Horrible Eyes interview VS. Horrible Eyes interview
Questions by Ronald Ziegler, Answers by E.

Bloodhail Erik! Well, how are you & WATAIN actually?
Devilworshipping, corpsefiddeling, crackabusing, childmolesting, humanhating, bitchslapping, gunshooting, fleshabusing, bankrobbing, waratrocityappreciating, deathpraising, firebreathing, slutsodomizing, sanityresisting, hitlerheiling, fagbashing, hapinessending, jewgassing, animalslashing, planetdestroying, drugpushing, nosebreaking, slutmurdering, blooddrinking, folkextirpating, joysmashing , corruptionencouraging, backstabbing, blackmetalspitting, teencuntdesecrating, woundinflicting, junkiesupporting, painenjoying, cemetarydemolishing, venomspewing, razorbladejuggeling, burnscarinflicting, annihilationfulfilling pedophilialiking heilz to you too. Enjoying the new, excellent Sadistik Exekution album so i guess i could say that things are quite ok at the moment. For the others, probably laying wasted on heroin and necrophilia in a graveyard somewhere. Let's hope for the worst.

Rhaaahhhh… It's almost unbelievable!! Everytime I think shit like "There can't come something special from the north anymore!" I get another iron fist in my stupid face! Yes, the cruel power of "Rabid Death's Curse" blew me away like the Panzerfaust of a Taliban warrior! So congratulations to you for this extremely great masterpiece of black Swedish Death Metal! Well, you Swedish insaniac, let me know your opinion, at 1st: Why do you think are so many great bands coming from Sweden? Why gives a country like yours that always stayed neutral & peaceful in its younger history birth to such an enormous amount of aggressive & brutal Death/Black/Thrash commandos? There must be some 'pool' of uttermost aggression & creativity existing there. Compared to - for instance - Germany (which has the most Metal people in the world every idiot claims here) there are so many great, hordes…!
If we disregard the landmarks, the borders drawn by filthy human hands, and count for example Norway, Finland and Sweden as one whole, it would not be difficult to say that this whole has spawned the core and fundaments of the Black metal cult, band-wise. I think of originators such as Bathory, Mayhem (That sais it all, actually), Darkthrone, Beherit, Treblinka, Morbid, Grotesque and so forth. And we do still hold the throne, i dont even think it is necessary to mention the bands coming from here today, and to describe their magnificient devotion and submission. The North will always be the high seat, and I know that it has nothing to do with people's musical abilities, rather with something that lurks here stronger than elsewhere when it is given praise, for His words speaks in clear tounges; "I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit upon the mount of the assembly, in the far North…" (Jes 14:12-14)

I know, all members of WATAIN are quite young folks, & before the release of the album I've never witnessed too much from the band - so if you want or not, you just have to lose some words about WATAIN origins here! Where there any projects before & what were your goals back then when all started & have these goals changed within the years? We formed in 1998, and yes, we played in some bands before but none worth mentioning i would say.
Goals… hard to say really, but i guess that all of us have grown into a more perfectionistic view of the band, much due to the current state of the "scene". Back when we started we simply hadnt any other intentions than to bring forth some traditional Black metal, which is a goal not that hard to achieve i would say, if you have the right spirit as we do. However, the actual concept and picture of traditional Black metal may have changed in our minds since we started, for although I would say that it is still just that we do perform, it is far different from what most people would define the term as. It is not a distorted guitar and some highpitched screams, with all the obvious esthetic accessories. It is something so much far above that it may even lay beyond my own conception. Its inner essence cannot be reached through music, but fragments of it shine through when taking part of for example "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas", which according to me is the best Black Metal album ever, due to it's undeniably strong spiritual content. To achieve something similar with our compositions may be close to what our goal of today looks like, although it would of course be sinful to have merely musical goals when playing Black Metal. Our other "goals" rest with us in the shadow of the horns, hopefully we will be able to enlight the world about their nature as time passes.

Introduce the WATAIN death squadron as far as you want to! As it's a typical Swedish "syndrome", I suppose that you're also playing in other bands & projects - am I right?
Who we are as persons is not really of any relevance i think, what we want to share can be found in lyrics, pictures and music. We are not a datingfirm, we are a Black Metal band. As for projects, no, FUCK that. It seems to be a compulsary duty to one and each involved in the scene today to have their disgusting, unworthy drummachine project, oldschool thrash or whatever. I spit in their face! When did people forget about spirit and honesty? We would never do anything like that, if we were involved in other bands (maybe some of us are, who knows?) we would do it using pseudonyms or whatever, but i regard all kind of "sideprojects" as a weakening factor of the main band, a way to say that "My main band does not suit me fully, i'm not 100% into it, so i have to create one sideproject for each new genre within alternative music we come across to fully satisfy my whoring needs of being a mindless cunt". It's much because of this project-plauge that the scene looks as it does nowadays, overcrowded with mediocre, emotionless shitbands. But what else can you expect when it is something you can earn cash and get labeled as "true" from?

What does "watain" mean in your point of view? I know, you took the name from the of same name song of VON. The US-Kult seems to inspire many Swedish bands actually, just remember KILL's 1st demo tape which did a cover on that fine tape!
Apart from the obvious magnificense of the US legends (according to me "Satanic Blood" is probably one of the three best demos EVER made) I would say that the lyric itself has a really special meaning to me, which is why I feel that the name is something that fits the band splendidly. I'll share the last lines: "This wicked child lay in shallow crowded graves / This unholy place is where the black sacrifices are performed / This is where He kills/ Watain…"

When you reflect: Do you still worship WATAIN's older releases? Comment your actual point to the old stuff, especially the demo & the "The Essence Of Black Purity" EP!
I appreciate them for what they are, monuments of what we were before, pieces of evolution. The rehearsal demo was just a primitive attempt though, while the 7" actually still makes me tremble at times. I accept it for being a debutrelease, yet i think that it's positive that it is not available anymore, since what we offer today is much closer to what we want Watain to be. It can be good to look back and remember at times, but now we are trying to focus on looking ahead on what to come. One thing i really like about the 7" is the lyric to the titletrack, it's still means alot to me.

How did you get the attraction of Commander Noctu of Drakkar Prod.? Have you sent him photos from the band when you were younger…? Some obligatory questions, too: Do you feel it's the right label for WATAIN? Were there other companies interested?
Why the fuck should I do something so completely idiotic as sending photos of the band to Cyril to make him sign us? Is that how bands do get their deals nowadays, or? Drakkar got interested due to that they heard the 7" through Sinn of Hirilorn with whom i was tapetrading back then. We didnt really feel any reason to decline their offer since Drakkar is a label with bands whos value we hold high, and therefore we sealed a pact with them for two albums, of which now one has been released. I assume the next one will be recorded in two years or so. Drakkar's views on things concerning the scene fit ours pretty well, and there haven't been any direct problems so far, so yes, they are what you could call a "right label" for us. We got offers from some other companies as well, but their names are not of any importance as things look now. We have also worked with the honourable labels End All Life (Vinyl version of the album), Spikekult (for the Diabolicum split 7") and Shadow records ("Limb Crucifix" shirt), which should be considered three of the most worthy labels in the current scene, eventhough SPK is dead and buried.

I've heard you are not so satisfied with the sound on "Rabid Death's Curse"…I myself dig it a lot, if you care to hear. How had it should sound then?
There were some minor mistakes regarding the productions which could have been done better, but on the other hand it is stuff that you hear after listening to it through and through far too much. At least it does not sound as whatever cheap fucking "primitive, cult, limited, true underground Black Metal" shit out there, which is a relief. I like the album, it's one of the better to come from Sweden, it's just my sense of perfection that haunts at times.

I furthermore read somewhere the just released "The Ritual Macabre" tape is more in the vein you want WATAIN to sound. Your comment concerning that indeed awesome release? Maybe you could also summon that special gig in Belgium when it was recorded? Some people seemed to like the band pretty much if one listens to the wild screams inbetween the songs.
I wouldnt say that the Ritual Macabre summoned the essence of Watain better than the album, although there were other sides of us that were expressed more obviously on the tape, while they were sort of hidden beneath on the album. The tape shone of raw, merciless fanaticism and destruction in both sound and layout while the album told with black grandeur of the greater aspects we are about, it has more of a constant message while the tape represents how we appear outside the studiorecordings. "Rabid Death's Curse" is more purely ideologial, "Ritual Macabre" is the knife and the poison which we spread our ideology with. The gig in Belgium was one of the better ones we've done so far, yet we won't be able to go back to the venue where the gig took place due to that they banned us after our visit. How utterly unexpected…

Normally I dislike losing too many words to more "superficial" topics like LP packaging etc.but in this case I just have to mention the gatefold LP End All Life did for the album! What's your opinion about their great work & do you think it's the perfect way to represent WATAIN visually? Personally I think they did the very best!
The LP turned out great indeed, much due to the fantastic work of Timo Ketola, who many know by the name of Davthvs. He was actually responsible for almost the whole layout, as well as the rather successful idea of printing the LP inside out, so that the lustreless side was turned out. As I personally do have an interest in layoutconnected matters I was very pleased in working with such a talented man, and I can also tell you that his layout isnt the only things that are twisted about him. The work End All Life did was just excellent as well, it is truely one of the most admirable labels spreading the gospel these days! We do keep regular contact with them and the LP was for sure not the last thing we did together.

There's also a photography in the gatefold of the LP which is a bit hard to recognice at 1st sight - but when the observer looks at it a bit more he witnesses it's a turned upside down photo of a decayed bird surrounded by flying autumn leaves; it's very artistic! In my eyes it shows WATAIN's attraction by death & its estethics of decay PERFECTLY! Macabre but somehow beautiful, too - what do you think?
The idea of the bird came from me at first, since it is sort of Timo's "trademark", dead birds. I just mentioned it to him in the early state of the layout process and i remember him calling me up some week later saying "my apartment smells very bad, my scanner is very dirty, but i've finally got a very good picture for the foldout". He had found the bird when he was on his way home, all rotten and reeking of putrefaction, and simply put it in the scanner and the result was just how we wanted it. Yes there's truely much symbolism behind the usage of the bird. A dead, decayed bird represents to me the death of freedom, and the beauty that lies in the silent process of its way into ashes and dirt. It also visualises the idea of the "Rabid Death's Curse" quite well, the molten dead lying in slumber, unconsiously walking towards the unescapable claws of Satan!

Your lyrics are impressive & belong to the most dark stuff I got in touch with since a very long time. Obviously, they're something very important in your music. The ones I read 1st were the ones on "Rabid Death's Curse". Strangely enough, when my eyes consumed them for the very 1st time I had the pictures of dark medieval times in my head. Not about the historical circumstances, of course… But they have that very special feeling that made me think of the dark terror which ruled supreme in the cellars of the Inquisition where weak, human flesh met eternity... Hard to explain, when going through them again & when having read other ones later like "My Fists Are Him" I also witness this certain sadistic intent & even a masochistic approach…Self-sacrificing art in His name! Can you comprehend what I mean? Some words from you, the creator, about them, especially about the "Rabid Death's Curse"-touching ones would be appreciated here! Who is the one who spat out this deadly curse?
Your interpretations of the lyrics are not far from how I would describe them after reading them through myself, although i would sum the things you mentioned up as the religion they are based upon, Satanism, or -to avoid confusion - Devilworship. The ink with which my lyrics are written is the black, foul stream bleeding from my heart, i cannot be more personal than i am in my lyrics. We are a Black metal band, thus our lyrics plays a terribly important role in our creations. You will never find anything not dealing with Him, or His servants, when reading them through. I do not write to create just "another Black metal lyric", i write to spread negativity, sorrow and despair, to pay tribute to the Lord and to spread His word! I want the listener to really sit down with the lyrics, to contemplate over them, and to feel the forces hidden within their riddles… It seems like the art of lyricwriting in BM circuits is something severely trivialized and far from what it should be, which I strongly detest! People talk about spreading a message, to make people think, but the reaction one gets from reading an average "BM" lyric nowadays is… not even worth talking about! Black Metal should be carried out with dignity and proffesionalism, it should make people tremble! The lack of emotion and depth within todays BM lyrics is of course just a product of the fact that most people involved in composing them have nothing to do with it! The theory of the Rabid Death's Curse is a rather personal attempt of mine to symbolically explain the idea of salvation through spiritual slavery and the will to serve. To stand above yet laying crushed beneath. The poetic way in which it is actualized on the album is somehow the religious and spiritual woven into flesh and human suffering, yet never falling out of the divine frame itself, but just to make it more visual to the blind, to make him tremble in tears of unachievment and loss. To put it briefly, the Rabid Death's Curse is the curse of life, the disease which we are condemned to suffer from until divine punishment comes upon us. It is written both for the blind and seeing, handeling both the slumbering and the awakening. It is a real tale of spiritual distance from perfection and forever locked doors, a spit in the face of the blind crows of life's pestilence… and perhaps a source of mindenhancing for those cursed and blessed! To those who stand as proud wolf among blind sheep, yet as dirty slaves among free men!

What does furthermore influence you when writing lyrics for WATAIN? I mean, are there "challenging" books or does everything come from the realms of your mind?
Of course i might get influenced by the ways things are put forward in a book i've read connected to the topics i write about. Yet i would say that all that is needed for me to carry on both my lyricwriting and my religious devotion is already in me. I do of course enjoy reading a book written in an intelligent way about things that might enhance my knowledge, and i do definetly not consider myself as fulfilled when it comes to learning, but the fundaments are there, the seed is planted and it grows… Right now i am reading an indeed interesting books entitled "The puzzle of God" in which the fact of religious reality is discussed, or "prooved" if you prefer that term. I truely enjoy reading books that really gets me thinking, and I find no problems in using my conclusions for lyrics or such, although -as earlier stated- I seldom find it necessary.

You're filled with hatred against humans, especially Christians, that's something very present within your music & lyrics. What are your personal reasons for that? Lovely Christs with free videos, bibles & such shit in their hands knocking on your door? Or don't you have that kind of "problems" in Sweden?
Why should I hate Christians? My conviction of that the final judgement for their false preachings will be righteous, and thereby severely painful and longlasting, is enough for me to separate my view on todays Christianity from the drewling masses of mindless "black metallers" that have not spent a second thinking of that it is the Christians of today that are the TRUE sinners, not themselves! Christianity has lost its respect to God, and he is weeping tears of blood in the golden halls of heaven! May he be almighty, but not even the almighty can cure the cancer in his own chest when it once has settled there! Hail the torturing of children in bibleschools! Hail the oppression of Christian sects! Hail the blindness and cloven tounges of "Christian" priests! What remains of true, fundamental Christianity today is merely shatters of a cross that has been repeatedly spat upon by it's own supposed followers, and they shall BURN for their sins! They WILL burn! Respect, fear and spirit has been exchanged with materialism, joy and flesh. Christianity is no more "of God", but an insitution of falseness and double standards, why should that be something to hate when those things are not "good" but rather contagious breaths of the very mouth of the Lord? God is not dead, he will never die, but his might is infected by the cancerous cocaine of the Devil, just look around you! The loath and disrespect i feel towards human beings in general is simply depending on their blindness and illrooted happiness that in the end will turn out to be nothing but ashes and bloodstench. Awareness and enlightment means suffering, yet other factors must constitute the fundament of personal black salvation, or else one would be unworthy (which we on the other hand all are in the end...).

Remarkable, you don't use pseudonyms but wear warpaint (sometimes), though! Don't you think both things belong together? What's your attitude about that?
I hardly reckon any importance at all in the phenomena of pseudonyms, although it serves its purpose in certain bands. Concerning us not using it, i can only say that it for us somehow enhances the honesty of the band using our names of baptism. The names we were given in front of God, and that were put under his shelter are now the ones who constitute a part the cancer in his cursed heart. It holds strong emotions. Corpse paint is another thing, and may be seen as a way to channel negativity and summon the repulsive and sick feeling of true Black metal. As you may know, face/bodypaint is also a rather common component in various forms of magick rituals, as it eases the human shelter, thus making it easier to leave the carrier's soul in the hands of the force he turns to. Also a reason for us to use it of course.

What can you tell me about the Black Metal scene in your area? I know there 're few better acts…which ones do you consider yourself as true? In the booklet of the "The Ritual Macabre" tape there's a pentagram logo stating "Uppsala - Black Metal". So you think there's a scene existing? And, what interests me most: Do you really achieve a scene? Don't you think an unified scene is somehow bad for strong, egoistic indiviuals?
UABM is basically just another name for Watain, since it is only us and some comrades constituting it. It is not of any greater importance to anyone but ourselves, so i leave that topic be. Regarding the Swedish scene, it is most sure the most honourable one existing when talking about Black Metal. I could basically just mention Malign, Funeral Mist, Triumphator, Ofermod (r.i.p) and Ondskapt and that would be enough. Apart from those bands whose messages rests solely on religion i could mention comrades such as Kill, Bestial Mockery, Diabolicum, Necroplasma, Repugnant, Kaamos and Craft among others, representing our scene they way it should be done. A unified scene with strong egoistic individuals could in my opinion not exist, since egoism and individualism takes out unity. Just look at the scene as an international whole, there is no unity of importance since everyone is just trying to be the most true and most limited whatever pathetic… Not that i dont like bad blood, rather the opposite, but when it comes to Black metal then goals and views should be the same, a similar attitude is neccesary; there should be no place for individualism in a cult based on the doctrine we follow. As it is now, looking at the supposed "underground BM" scene, people pull in all directions just to make it more "extreme". I see that as a proof of that the supposed "Black Metallers" of todays scene are nothing but confused and mindless heretics and whores; would they be righteous and follow the True Doctrine they would not feel the need to "push it further", for we do indeed already stand at the ultimate!

Interesting on the album is the cover version of "Curdle The Blood" which originally was performed by the Japanese Kamikaze-horde SABBAT. This band gains a lot of deserved world-wide support nowadays which was definitely not the case in their first 10 to 15 years of their unholy existence. As an outsider I would say they don't have influenced WATAIN too much, did they? I mean, both bands follow a same kind of bestial music but SABBAT are far more into the origins of primitive Black Metal whereas WATAIN sound very Swedish, very Death Metalish (at least on "Rabid's Death Curse"). Why have you decided to honour them? And why this special song?
The reason for covering Sabbat was mainly to honour a magnificient band that actually have managed to stay the same since the very beginning not only of the band, but of the whole Black metal underground movement. If that isnt worth tributing then what is? Personally I see Sabbat as one of the best bands in the entire scene since they, apart from their enormous capability of composing the most delicious Blacking Metal, manage to capture the real essence of the underground; filth, obscurity, darkness, mystiscism, rawness and a primitive fuck off attitude to the rest of the music scene. Its possessing me somehow, it's a totally "one of a kind" band, still their whole appearance captures merely traditional aspects of the BM scene. Truely admirable, especially considering that they have been like that since around 1983. The explanation of our musical differences is kind of a continuation of what I just stated; Sabbat somehow captures the black/extreme metal culture as a whole, I think it would be just as righteous for e.g Incantation to cover them, because in the end you can still find brutal, satanic Death Metal elements in Sabbat music momentarily (mostly riffwise). Any extreme metal band could name them as influence since they most likely have something in common with them. Anyhow, as i stated, the music was not the main reason for the cover.

By the way, what's your favorite SABBAT work? "Evoke"? Do you like their 1st EP where the vocals are that strange - somehow as if some Japanese try to yodel?
I would say that Envenom still rests at the highest position, along with Live at Blokula which is one of the most cruel and most amazing live recordings i've come across. Another favourite Sabbat item of mine is the "sabbat blacky Sabbat" cd released in 25 copies (Heilz to brother Karnage of Eternal Fire for getting me that piece of black cult!) which features some great livestuff as well. I had the opportunity to behold the band desecrating the stage in Sweden a while back, and it's truely the most admirable liveact i've seen, together with Nifelheim and Antaeus!

There's obviously a deep approach in WATAIN to honour aged cult commandos, I think. Beside the mentioned SABBAT also DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM & others got hailed in such a great way in the past. Do you think it's necassary for a younger band to remind on the Kult, maybe to show the even younger folks the roots? What's your prefered tribute sampler if there's any?
I wouldnt say that it's a central thing in our existance to honour old bands by covering them, yet of course with a band like Sabbat its positive if more people open their eyes for this great band due to us. I would be proud if it was like that. Regarding informing younger people about what Black metal is, i would rather do it by putting a knife in their face than playing a Mayhem cover. Tribute albums… havent come across anything interesting since the Nordic Metal compilation, which after all wasnt a tribute to a band but more to Euronymous himself. I still havent got the Sabbat tribute, the one to Bathory was ok but dull, the Darkthrone one just mediocre, and what is there more.. the "Mayhem tribute"? I have always been of the opinion that humour does not belong in Black Metal! No, i'd rather listen to one band doing a cover separately live or on the album than 10 bands embarrassing themselves at the same time.

What's to say about the forthcoming split-live-LP with MALIGN on Grim Rune? Why are there so many live-pieces of WATAIN released? Do you think you are doing better in a "live situation" than in the studio? Are you experienced in that domain, by the way? I mean, are you also cursed by the "non gig situation" in your country so many Swedish bands are crying from?
The split with Malign is basically meant to express our mutual respect for that indeed magnificient band's legacy, as well as to present some livematerial with a little better sound than on the livetape. It's a pity that we had so many liverecordings spread, but on the other hand, if people werent so fucking enthusiastic about getting everything then they wouldnt have the problem of listening to less interesting stuff. Anyhow, the split LP will be a pretty interesting thing i hope, with lots of strange photos, lyrics and some words importance regarding various Black Metal-connected matters, such as religion etc. About some "nongig" situation, no, we do play quite a lot live actually. I guess if people are interested in seeing you live then they will try to set something up, which may explain the lack of gigs for other bands in Sweden, who simply suck.

In my opinion your vocal terror is much more intense on the live recordings than on the studio works - any agreement? I mean, especially on the "Live In Uppsala" recording your voice is awesome evil - in direct comparison it seems almost locked on "Rabid's Death Curse"! Naturally I think you're a totally Bezerk when WATAIN play live… Furthermore the debut album calls you bass player but on stage you're only abusing the vocals… Your command:
Havent given the vocalprestations much thought to be honest, it's just… what crawls out. Indeed I may be more spiritually set free when doing vocalia live, which of course does lead to… more feeling in the vocals. Yet i usually try to be in the right "mood" before doing the them in the studio as well, so i dont really know what the difference, which i truthfully havent noticed, depends on. About me not playing bass live anymore, we do have mr T. on bassguitar, and I am since his recruiting a year back "only" a vocalist/poet.

I read this yet mentioned non-gig-situation got slightly better during the last years, many people like the VOMITORY-guys & others are organizing concerts, open airs etc. Your point of view? Unfortunately I've never been in Sweden but in summer 2002 I'm planning to go to the "2 Heavy 4 You" festival if it's recommandable at all…
As stated earlier I dont really have that much problem with the gigclimate in Sweden. Not that we do play every weekend, but that is nothing we wish for either. I think the gigsituation in Sweden is okay, except that there's ONLY FUCKING CUNTS AND WHORES PLAYING ALL THE TIME. The festival mentioned is recommandable for sure, probably the best thing that happened to Sweden since… Estonia sank.

WATAIN also had a gig in Koblenz in summer this fucking year. I wasn't able to come because of the distance but I imagine a brutal & exhausting show. I know that UNPURE are in good contact with the Hellbanger clan there. Have you been invited by UNPURE to support them there? Was it your 1st show here in good old Germany? Let us know your general impressions! Do you like the people here? How was the response?
The gig in Koblenz was first planned due to that it was on the way down to France, Marseille, which was the goal of the trip since both of the bands participated at Hellfest there. Koblenz as a city really "got me" with it's position beneath the mountains and castles and just where two great rivers meet, almost theatrical somehow! The gig was okay, just what I did expect. Since noone had heard us before it was more like "listen and watch" type of audience, yet I was satisified. Response was very positive afterwards and it was really great to meet die hard psychos like Costa of Tales of the Macabre, Gram from Waffenwiehe and the guys from Desaster (who arranged the gig)! Unpure's gig was awesome that night, they got just the response they deserved. Obviously their music "fit" a little bit more than ours there. Germany was a fine experience, i hope to go back there again someday to throw some blood and teargas and siegs and heils from the stage…

Here are some more questions that don't deal with WATAIN but they're rather cool ones, too, I guess: Erik, what's going on with your bestial "Hellish Massacre" mag? Issue 3 should be out since a while as the flyer tells me. I only own #2 at the moment & I call it a dedicated piece of uncompromising underground entertainment! Mostly good bands, the right layout & a fine writing style makes it the perfect literature when having a fine break at the toilet! Use the space to introduce #3 if you're eager! Why do you feel the must do such a 'zine beside WATAIN? Do you think it's sometimes a very ungrateful job?
Issue three is out, yes…Its NOT for anyone, anymore. There was quite a change between issue 2 and 3, i dont think so many people will like it as it is now. I hope so at least. Layout and such is still the same but its almost only focused on ideology now, seen from our point of view. Bands intorrigated are Havohej, Deathspell Omega, Mutiilation, Arkhon Infaustus, Temple of Baal, Malign, Craft, Ondskapt, Shining, Goatfire and a whole lot of more… 5 bucks/euro…. I feel that i must do the zine simply because almost all other zines are just POINTLESS SHIT. It is for sure ungrateful but yet neccessary as long as things look as they do now (people confusing lifeloving NS ideology and pride with religious vices such as as Black metal, etc.).

There also was a POSSESSED/MORBID poster in the 1st 90 copies of issue 2. Well, unfortunately I don't belong to these chosen ones so perhaps I can't adorn my dorm with another jewel like this one probably is! What images were shown & why only in 90 copies? On the other hand "Hellish Massacre" has A5 as size - in what size was the poster then? Why not a special postcard edition???
The poster was just an A3 with an old Morbid pic on one side and some pretty ugly old Possessed pic on the other. Havent got a clue why we did it when i think about it, its not like we want people to be happy when bying the mag,… Think we just did it for ourselves and figured we could just as well do some more for the zine, since it was free. Why only 90? Because we went out of paper i think….

Beside the artwork to "Hellish Massacre" you're doing artwork for some other Death/Black bands, too. How came - & for what bands actually? Are you drawing or something like that on your own? The WATAIN logo comes also from your source, doesn't it?
Yes, layout and artwork is one big interest of mine… I've worked for / am about to work with bands like Perditor, Antaeus, Ondskapt, Kill, Bael, Ofermod, Bestial Mockery, Craft, Arckanum etc, it's a pleasure somehow, spreading my visual contagion through the scene… Besides cumming on others faces i've done almost all Watain artwork, including the logo.

Latest news you can tell concerning WATAIN? Keep in mind they will be rotten & cold like Mother Theresa's bones when this shit is finally printed, so it's more or less for the sake here! What will the future hold?
For the merchandisewanting cunt we have the following: button (watain logo + "black metal terror") and "black war tour" shirt. Write for jewish prices. Shadow Records do also carry an official Watain shirt, exclusively distributed by them. http://listen.to/shadowrecords. For the future i am not completely certain. I would say that live performances have become more and more important for us. Both since it is a creative way of keeping the band active both on the in- and outside, and also to actually get closer to what we really are. Live rituals are a very intense and succesful way to channel the destructive powers of our compositions into the hearts of both ourselves and the observer, and thereby something that MUST be viewed as important. For releases there is only the Malign split LP coming before the next fullength album. No compilations, no split 7" or such, we are focusing all our power of composing on the new album which, if we remain as active and still as perfectionistic as we are now, may be recorded in a year or two. We are in no hurry.

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Thanks for this interesting interview Ronald, and be sure to keep up the great spirit of Horrible Eyes. Truely one of the best magazines around these days! Hail the worldwide inquisition of devilworshipping Black Metal templars! We are truely the only real Black metal scene there is. To the rest of the socalled "extreme Black Metal elite": Fuck antihumanism! Fuck antichristianity! Fuck Pride! Fuck racial thinking! Fuck National socialism! If you worship the Devil then speak it out loud and join the pestilent knifecavalcade! If you do not; STAY THE FUCK AWAY!

The return...