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Dear friends,


Here is some information which is very likely to shake up your view of our world. It certainly shook up mine! This is extremely important information for those who want to know whatís going on in the world and what we can do about it. Over the past year, I have passionately read, researched, and compiled a tremendous amount of incredible, reliable information about huge cover-ups that I had no idea existed just two years ago. Below, I list four resources which give an excellent introduction both to what Iíve been discovering and to how such major issues are kept out of the mass media and the publicís eye.


I want to be very clear that I share all of this with a deeply held desire to love, heal, and empower all of us and our entire planet. This powerful information is a wake-up call. It is a wake-up call to really focus on moving from fear to love. It is a wake-up call to let go of complacency and apathy and to focus on our deeper purpose in life and on creating the world we want to live in. If we want to make this world a better place, itís vitally important that we open to this knowledge and spread it far and wide.


All four of these resources list numerous references for you to confirm whatís presented, and to research further if youíre interested. I encourage you to be skeptical as I was. Yet I also encourage you to do a little research and prove to yourself whether or not there is truth to all that is being shared.



1.Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press Ė Book Ė edited by Christina Borjesson


In this fascinating book, 18 top journalists describe in detail their experiences of trying to report huge stories only to have them systematically shut down by their own media companies. The stories include outrageous election fraud Nov. 2000 in Florida, the CIAís involvement in introducing crack cocaine into LA, the accidental shooting down of TWA flight 800 by the military, and lots more. This book will help you to understand how the huge cover-ups mentioned in these four resources are kept secret. You will learn how American mass media is strictly controlled by an amazingly small cast of power brokers. Though we have freedom of the press on many issues, media ownership actively suppresses almost any mention of the biggest, most important issues of our time. If you want to understand how the media powerfully influences our understanding of the world, read this book. Available at For those with limited time, two pages of fascinating excerpts from this book can be found free at, or go straight to the detailed, fascinating ten-page summary at


2. The Complete 9-11 Timeline Ė Website Ė by Paul Thompson


This great, incredibly reliable website has well over 100 pages of eye-opening information on 9-11, all of it taken from major media sources. This meticulous researcher has direct links to the source of every amazing piece of information on his timeline, so with one click you can verify everything he states. You will not be able to look at 9-11 the same if take the time to explore this website. There's a lot more going on than you may think! I will soon have a two-page and a ten-page summary of this website available. Check back in two weeks. Available at


3.The Truth and Lies of 9-11 Ė Video Ė by Michael C. Ruppert and others


A very brave LA cop with over five years of honorable experience was forced out of the LAPD after uncovering undeniable links between the CIA and several drug kingpins. Years of thorough investigation since then have given him mountains of hard evidence of clandestine government involvement in the drug trade. The evidence now points clearly to the fact that 9-11 was allowed to happen by certain top government officials in order to protect and promote both the international drug trade and oil interests. Mr. Ruppert takes his information from credible sources and clearly states his sources on each powerful piece of evidence. You must see this video! Available at


4.The World of Free Energy Ė Paper Ė by Dr. Peter Lindemann.


The internal combustion engine should have been obsolete many years ago! A great variety of energy devices which generate power and electricity very cheaply have been invented over the years, only to then be systematically suppressed. I have a personal friend who is a genius inventor that recently suffered this fate. This fascinating nine-page paper describes several types of new energy devices and tells you the hows and whys of this huge cover-up, including information that could eventually help you to build your own free energy device. Incredibly well researched with resources listed, including patent numbers of suppressed inventions. Available free at For a two-page version of this fascinating paper, see



These four are only a very small piece of all the amazing information Iíve discovered, but they will give you an outstanding overview of all that is being kept from us. If you are interested in more, Iíve compiled a resource list with dozens of excellent, mind-expanding books, videos, websites, and articles. I describe and rate each of these fascinating resources, all of which Iíve read or seen personally. Among these are some very inspiring, uplifting resources which provide alternatives to all the secrecy and negativity thatís being uncovered. At the end of the list, youíll also find wonderfully inspiring ideas on how to help create a better world for us all. You can find this highly educational, empowering resource list at To go straight to how we can all help to create a better world, see


If you find yourself slipping into fear or anger with this material, I invite you to realize that most of this has been going on for many decades. By waking up to whatís going on, we now have the opportunity to do something about it. Together, we can and will turn fear and anger into love and empowerment. Please share this document and these resources with any friends who might be open. By sharing this information widely, you will be playing a vital role in helping to build the critical mass necessary to bring about positive changes in our lives and in our world. The more people we share this with, the more chance there is of truly transforming our planet into a safer, healthier, more loving place to live.


Thanks so much for sharing in my passion and concern for all this. I wish for you, and for all of us, lots of love, healing, and empowerment as together we consciously create a brighter future for ourselves, for our children, and for our planet.


With lots of love and very warmest wishes,

Fred Burks


P.S.I welcome any thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on all this. This document is available on the internet at


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