Internet Communications of Oklahoma

In November of 1995 Internet Communications of Ok was created to offer dial-up internet service to the McAlester area. The purpose of the company was to allow local users the ability to use the internet and avoid long distance fees. ICOK successfully met its goals year after year and built a quality customer base. The company enjoyed the status of being the first and then largest in the market place for several years.

After seven years of operation ICOK is now unable to meet the demands of the market for Internet Service. Now, with high-speed access and local competition the business is no longer able continue operation.

Many of ICOKís customers have been with the company since the beginning. I want to thank all of our customers for the support they have shown and for their business. I regret any inconvenience this creates.

I am unable to provide a recommendation for your next ISP. Keep in mind there are several ISPís in the area that provide similar services. Also, McAlester residences now have high-speed access to utilize.

The office will close and operation will stop on October 31, 2002.

In order to minimize the impact on customers that use there ICOK e-mail address for  for business or other critical communications we have made arrangements with Aware Data Services of McAlester to host the ICOK domain name and provide users the ability to continue to use there ICOK E-Mail address for a transitional period.

You may e-mail for information about keeping your ICOK email address and the costs involved.


Joel E. Morgan
Internet Communications of Ok