The Children's Psychological Trauma Center
a division of The Children's Psychological Health Center, Inc.
A forensic psychiatric expert center dedicated to justice

for children and defendants -- in civil litigation nationwide

2024 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Phone: (415) 474-0955 or Fax: (415) 474-7514 (Administrative Director) (Center Director)


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Attorney can show jury that abused, molested, and traumatized children have lifelong damage.  Effect on negligent institutions and laws that protect children can affect thousands of childre


Why Children's Personal Injury Attorneys

Work With The CHILDREN'S Psychological Trauma Center


Awards to child plaintiffs for whom The Medical Director agreed to give expert psychiatric testimony  total over $235,000,000  in the ten years.

The Center, and especially it's medical director,  also has frequently given expert psychiatric testimony, helping obtain defense verdicts or reasonable settlements of litigation with allegations of psychological trauma.


Fifteen Areas of Expertise

child molestation or abuse

institutional negligence

human services failures

wrongful death of parent

loss of parental services
personal injury
custody disputes
brain damage
civil rights violation
medical malpractice
product liability
vehicular injuries
aircraft accidents


Complex and multi-victim cases readily handled

A dedicated professional team in a sophisticated

computer environment gives skillful and cost-effective management to your case -- even on short notice.

Institutional and/or multi-victim cases conveniently evaluated regardless of location.

Cases handled throughout the nation by multi-disciplinary teams.


Staff Categories Staff's Languages

Board-certified psychiatrists

Licensed psychologists
Licensed social workers
Clinical assistants
Forensic support






Our Mission:

We help attorneys  obtain  justice for children  and defendants 

through expert psychiatric  evaluation and  testimony ... in  children's personal  injury litigation

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