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B-17 In Flight
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Pictures and information on surviving B-17s in museums and still flying

Serial # Location Model
40-3097 NASM, Paul E. Garber Facility, Suitland, Maryland. Swoose is in storage.
41-2446 Abandoned in a swamp in Papua, New Guinea. Numerous unsuccessful attempts at recovery.
41-9234 Abandoned on a mountain side in Papua, New Guinea. Current condition is unknown.
41-2595 Owned by Mike Kellner of Lake Bluff, Illinois. Under restoration to a B-17E, Desert Rat.
41-9032 Ultimate Sacrifice Memorial, Cincinnati, Ohio.  My Gal Sal is currently under restoration.
41-9101 Buried under 250 feet of ice in Greenland.
41-9105 Buried under 250 feet of ice in Greenland.
41-9210 Recently acquired by the Flying Heritage Collection. Under further restoration in Arlington, Washington.
41-24485 Mud Island, Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis Belle static display.
42-29782 Museum of Flight, Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington. Flies as 229782, Boeing Bee.
42-3374 Offutt AFB, Omaha Nebraska. Displayed as 230230, Homesick Angel.
42-32076 USAF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Shoo Shoo Baby static display.
43-38635 Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California. Displayed as 38635, Virgin's Delight.
44-6393 March Air Museum, Riverside, California. Displayed as Return to Glory.
44-8543 Vintage Flying Museum, Fort Worth, Texas. Flies as 48543 Chuckie.
44-8846 Association Forteresse Toujours Volante, Paris, France. Flies as Pink Lady.
44-8889 On display at Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget near Paris. Current condition of 44-8889 is unknown.
44-83316 Kermit Weeks Collection. Partial airframe at Aero Trader's storage area, Borrego Springs, California.
44-83512 Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Displayed as 483512, Heavens Above.
44-83514 Confederate Air Force Arizona Wing, Mesa, Arizona. Flies as 483514, Sentimental Journey.
44-83525 Kermit Weeks Collection. Suzy Q under restoration by Tom Reilly in Kissimmee, Florida.
44-83542 Fantasy of Flight Museum, Polk City, Florida. On display as 237994, Piccadilly Princess.
44-83546 Owned by David Tallichet. Flies as 124485, Memphis Belle Replica.
44-83559 Strategic Air Command Museum, Ashland, Nebraska. Displayed as 483559.
44-83563 National Warplane Museum, Elmira, New York. Flies as 297400, Fuddy Duddy.
44-83575 Collings Foundation, Stowe, Massachusetts. Flies as 231909, Nine-O-Nine.
44-83624 Dover AFB Museum, Dover, Delaware. Displayed as Sleepy Time Gal.
44-83663 Hill AFB Museum, Ogden, Utah. Displayed as 483663, Short Bier.
44-83684 Planes of Fame, Chino, California. Displayed as 483684, Piccadilly Lilly II.
44-83690 Grissom Air Museum, Grissom AFB, Indiana. Displayed as 231255, Miss Liberty Belle.
44-83718 Museu Aeroespacial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Curent condition of 483718 is unknown.
44-83722 Kermit Weeks Collection. Stored in pieces at Aero Trader's storage area, Borrego Springs, California.
44-83735 Imperial War Museum, Duxford, England. Displayed as 231983, Mary Alice.
44-83785 Evergreen Aviation Educational Center, McMinnville, Oregon. Flies as 483785.
44-83790 Abandoned in Newfoundland, Canada. Possible recovery in the future.
44-83814 NASM, 44-83814 is in storage at Dulles International Airport, Virginia.
44-83863 Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, Florida. Displayed as 46106, Gremlin's Hideout.
44-83868 RAF Museum, Hendon, England. Displayed as 483868.
44-83872 Confederate Air Force Gulf Coast Wing, Houston, Texas. Flies as 483872, Texas Raiders.
44-83884 Eighth Air Force Museum, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. Displayed as 483884, Yankee Doodle II.
44-85583 On display at Base Aérea do Recife, Recife, Brazil. 485583 static display.
44-85599 Dyess Linear Air Park, Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas. Displayed as 238133, Reluctant Dragon.
44-85718 Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston, Texas. Flies as 238050, Thunderbird.
44-85734  Tom Reilly Vintage Aircraft, Kissimmee, Florida. Under restoration, will fly as 231636, Outhouse Mouse.
44-85738 On display with AMVETS, Tulare, California. Displayed as Preston's Pride.
44-85740 EAA Aviation Foundation, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Flies as 85740, Aluminum Overcast.
44-85778 Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, California. Flies as 4485778, Miss Angela.
44-85784 B-17 Preservation Trust, Duxford, England. Flies as 124485, Sally B.
44-85790 Displayed in front of Lacey's Bomber Inn and Restaurant, Milwaukee, Oregon. Lacey Lady is under restoration.
44-85813 Tom Reilly Vintage Aircraft, Kissimmee, Florida. Parts are being used for restoration of Outhouse Mouse.
44-85828 390th Memorial Museum, Tucson, Arizona. Displayed as 231892, I'll Be Around.
44-85829 Yankee Air Force, Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Flies as 485829, Yankee Lady.
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