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California Governor Announces Opposition to LDS-Backed Initiative
Governor also comes out against proposal to limit campaign contributions and provide public funds for candidates

Jan 29, 2000

By Carl Ingram
Times Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- California Gov. Gray Davis announced Friday that he is opposed to the controversial Knight Initiative, (Proposition 22) which would bar California from recognizing same-sex marriages. Governor Gray's announcement wasn't a surprise, but was anxiously awaited by both sides of the debate over the initiative.

The announcement came as part of the Governor's statement on 20 different initiatives on the upcoming March 7th ballot. Supporters of the Knight Initiative immediately accused the Governor of trying to be on both sides of the issue, while opponents expressed delight with the Governor's position, hoping that it would help them reach moderate voters in California. The Governor is considered a moderate.

While Davis said that he has long opposed same-sex marriage, he also said he opposes "wedge issue politics" that make "Scapegoats of certain groups . . ." He feels Proposition 22 is in that category. "The placement of this kind of emotionally charged issue on the ballot serves mainly to stir up prejudices and hostility, sometimes with tragic consequences," said the Governor. He also called the measure an "unnecessary distraction," since California law already defines marriage as between a man and a woman.


Davis Announces His Opposition to Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative

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