Project description

The MIA-project aims at true multi-media analysis of multimedia documents composed of digital text, picture and/or video. At the confluence of text-, picture- and video-analysis, data visualization, and multimedia data storage, the MIA - project aims to provide the technology for the digital library age. The data repositories of the MIA - project are large company based archives. Furthermore, we aim to provide content-specific services to the World Wide Web, motivated by the new possibilities offered by the Internet-2 capacity. The MIA-project is funded by the Dutch government, the University of Amsterdam, The Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, and leading Dutch industries. The project is located in the WTCW, the foothold of the trans-atlantic Internet connection.

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M. Worring A.P. de Vries
Intelligent Sensory Information Systems
Research Institute Computer Science
University of Amsterdam
Center for Mathematics and Computer Science
Kruislaan 403, 1098 SJ Amsterdam Kruislaan 413, 1090 GB Amsterdam
tel: +31-(0)20-525 7521
fax: +31-(0)20-525 7490
tel: +31-(0)20-592 4098
fax:+31-(0)20-592 4199

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Both the UvA and CWI are located in the WTCW. To get to the WTCW have a look at the general route description.

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