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  Last Updated: 02/04/2003


January 31, 2003

Attorney General Announces Record Increase in Gun Prosecutions, New Resources to Prevent and Prosecute Gun Crime

"The Justice Department held its second annual Project Safe Neighborhoods conference in Philadelphia, PA January 30 through February 1, bringing together over 1,300 federal prosecutors, state and local law enforcement leaders, as well as other members of the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) teams from across the nation who coordinate the prosecution and reduction of gun violence in their communities. The Attorney General applauded the record progress the teams have made in making their communities more safe, and dedicated new resources to deterring gun violence and locking up those who commit gun crimes. The Attorney General also discussed the integration of the ATF into the Justice Department, and the assistance they will provide in the fight against gun violence. “In too many neighborhoods in America, law-abiding citizens are afraid to walk down the street because of criminals with guns. In too many neighborhoods in America, innocents are slaughtered. . . . It is our obligation to end this carnage and to defend every American’s right to his or her personal safety,” said Attorney General Ashcroft. "We are called to defend American communities from the degradation of gun crime. We are called to uphold the freedoms of all Americans."

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