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  • The Next Level - Our hosted site that manages almost every custom level and mod out there!

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  • Shogo Fan Art - Cool Fan art and wallpapers for download!

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Shogo Video Card Fix
Many users with Geforce cards have been experiencing issues with the menu system and/or movies in Shogo through Version 2.2. As Monolith has dropped support on Shogo, it is up to us, the gamers, to find a solution. The following are fixes for Graphics cards that we have found and hopefully you'll be lucky enough for one of these solutions to work.

GeForce Cards

Solution Number 1 - First off we have found that most users can fix the Geforce era cards by disabling VSYNC in the cards properties and this can be accomplished by doing the following:
  • First get into the registry (type regedit in the Run window).
  • Find the extension HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/NVIDIA_Corporation/NVTweak (most have found this key already there, but if not, you'll have to create the NVTweak key)
  • Once the Key is created (or verified) download the VSync.reg and save it to your system somewhere.
  • Right click the file and choose Merge (select yes to the warning).
  • Now right click on the desktop and Choose Properties, Click on the Settings tab. Click the Advanced button at the bottom of the window and click the tab that says Geforce 3 or Geforce (should be the upper left most tab). At the bottom of this window select Additional Properties and then select Direct3D Settings.
  • Under the Direct3D Setting select the More Direct3D at the bottom, we have reached the window we want! (finally huh?)
  • Now there will be a drop down menu that is labeled Vertical Sync Mode (VSync), change the drop down menu to Always off
  • Hit OK at the very bottom and ok out of every other menu.
  • Load up Shogo and hopefully everything should work fine.
Downsides to doing this? Well, you can leave this setup as is and it may actually increase performance in some games by upping the frame rate (Quake3, Half-Life, Hitman, Max Payne, Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, GTA2 and most of the current demos out now work just fine with this fix, tested by Coonz). If not, simply change the setting for Vertical Sync in the Display Properties of your desktop.

Solution Number 2 - A couple users have found that VSYNC fix did not work for them but disabling Z-Buffering did, which can be done the following (ALSO USE THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANNA PLAY WITH THE REGISTRY):
Terrawatt from the Forums has found that using a tool from http://www.geforcetweak.com/ to disable Z-buffering, has worked for him. Downloading this tool will also allow you to disable VSYNC in a different fasion. The above fix is kept for people wanting to KNOW what is being done to their system and for those who have trouble with this program, there is no telling which platforms this application will run on.

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