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What is this?
Current Version: 1.7.7
Release Date: 15-Jul-2002
Download: ptnews-1.7.7.tar.gz
bzip2: ptnews-1.7.7.tar.bz2
RSS Backend: ptnews.rss
Last Changes: ChangeLog
PT News is simple news system, that use plain text files for storing data. This is lite solution for sites without SQL database support. Whole system is written in PHP (PHP3 and PHP4 support). The news section below is powered by PT news, so this is also live demo of working system.
If you have SQL database maybe is better to choice other news system - for example PHP-Nuke or ThatPHPWare. If you want complete PHP Portal (multiple user accounts, themes support, news with themes etc), without SQL backend (storing data in plain text) try SIPS by haakon - GREAT portal system. I like it. When I start writting PT News, I wanted only to put news on some of my web pages. So I don't need user accounts, login etc. PT News is for this - just simple news system for displaying and managing short news -annoncement, change logs etc.

  • Use plain text files for storing data
  • Small - only one include file (aprox.12K)
  • Web Administration - create, delete and edit news
  • Topics support - display news only for selected topic
  • Support for themes in look
  • Export news in RSS file
  • Split news in pages (prev/next/page_number support)

PTNewsNew Development Version (PTNews)
Posted: 25/07/2001 @ 21:49

There is new development PTNews version. In fact I rewrote everithing from scratch.
Plans are news to be saved in XML format.

[ more... ]

PTNewsSites using PTNews (PTNews)
Posted: 27/06/2001 @ 02:11

If your site use PTNews System, drop me a line. I'll be glad to put the link on my pages.

PTNewsNew home for PTNews (PTNews)
Posted: 02/12/2000 @ 05:37

Sorry for this but webdude on disable my PHP pages.
But like you see PTNews already have new pages. Open Bulgarian Network
is also my project ( so this time
maybe pages will be safe here.

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