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Nova Enterprises

"Where Quality is Our Reputation"


Paragon Guns Ltd

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Brain Clothes

"It's what you wear"


Grandor Mining Inc.

"We get our hands dirty so you don't have to."


Kaya Creature Farms

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Paragon United

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Capitol Corp.

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Q: On what server will The Paragon Federation be located?

A: This has yet to be decided.  There are many things that must be considered when choosing a home server.  For example, not only is it important to pick a server with a large population to enable our members to make the most out of the game, but also to pick a server with a low enough population that all of our members can connect and play whenever they want without any problem. Expect a final word sometime during beta 3 at the latest.


Q: On what planet will Grandor be located?

A: Naboo


Q. What the heck is Grandor?

A: Grandor is the player city where The Paragon Federation, our PA, resides.  Our PA was established in the hopes that we could organize one of the best alliance cities on any SWG server.  Now that player cities have been axed we have had to reevaluate exactly what our priorities are but it is our hope that the SWG devs will come to their senses and player cities will be included at the launch.


Q: Will The Paragon Federation concentrate on roll play or PVP?

A: Our PA does not specialize in that manner.  We have some members who would like to do one, some that would like to do the other, and some that want do take part in both or none at all.  We are attempting to be a well rounded PA where players off all types can come together.  Players who wish to take part in PVP would naturally be best suited to our military branch while roll players could be in any branch.  We encourage roll play but we do not force any member to take part.


Q: Will The Paragon Federation take part in the GCW?  If so what faction will you belong to?

A: Yes and to a fairly large degree.  We hope to make Grandor and The Paragon Federation one of the few rebel bright spots on Naboo and a shelter for all like minded Alliance players.  We have a fairly large and organized military branch which plans to fight the imperials and restore freedom to our home planet and the entire galaxy.  Incase you didn't catch it, we will be rebel affiliated.


Q: What type of Government does The Paragon Federation use?

A: The Federation is a republic.  We hold regular elections for our assembly which is directly involved in the running and law making of the city.  We also have an upper house of the government which provides stable leadership.  We have divided the running of our city into different branches to increase organization and efficiency.  The leaders of these branches are regular members appointed by the upper house of the government.  For more information on our government see our government section.  


Q: Do you really accept anyone into your PA?

A: Yes, we really do.  We have no artificial barriers or requirements to join our Federation beyond the willingness to fallow our laws.  However, once you join you have to prove our worth as a member in order to advance your standing in the PA.  We let our members determine their level of involvement in the PA.  Also, we have regular email census's'.  Members who do not respond are moved to the inactive list and loose there posting privileges until they become active again.  To make sure you don't miss the next email census make sure you check the news page daily.


Q: How many members do you plan on allowing to join?

A: Right now we have not set any limit.  We are hoping to top out at about 150 members.  We are however very away of a PAs tendency to balloon out of control.  To prevent this from happening we have different levels where we will pause recruiting for a short time.  For example when we reached 35 members we temporarily halted recruiting and plan to do so again when we reach 60 and will halt recruiting at different levels as our numbers increase further.


Q: What is the purpose of The Paragon Federation?

A: We hope that The Federation and our Player City Grandor will become one of the few lights the rebel alliance has on Naboo.  We also are attempting to build a PA where our members set the initiative rather then one or two people by the use of our republic system, which we feel will be more successful then any other being attempted by any other SWG PA.  We wish to rid the Galaxy of the Imperial blight and restore the freedom the Republic gave us.  But most of all, we are about having fun and building a good community of players.


Q: Give me more info on the __________ Branch.

A: The best place to look for information on one of our branches is to click on that section in our menu.  Medical Branch, Military Branch, Commerce Branch.  If you cant find an answer to your question email the branch leader.  Their contact information can be found in our roster.  We have not yet selected a leader of our Medical Branch.  If you are interested in that position email


Q: What do I have to do to get a website for my business?

A: There are a few requirements you must meet before you are able to have a business website on our server.

1. You must be a member of The Paragon Federation.

2. You must be in the commerce branch and be the head of your own business.

3. You must be able to edit and maintain your website on your own.  We can help you with technical questions such as help uploading your files but we cannot design, create, or maintain your website for you.

If you meet these requirements then you are eligible for your business website.  Go to our commerce section for more details or fill out the form in the join section.


Q: Will members have to pay taxes?

A: Taxes are an integral part of any city and without them our military could not operate and our city would stagnate.  They are necessary for public buildings such as a space port, PA hall, and cloning facility .  Given that the current plan is that all crafters and economic types will pay a tax while soldiers will not.  The tax will be a percentage based on the amount of income your business makes.  The plans are tentative and may be changed at any time as the Devs release more info.


Q: I belong a rebel PA.  Can my PA reside in your city or can we locate a business in your city?

All PA's that are located in another city but wish to have a business stall or factory in our city must pay a flat fee similar to a rental fee.  This fee is does not fluctuate with income like standard taxes.  

If you belong to a PA which wishes live in our city things are a bit more complicated.  Firstly you must agree to fallow our laws.  Of course you may not be imperial.  Other aspects such as government representation and consolidation of military forces are still under discussion.