Why to Become a Paragon Merchant


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Nova Enterprises

"Where Quality is Our Reputation"


Paragon Guns Ltd

"Buy our blasters or

you'll be blasted!"


Brain Clothes

"It's what you wear"


Grandor Mining Inc.

"We get our hands dirty so you don't have to."


Kaya Creature Farms

"Everything from wamprats to rancors!"


Paragon United

"Keeping Businesses Profiting, Together"

































1)  Free Web-Hosting

All Paragon Federation members who open a business in the city of Grandor will be provided with free web-hosting to build a web page for their business.  This can be used to take orders, or just for advertising.


2)  Democratic leadership

The Paragon Federation is a democratic PA.  This means that its members actually run the PA.  We will have an assembly of elected representatives who will be involved in all policy making.  Any player can be a part of this assembly, and our ruling council cannot act without its approval.  You can be assured that your interests will be represented, or you can even run for the assembly yourself.  There will never be a time when you are forced to operate your business just to satisfy the PA.


3)  Business will be located in a large city

Having your business in a large city will give you a large consumer base.  We intend for Grandor to be one of the biggest player run cities on Naboo.


4)  Be part of a business community

Being part of the Paragon Federation will automatically provide you with the business contacts that you will need to be successful.  You will have easy communications with your fellow PA members via our forums and web page.


5)  Government Contracts

You can enter into lucrative contracts with our government.  If they need equipment to supply the militia, they will agree to buy it from you.  This will be a guaranteed sale on a rather large sale, and be very lucrative to the business owner.