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  C2: Spriglysium Nebula!
  Imagine having a whole new area of Albia to explore. Now quit imagining it, and get it. Sprig Neb is right here, exclusively at A2k... Well, we did make it!

Spriglysium Nebula: Starter Pack

Note: Version 1.1 was uploaded on August 15th fixing the radiation problems with version 1.0. It is safe to install the new version (1.1) over the top of 1.0.

Yoshi had always been intrigued by history! He loved reading about how Albia used to be and he loved the legends of the Shee and believed in their magical teachings.

Yoshi found an old transcript one day with instructions on how to recreate Atlantis and Cloud 9, two areas of Old Albia created by the Shee (before the erruption). It involved finding some switches. After months of searching, Yoshi found the switches and, sure enough, Cloud 9 and Atlantis appeared again.

Yoshi was very happy but decided this wasn't enough and he set about building a lift, and some new platforms connecting Albia's current walkways to Cloud 9 and Atlantis. Yoshi called this entire area Spriglysium Nebula - or "Branch in the clouds".

The rooms:

Cloud 9: The garden of the skies. Perfect for growing all sorts of plants! Originally created by the ancient Shee.

Treehouse: An ideal place for raising Norns with a surrounding full of fruit and toys! Yoshi built this entire area himself to connect the Shee's Cloud 9 and Atlantis to the rest of new Albia.

Atlantis: Ideal for Norns that live underwater! Created by the Shee.

The Temple: The far right area of Yoshi's project takes your Norns to the temple. Rumour has it that Yoshi is working on some major things for this area to impress the Shee Gods!

The Objects:

Lift: A new lift to take Norns down to Atlantis form Cloud 9.

Zapper gun: Zaps Norns up to Cloud 9.

Beelcanth: Yoshi rediscovered some seeds in the Shee labs. This old plant that used to grow before the erruption thrives up on Cloud 9.

Arkle Berries: A fruit that grows in the treehouse. It teaches Norns how to use plants too. Simply push the berry and then remove it from the bush!

Building Blocks: Ideal for ickle baby Norns being raised in the treehouse area!

Happy Juice Vendor: Ideal for keeping the young 'uns happy and to reward them for having a drink. Refeshing and cool!


Spriglysium Nebula: Party Pack

Note: To use this pack, you need Version 1.1 of Spriglyisum Nebula Starter Pack installed and running in your world BEFORE you inject the party pack.

With the success of Spriglysium Nebula evident by the number of Norns that had visited his constructions, young Yoshi set about adding more to this marvel. In the transcribes Yoshi had found when he created Spriglysium Nebula, he found a reading mentioning that a website called Bibble would be celebrating its third birthday and so he began work on allowing Albian Norns to celebrate it too.

He set about rennovating the ancient room of Atlantis. Realising that Albia didn't really have a place to just "hang" with friends, Yoshi converted the old under water room into a party zone for all! He also equipt the rooms with a switch to make the rooms safe for air-breathing Norns!

The rooms:

Atlantis redecorated ready for a party!

The Objects:

Music System: Playing some music to dance to - heck, play it for long enough and you'll see your Norns dance.

Hooch: Some drink which'll get your Norns drunk, maybe even dancing!

Cake: Celebrate in style and enjoy the food!

Air switch: Pump air into the ocean to allow air breathing Norns into Atlantis rather than water breathing Norns. And switch it back if you change your mind!


Note: We advise you get some kind of heater object from http://hometown.aol.com/jwalk6/ to keep your air breathing Norns happy should they get too cold in the under water rooms.

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