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Dr. Chris D. Meletis, enjoys helping his patients suceed on their
health journey by helping explain why the body  manifests  symptoms
and how regaining a healthy biochemical and overall balance is the key
to optimal health.
Dr. Meletis is dedicated to changing America's health one person at a
time. He believes far too many people suffer signs and symptoms of ill
health. Optimal health is a matter of identification of the underlying cause of illness, removing it and then nourishing the body to sustained health.
He is committed to education;  has written 7 books, helped write an
additional 7 books and has written or contributed to over 100 national
articles. Dr. Meletis is also a national lecturer and has been either a
guest or hosted over 100 radio programs. He is the Dean of Naturopathic
Medicine/Chief Medical Officer at the National College of Naturopathic
Medicine, the oldest naturopathic medical School in North America.

"The key to great health is Blending the Best of Science and Nature."

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