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"What forbids us to tell the truth, laughingly?"--Horace, Satires, I.24

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Archive #30

Laissez Faire Capitalism Gateway

The Laissez Faire Electronic Times

Vol 2 No 8 February 24, 2003
  • The Loss of the Space Shuttle Was No Disaster, by Bill Walker
  • You Asked for It!, by Russell Madden
  • Chicago, a movie review by Al Gore
  • Slow-Frying the Taxpayer, by George F. Smith
  • Thailand's Grisly New Drug War, by Richard S. Ehrlich

  • The War for Oil, Israel, and Empire . . .

    Conclusive Proof Against Iraq

    More Satellite Proof of Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction

    One US Rule for Israel, Another for Saddam

    A Monument to Hypocrisy

    We Superpower, You Not

    US Preparing Blitzkrieg

    The US Plan to Use Biochemical Weapons in Iraq

    The US Plan to Rule Iraq

    But not to worry. We're eager to protect Saudi's oil along with Iraq's . . .

    Oh, No! Saudi Oil Fields a TeRror TaRget

    Gee, go ahead. Make my day . . .

    US to Punish Germany By Pulling Troops Out

    Alle gegen den Krieg

    Blair Shaken after Peace March

    Bush in a Diplomatic Hole

    Global Call for US Restraint

    Bush Filed Brief to Block New York Protest

    30 Million March Against War

    War Party's Attempted Rally Fizzles

    Iran Out of the Nuclear Closet

    World Court to Hear Iran vs. United States over Oil Rigs

    Italian Anti-Prohibitionists Discover America

    Speculation Rises on Greenspan's Future

    Slow-Frying the Taxpayer

    Beware TurboTax!

    London Webcams Go Dark for Anti-War Demo

    Where to Buy Bombs and Explosives

    Israel's Secret Mission on Columbia

    Science Mags Censor Articles for 'Biosecurity'

    How CNN Edited Blix's Transcript

    US Cyberdefense Petard

    Picasso's "Face of Peace" recreated at Santa Monica beach.

    Listening to Bug Bytes

    Listening to Raven

    Schopenhauer's Porcupines

    Osama's Greatest Hits

    Dead Enron To Be Dismembered

    Endless Terror Alerts: Fear-Based Mind Control

    Another Shovel of Shit from the Mossad

    Sherman: the NeoCon War Criminal

    Oversight Crisis at Development Banks

    Underworld Overrun by Aliens

    The Roots of Gambling Mania

    The Universe Wants to Play

    Places to Take Someone You Only Want to Fnord

    Sex in Public Places

    Sydney's New Upmarket Brothel

    The Sun Sets Across the World. Notice how the lights have come on in Rome
    and Paris, while London and Western Africa are still bathed in sunlight.

    The Loss of the Space Shuttle Was No Disaster

    The War for Oil, Israel, and Empire . . .

    War on Iraq — Conceived in Israel

    Oil Majors Get Ready to Battle for Post-Saddam Oil in Iraq

    Melbourne Anti-War Rally (Photos)

    One Million Italians March Against Iraq War

    Half a Million Demonstrate in Berlin (Photos)

    More than a Million Protest Iraq War in London

    In London: "Make tea, not war."

    In Berlin: "Old Europe to New World Order: Piss Off!"

    400,000 Clog Manhattan, Demand No Iraq War

    Philadelphia Peace March (Photos)

    Austin Protest (Photos)

    India: Action Against Iraq Inconceivable After UN Report

    Pakistan to Bush: War Not a Good Idea

    Something Special Happened Today

    Powell: We Don't Care, We Want to Bomb

    Blair's Stance Could Make Him War Casualty

    Washington Admits Terrorism Warning Was a Crock

    Bush's Shadow Constitution

    Bahrain Says It Smashed 5-Man Terror Network

    Bush Increases Bribe to $6 Billion for Turkey to Support Iraq War

    Where to Go to Shoot DC Journalists

    The Self-Healing Mine Field

    FinCEN Hawala Report (.pdf)

    Interpol Hawala Report

    In Praise of Hawala

    Ethnic Money Laundering

    Hawala and Terrorist Financing

    Wacko Notions of Terrorist Finance

    Paintings of Michael Jackson

    The Chinese Pop Battle

    Pre-Colombian Discoverers of America

    William Gibson Interview

    The Outer Space Nightmare

    Do Aliens Really Exist?

    Philadelphia's Most Popular Bathroom

    Stalking by Satellite

    Girl, 18, Discovers She's a Boy

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    The Ghost of Homepage Past

    End of Ordinary Money, Part 1
    End of Ordinary Money, Part 2
    NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iran-Iraq War
    Crypto AG: NSA's Trojan Whore?
    Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview
    Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes?
    Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption
    ECHELON: Global Surveillance

    How to Investigate the Investigators

    Two articles explaining how to do your own financial investigations of politicians, government officials, judges, and law enforcement people. The first part, a motivational piece, is my introduction to a Jim Norman article explaining the efforts of a group of Fifth Column hackers who do just that. I don't agree with everything in Norman's article, but it's a good intro to the second article, which explains the basics of detecting unexplained sources of wealth (which often as not may be bribes, kickbacks, or payoffs from the Cali cartel). The second article appeared (without my permission) in Media Bypass (March 1996) under the title "Hackers vs. Politicians."

  • Hackers vs. Politicians, Part I
  • Hackers vs. Politicians, Part II

  • America's Dreyfus Affair: The Case of the Death of Vince Foster Parts 1-6. Essay by David Martin.
    Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum An investigation put together by an inquisitive citizen, Carol Valentine, without benefit of subpoenas and wiretaps. After you visit the Museum, reflect on the shabby "investigation" conducted by the House of Representatives in 1995.
    The John Doe Times Info on the Oklahoma City bombing.
    Softwar Charles R. Smith follows the money trail of U.S. crypto policy.
    John Young Architect's Cryptome Document collection on privacy, cryptology, military technology.
    Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB and the FBI The report of Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret. in cooperation with Associated Retired Aviation Professionals.

    International Financial Markets, 3rd Edition

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