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Thank you for visiting my Trivia web page

You will first want to down load the file
the file contains the trivia game engine and two
sample trivia files. you can then dow load other trivia
files that you would like to play.

The file also contains a couple of programs that
you can use to write your own trivia question and answer files

If you write a trivia question and answer file and would
like to send it to me I would very much like to
put it up on my web site. 318k bytes August 99
Trivia game engine and other programs 6k bytes January 99
The Good News -- Bible trivia file
By Grant Metcalf 7k bytes January 99
By Flowers Bates 2k bytes June 2002
Coca-Cola trivia
BY John-Joseph A. Gatchalian 2k bytes January 2001
Computer Trivia
By Robby Spangler 5k bytes January 99
original Star Trek trivia file
By Wendy Steele 3k bytes February 99
By Allen Maynard 2k bytes January 99
World Series trivia file
By Marvin Commerford 3k bytes January 99
general sports trivia file
By David Dunphy 6k bytes September 2000
Auto Racing
By David W Bundy 3k bytes January 99
general music trivia file
By David Dunphy 12k bytes January 99
Oldies trivia file
By Ron Canazzi 5k bytes January 99
The Beatles trivia game
By John Jacques 2k bytes March 99
Agatha Christie trivia
By Frank Haslam 4k bytes November 99
By TERRY A. JUVINALL 37k bytes February 2000
nearly 600 general trivia questions
By David W Bundy