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:: Latest News Headlines
· Massiva v1.2 released 22nd January
· About Arturia TAE, by Matt Lupo 22nd January
· MOTU MachFive Sampler announced 21st January
· Skale Tracker v0.75 released 20th January
· Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 104 (Alpha version) released 20th January
· SilenceVST build 2003.01.18 released 19th January
· DSound NAMM 2003 press release 19th January
· Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 102 (Alpha version) released 19th January
· Emagic Product Collections announced 17th January
· Raw Material Tracktion v1.2 released 17th January
::  Massiva v1.2 released  22nd January
Massiva has been updated to v1.2, EnergyPRO is now included for free, but the price has been increased to $49:
  • HD recording (ASIO/DS).
  • Entry license is now $49.
  • Extended upgrade license is now $29.
  • EnergyPRO is now FREE for registered Massiva users.
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::  About Arturia TAE, by Matt Lupo  22nd January
TAE - True Analog Emulation – is dedicated to the digital reproduction of analog circuits and is the technology developed by Arturia to be used in their new emulation of the Modular Moog3C.

This article by Matt Lupo serves as an introduction to TAE and offers audio and graphical comparisons to various other VA synth plugins. An interesting read/listen.

- Read the Article.
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::  MOTU MachFive Sampler announced  21st January
Audio Unit
MOTU have announced MachFive, a sampler VSTi with impressive specifications and sample/audio format compatibility.

MachFive will run on MacOS 9, OS X and Windows and will be available as a VSTi, Audio Unit, MAS, RTAS, HTDM, and DXi plugin!

- View screenshot
  • 32-bit UVI Engine.
  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • Drag and drop import of SampleCell samples/banks, GigaSampler files and all other major sampler formats.
  • Drag and drop import of all major audio file formats including Wave, AIFF, SDII, REX and more.
  • Superb sound quality - MachFive uses the UVI Engine - acclaimed worldwide for its lush and powerful sound.
  • Surround support - true multi channel.
  • 24-bit/192kHz design with support for separate outputs.
  • Fast operation - instant access to all parameters in one window.
  • Unlimited polyphony and ultra-low software latency.
  • Zone-edit, dynamic mode and many features previously only available on high-end samplers.
  • Multi-timbral - create stacks, splits and layers in just a few seconds.
  • Large selection of built-in effects with four effect slots for each part.
Compatible audio formats
  • AIFF - mono, interleaved (2, 4, 6 channels).
  • AIFF - Separate files: 2 (stereo), 4 (quad), and 6 (5.1) channels.
  • SDII - mono, stereo interleaved.
  • SDII - Separate files: 2 (stereo), 4 (quad) and 6 (5.1) channels.
  • WAVE - mono, stereo interleaved.
  • WAVE - Separate files: 2 (stereo), 4 (quad) and 6 (5.1) channels.
Soundbank import formats
  • Akai S1000 / S3000
  • Akai S5000 / S6000
  • Akai MPC2000 / MPC3000
  • Roland S7xx
  • EMU III / ESI / IV / EOS
  • Tascam GigaSampler / GigaStudio
  • Emagic EXS24
  • Digidesign SampleCell
  • Creamware Pulsar STS
  • Steinberg HALion
Sample import formats
  • Kurzweil K2xxx
  • Akai MPC .snd
  • Creamware Pulsar .s
  • AIFF
  • SDII
  • REX
Channel formats
  • mono to stereo
  • mono to quad
  • mono to 5.1
  • stereo
  • stereo to quad
  • stereo to 5.1
  • quad to 5.1
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::  Skale Tracker v0.75 released  20th January
Skale Tracker has been updated to v0.75. Here are the most important additions:
  • FULL OLD MOD EFFECTS SUPPORT (effects 4xx, 5xx...etc).
  • ALL FastTracker 2 Shortcuts enabled and configurable.
  • Faster initialisation of program.
  • Own FX Plugins System (SDK will be released soon...).
  • MIDI Interface big enhancement (Release note, velocity...).
  • XM Saving Bug fixed.
  • and much, much more...
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::  Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 104 (Alpha version) released  20th January
Vivaldi MX has been updated to build 104 Alpha:
  • Added vector-synthesis: Joystick X (cc #16) controls parts 1 + 2, Joystick Y (cc #17) controls parts 3 + 4.
  • Added bipolar MIDI controllers for Mod-Level (cc #74) and Feedback-Level (cc #75). Values < 64 decrease the level, values >= 64 increase it.
  • Internal modulation calculation has slightly been changed to allow more / more logical / better modulation results.
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::  SilenceVST build 2003.01.18 released  19th January
A new version of SilenceVST, build 2003.01.18, is now available for download.

Changes in this version include:
  • All Lua errors are now printed to the message panel, to help with debugging scripts.
  • The CsoundIIWU SoundFont player has been improved so that clicking no longer occurs in dense passages, at some cost in execution speed, and iiwusynth sources have been updated from CVS.
  • Csound sources have been updated to version 4.23.
  • Synthesis Tool Kit Sources have been updated to version 4.2.1.
  • An experimental version of Richard Dobson's phase vocoder, PVOCEX, has been added to SilenceVST. This works together with a new silence::WaveSoundfileIn instrument to enable musicians to analyse and resynthesize soundfiles, then mix them into performances, all within a single SilenceVST score. This code has not yet been tested.
  • A Windows build of Loris has been added to the SilenceVST project, in preparation for adding Loris to the SilenceVST language.
SilenceVST is a self-contained language for programming music and sound on Windows. A Linux version is in the works. SilenceVST runs from the command line, with a graphical user interface, or as a VST effect or synthesizer plugin. SilenceVST embeds Csound as well as its own software synthesis system. SilenceVST is user-extensible via C/C++ plugins or Lua scripts.

SilenceVST is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, except for Csound code that it contains, which is copyright (C) 1986, 1992 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but freely available for research and educational purposes.

The next version of SilenceVST will completely embed Loris.
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::  DSound NAMM 2003 press release  19th January
  1. The new product GT Player software + Guitar
  2. OEM cooperation with M-Audio
  3. The RT Player Pro 2.1 released for Mac OSX
1.  DSound release GT Player

With the amazing response from the release of RT Player Pro, comes DSound's second real time player, GT Player, exclusively for guitarists. Once again, DSound defies standard conventions and has taken a bold new step towards realizing live performance of VST Plugins and Instruments.  Not only have DSound added individual effect chaining, allowing two guitars to be plugged in simultaneously and having discrete control over all parameters, but also there is included an actual guitar option for an unbelievably low price!   All 13 Stompn' FX are included as well as support for the award winning C-Mexx MIR remote control (Most Innovative Product of the Year 2003 by Electronic Musician).

- View screenshot of GT Player
- View screenshot of included Guitar

Guitarists can use all VSTi instruments designed for guitarists i.e. Amplitube, Warp, Virtual Guitarists.  They can also use the Track Player to jam to loops or learn riffs with their amazing real-time time stretching feature! The software is compatible with all versions of Win 9X, ME and XP, as well as OS X for the Mac. 

Bundle Options and pricing :
  • GT Player + Stompn' FX: 59 Euro
  • GT Player + Stompn' FX + Guitar: 199 Euro
  • GT Player + Stompn' FX + Guitar + MIR: 359 Euro
  • RT Player Pro PAQ (includes 13 Stompn’ FX, MIR, 2 Footswitches, 1 Volume Pedal, MIR mic stand clip) + Guitar: 499 Euro
2.  DSound start OEM cooperation with M-Audio

DSound released special edition RT Player Express software for M-Audio Maximum Audio Tools 2 software bundle, which is available with all M-Audio cards and USB audio interfaces.

View screenshot of RT Player Express

RT Player Express is a stand alone VST/VSTi host application (PC Win / Mac OSX) which allow you to use VST plugins and VST instruments for realtime live performance. There is also a track player for playback of audio and midifiles, which is very useful for training and live performance as well. All M-Audio users of RT Player Express can upgrade to full versions of DSound GT Player or RT Player Pro with special discount.

3. DSound released RT Player Pro 2.1 for Mac OSX

DSound released long time awaited RT Player Pro 2.1 for Mac OSX. RT Player Pro 2.1 is the flagship application from RT Player product line, which contains all of the important features required by professional user of VSTi and VST plugins for work at studio, and for live performance.  RT Player Pro 2.1 is available only in PAQ bundles with MIR controller hardware.
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::  Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 102 (Alpha version) released  19th January
Vivaldi MX has been updated to build 102 Alpha:
  • Partial GUI graphics redesign.
  • Added "Part Active" switches / indicators to the part tabs.
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::  Emagic Product Collections announced  17th January
Emagic Vintage Collection: Analog Legends for the digital world
  • With the Emagic Vintage Collection, the vintage myths of the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner electric pianos, Hohner Clavinet and the legendary B3 comes to life in today's computers. Uniquely, these vintage software instruments do not just statically recreate an instrument's tonal characteristics, as would be the case with samples. Rather, they expressively react to the player's every nuance with impressive realism.
    The Emagic Vintage Collection includes the successful , multiple award-winning EVP88, the EVD6 and the EVB3, all for a special price.

Emagic Synth Collection: A Fine Selection of Synthesis Techniques

  • The Emagic Synth Collection includes three multiple award-winning software synthesizers in one premium package. With this exclusive offer, the user gets the ES2, the EVOC20 and the ES1 for a special price.

EMI 6|2 m Gold Production Kit: The All-In-One Recording Solution

  • Emagic introduces the EMI 6|2 m Gold Production Kit - a bundle of six complete Emagic products in one package. Aggressively priced, the kit includes the EMI 6|2 m USB/Hub/MIDI interface, the award winning Logic Gold 5 recording software and the Emagic instruments EVB3, EVP88, EXSP24 plus the Xtreme Digital Sample Library.

TDM Collection

  • Emagic announces the TDM Collection, which combines three sought-after Emagic software products in one comprehensive package at a special price: ESB TDM, Host TDM Enabler and PTHD Extension.
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::  Raw Material Tracktion v1.2 released  17th January
Raw Material have updated Tracktion to v1.2.

What's new since v1.1:
  • ReWire support!
  • Big tidy-up of global settings and options - the devices screen has now become a 'settings' screen, where options are grouped by category. Things like keyboard mappings that seem to have suddenly disappeared will have moved onto here.
  • Multi channel ASIO support! Also a tidy-up that only allows one ASIO device to be active at once (which is a limitation imposed by the ASIO SDK itself).
  • Virtual devices have now been removed (a rarely used and confusing feature - you can do all the same things with track-to-track routing and master filters in an Edit).
  • Added a 'create track' button to the bottom-left buttons area of the edit screen.
  • Fixed a click track bug when starting recording at 0.0.
  • Fixed unnecessary clicks when in looped record mode with a pre-count.
  • Fixed a looping bug.
  • Fixed a bug in the installer.
  • Get rid of some rounding errors at the ends of midi clips.
  • Timecode dialogue now remembers its last state, and rescales the i/o markers when tempo changes.
  • Swapped round the left/right buttons when dragging to resize/scroll the tracks (on the left edge of the screen, beyond the tracks) - for consistency with other bits of UI.
  • Improved legibility of fonts on filters + input devices.
  • When using a master fade in/out, the click-track is no longer faded as well.
  • Stopped clips becoming deselected when dragged from track to track.
  • Yet more VST compatibility fixes (mostly to do with window sizes).
  • Tweaks to the Fruityloops and ReWire support.
  • Fixed a track advance bug.
  • Added some extra midi note selection options.
  • Added options for middle C to be called C3/C4/C5.
  • When importing files, there's now an option to make a local copy of files from removable or networked drives.
  • Fixed a problem when in 'snap cursor position' mode.
  • The smallest divisions on the timebar now correspond to the resolution to which times will be snapped.
  • Fixed a problem with master filters not working on multiple output devices.
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:: Older News
· Synapse Orion Basic v3.721 released 17th January
· Native Instruments presents Reaktor Session (again...) 17th January
· Native Instruments announce Reaktor 4 17th January
· Native Instruments announce Vokator 17th January
· Native Instruments announce Intakt 17th January
· Native Instruments announce Kompakt 17th January
· MHC Space Synthesizer v1.4 released 16th January
· Open Labs Announces eKo - "A True Open Platform Keyboard Workstation" 16th January
· Pluggo 3.1 announced for Mac OS X 16th January
· Emagic announce Logic 6 16th January
· Cakewalk Announces Sonar v2.2 16th January
· Arturia announces the release of it's emulation of the MODULAR SYSTEM 3C 16th January
· Novation Launch V-Station 16th January
· VSTHost v1.06 released 16th January
· Anarchy Sound Software SwarmSynth info 15th January
· Causal Agency Additive Synth - new version & source code GPL'ed 15th January
· MultitrackStudio v2.12 released 15th January
· Cakewalk Project5 to be unveiled @ NAMM 15th January
· AAS Tassman 3 to be available on February 1st 15th January
· Vivaldi MX v2.0 build 101 (Alpha version) released 14th January

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