sorts of memorable experiences and when I moved to a new city and new apartment in early 2000, I noticed I had amassed a couple dozen of them. Just looking at them, stories came flooding back and I had the idea that I'd like to scan them in and write up some stories to go with them. Since I had several stubs worth sharing, and I'd probably have a few more, I decided to build a small database application to keep track of them instead of hand coding each story. Once the decision was made to automate an application to save and output the stories, I decided I might as well open it up to others, since I figured I wasn't alone in saving bits from my past.

When I finally sat down to finish this site in December of 2002, I grabbed a stack of ticketstubs that has followed me through four moves from one major city to another. Just looking at one brings back the memories of why I kept it, and what experience was behind that stub. That's the essence of the site. Ask yourself why you saved the ticketstubs you did, and when you see them again, what do you remember about that experience?

If you have some stubs lying around and you want to share the stories behind them, feel free to submit an entry today.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, feel free to email me


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