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This site is dedicated to the thousands of men, women and children worldwide
presently suffering from Unidentified Skin Parasite Infection

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Our Mission The mission of this organization is to:

(1)  Create public awareness.
(2) Increase awareness among medical professionals.
(3) Serve as a support group for people with this disease.
(4) Encourage, lobby for and support treatment and research.

What is USPI? What is Unidentified Skin Parasitic Infection or USPI? Unidentified Skin Parasitic Infection occurs when an unnamed organism or life form lives, feeds and breeds, under the skin of a human host.   This infection was first recorded in medical books, in the early part of this century.

However, because the parasite appears to have so many different metamorphic features, many of which may resemble, human hair, fabric or lint (for example) turn of the century physicians wrongly assumed their patients must have been suffering from a psychosomatic illness rather than a disease.

Even today, almost 100 years later, many in the medical community fail to recognize Unidentified Skin Parasitic Infection as a serious disease, affecting millions of men, women and children worldwide.

What are the
symptoms of USPI?
USPI has been known to frequently follow a lice and/or scabies outbreak.  In those cases, after the original infestation (i.e., lice/scabies) has been successfully treated, the unidentified parasite "takes over" the infestation and fails to respond to usual pesticide treatments.  The person then becomes infested with this organism, without any successful treatments available.

According to a nematologist from the Department of Agriculture, in theory at least, this unidentified parasite could have been an insect parasite, that survived the lice or scabies treatment, and then "took up residence" in the human body, making the human a new host for this organism.Yet, other people report having no lice or scabies infestation before the onset of this disorder.

Rashes, lesions, itching, burning sensations, track marks, scratches, and papules appear from nowhere on the surface of the skin, along with burrows under the skin, containing what the sufferer describes as "eggs". Some people complain of having symptoms in only one spot on the skin ( i.e., scalp,  face, rectum, groin area) while others are infested from head to toe. Acute insomnia can also be a symptom of this disease.

Black specks, iridescent crystals, microscopic hairs, wormlike creatures, hairlike creatures (the size of an eyelash to several inches long, and colors ranging from transparent to shinny black)  "lintlike balls" bloody and/saltlike granules and threads,  have all been described as emerging from the lesions. Often clothes, bedding, carpets, furniture and cars are heavily infested, again without remedy.

What are the
causes of USPI?
The exact cause or causes of USPI are unknown, however, in people with USPI there are many similarities;
  • Both males and females, in equal numbers are infected with this parasite all over the world.

  • Most people suffering from USPI report having household pets, cats, dogs or birds at the time of the onset. Some have reported significant water damage or leaks inside the home.

  • Some people report symptoms appearing after gardening outdoors, working with soil or after having compost delivered.

  • Blood tests often reveal an unusually high Eonsinophil count in the CBC workup, which can be an indication of a parasitic infection.

  • A few USPI sufferers have tested positivefor Mycoplasma Fermentans (Incognitis)

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