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Adult DVD Talker, Astroknight Interviews Violet Blue
See Astroknight's Reviews - Violet Blue on DVD - Violet's Website

Violet Blue
10 Jan 2003
12:30 pm

Astroknight: First, how long have you been in the industry?
Violet Blue: I've been in now for three years.

Astroknight: How did you get in?
Violet Blue: I got in by a guy named Roy Garcia, he's an agent, and he discovered me while I was stripping in Salt Lake City at a place called The Million Dollar Saloon. He didn't want to take me, he wanted to take my best friend, cuz he was fucking her, but she said she wouldn't go without me. So he ended up taking me and I ended up making a lot more money and he ended up sending her home.

Astroknight: How far are people allowed to strip down in Utah?
Violet Blue: Well... to pasties and teabags. Then there's also one club called American Bush and they have fully nudes, but they don't serve alcohol or anything.

Astroknight: Last year you won the AVN New Starlet. A lot of people seemed to be surprised, were you?
Violet Blue: Yeah (laughs). I was very surprised. I actually stood up and walked into my date. He had to turn me around and push me in the other direction. And then of course I just started bawling like crazy, since I couldn't believe it. I was really surprised. I didn't think I did that good. (Laughs) Of course, I made all the editors from AVN cookies, so that might have helped just a little bit. It's all about the cookies, really. They were fresh out of the oven, still warm, chocolate chip macadamia nut. Oh yeah!

Astroknight: So they weren't like special brownies? It was actually cookies?
Violet Blue: They were real cookies. No brownies. I can't make brownies like that. I just don't know how. Not yet. I'm gonna learn, though. Jenna Haze is going to teach me. She knows.

Astroknight: Have you been approached with many contracts since then?
Violet Blue: I have never been approached with a contract except for one, and that was Extreme. And, uh, no! (Laughs) I don't want to be a contract girl for Extreme! They would kill me! I would die! I'm so tiny. They would like totally destroy my poor little body. Can't do it!

Astroknight: Are there things you won't do on camera?
Violet Blue: Yeah, there are quite a few things, actually. I generally do not do girl - girl. I have done a few, but not very many. I don't do facial cumshots, ever. I did one for Exploited Teens and one for Barely Legal, and that was it. I break out severely, so I'm just never ever going to do it again. I don't do masturbation, unless it's really fake. I don't like faking.

Astroknight: Good attitude. Who are the best directors and companies you've had to work for?
Violet Blue: So far the best company I think that I've worked for is probably Vivid. I really like PT (Paul Thomas). He's a great director. Michael Raven's very nice. I've never been on one of his big movies except as an extra, but he seems to really know what he's doing and do a really good job at it. Jim Lane, of course my all time favorite director. He's the best, and also Jeff Centuri, who was from Excellence Entertainment but they're actually going to do mainstream now. They did The Fear of Speed, which is my big feature film that I'm the star of and it's incredible. Very incredible.

Astroknight: So they're breaking into adult with that one?
Violet Blue: Yeah, actually they did two movies. They did Jewel Raider, which was very popular with Venus. Venus' first boy - girl was in that actually. She was a Penthouse cover. She's hottie. And then they did The Fear of Speed. They were going to do one called Bubblegum Pop, and they went to the drawing boards and they were about to start filming and then they got this huge mainstream five picture deal. So it's like "Screw the porn!". They're making much more money in mainstream. Now they're doing a vampire film, but it's for mainstream, and I'm going to be in it!

Astroknight: Cool.
Violet Blue: Yeah, I'm excited!

Astroknight: After your time you've had, in three years, if you could change three things in the adult industry, what would you change?
Violet Blue: I would make it so that everyone had to get tested for all STDs before they ever did their first scene and I would make it so they had to be tested for all of them every single month. Actually, I think it should be almost, since we're doing non-condom work, it should be the way that the whorehouses do it in Nevada and that's STDs once a week and the AIDS test once a month. I feel that if they'd just made it a law and the county could fucking pay for it and it'd be so much easier. (Laughs) That's the one main thing that I would change, is that I would make it safer. I wouldn't necessarily make it condom only, but I would make it a lot safer. Do something, you know? It's getting kinda bad.

Astroknight: Who are your favorite performers to work with?
Violet Blue: Dave Hardman, I love him. I really like, oh man, Evan Stone's really nice. Jay Ashley is great. I loved Steve Taylor, but he's no longer in the industry. Brandon Iron's really a nice guy. I've never actually worked with him, but he's a real sweetheart. I don't know. I really don't have any favorites. Brian Surewood's really cool. They're all just real cool. Slim Shady's really cool. Let's see. I think that's about it.

Astroknight: Who do you really want to work with still, that you haven't had a chance?
Violet Blue: I've never worked with Rocco, you know Rocco Steffani or however you say his name. He seems to be interesting. I know he's really hardcore,. I'd like to work with him and never have. It'd be fun, you know? And there's a few other people, like I have a guy friend named Angel who's just breaking into the business. Never had sex with him, really would like to. Very tall, he has big angel wings on his back. He's pretty hot. He's very industrial looking. That would be fun.

Astroknight: So you go for more of the "industrial look" guys?
Violet Blue: Generally yes, yeah, generally. It's either them or like punkers. Yeah, I like the hardcore boys.

Astroknight: So stockbrokers don't have a chance?
Violet Blue: Uh, generally no. Usually, like, they have so much money. I would really like to date a guy that had money, but it's never happened. Ever. I've always been the one that pays for dinner, my whole life ever since I was a little girl. So it would seem weird to me to have somebody have money. It would just be weird, you know? I grew up in a poor area and I was always the one that made money.

Astroknight: Where did you grow up?
Violet Blue: I grew up in Pacific Beach, Washington. It's a small logger town out by Aberdine where Kurt Cobain was born. Yeah. Go Nirvana! (Laughs)

Astroknight: What were you like growing up?
Violet Blue: Very out there. People always thought I was weird, kind of annoying. I'm like, I'm strange, generally strange. Yeah, so that's how I was. My whole life I've always been weird.

Astroknight: What would surprise people most about you in all your weirdness and strangeness?
Violet Blue: Hmmmmmmm. I still sleep with my baby blanket, but I think everybody pretty much knows that. I'm really big into witchcraft. I pick my nose and eat it. I'm completely obsessive about the way my pussy smells. It's a very clean pussy.

Astroknight: Are you flexible enough to check it regularly or is it more of a finger thing?
Violet Blue: I check it every day. Every day, in the morning, I check my pussy smell, make sure it smells good. It doesn't? I clean the fucker! I clean it every day anyway, but still you know, like I'm really paranoid about having a guy like, go to go down on me and, like be stenchy? So I'm like, never! If anything starts smelling off, I immediately go to the doctor. I'm like psychotic about that. It's really weird. (Laughs) People actually get annoyed with it a lot. They're like "You smell fine! What do you...?" But it's just the way I am.

Astroknight: When did you lose your virginity, where, how, videos available anywhere?
Violet Blue: Oh yeah, funny! I was thirteen years old. It was my parents went out to bingo, and my boyfriend Mike was staying the night and we ended up having sex. He was supposed to stay downstairs, he didn't, and we had sex in my room. My house. In my beautifully, you know, cheesy daybed that I had brass balls, that kind of thing. That was it.

Astroknight: Did you actually have an orgasm then or was that much later?
Violet Blue: Oh yeah, funny! I hadn't even had my period yet, let alone have an orgasm! No, I definitely did not. I didn't have an orgasm while having sex until I was twenty two?! I think, like, I'd had lots of orgasms before, playing with myself, playing with myself while a guy's fucking me, having a guy go down on me? Sure, but actually like having sex and having an orgasm, my clitoris is so much higher than my hole I don't even know how that's possible. I mean, I've had it happen maybe like three times in my whole life. It just doesn't happen.

Astroknight: How long do you plan on staying in, do you have any plans after leaving the adult industry?
Violet Blue: Actually, yeah. I'm moving up to Washington in a year. My mother bought me a house so I'm thinking about I'm going to move up there. I'm probably still going to do adult movies, and I'm going to start doing some feature dancing, not a lot, I'm going to be very mellow about it. I definitely want to keep doing adult. Yeah, I'm going to open up an occult shop in Aberdine Washington, so like all my fans can come visit me in my little witchy shop. It'll be cool. (Laughs)

Astroknight: I think that's about it that I can think of for questions for you right now.
Violet Blue: Cool. Come back later if you have more.

Astroknight: Thank you very much for taking the time.
Violet Blue: No problem.

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Violet Blue

Violet Blue


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