Sheehs, right now I wish I had the "About Us" page from the StoryPortal.Org site to pull from, but the only accessible info that we have left from there are the databases, and I have re-written the database structure so much for the new sites that it's pretty much all new.

StoryPortal.Org started many moons as the "DarkPortal StorySite" ( and later It was a simple site, put together by me as a way to archive my favorite authors and pay tribute to them, and it worked nicely into my own story "Psyber Transformations" which is still unpublished/unfinished.

After loosing the for monetary reason, I transferred the site to a sub domain of my "vanity" domain which I still had time left on, and did a little bit more work on the site. Then a little after that, I met a bunch of wonderful people and we formed a pseudo company called "HuggleBugs Ltd". (

After putting a LOT of work into the HuggleBugs site, I was encouraged to develop the DarkPortal site into something more, but none of us knew exactly what...

After a bit of brainstorming, a LOT of research a bit of $$$, and even more loving support from KimEM (, I started work on the "StoryPortal T* Fiction Archive" ( Over the life of storyportal I converted from using a flatfile .csv database system to using PHP and MySQL only to have the domain stolen from me by a law firm that specializes in Corporate Copyright law of all things.

It took KimEM and Myself about 4 days to develop the idea of the "StoryPortal Fiction Network" and were given the chance to purchase the domain TGFiction.Net from a good friend Bob_A ( and KimEM went out and registered Fictorium.Net and StoryPortal.Net

StoryPortal.Org will always have a place in our hearts, but with the new custom software back end, and the all new database structure, we hope to grow the StoryPortal Fiction Network into a fiction archive the likes of which none has seen.


-Piper & Kim