RCWS - Remote Controlled Weapon Stations
RAFAELís weapon stations are the state of the art in protected firepower for vehicles or stationary positions. All RAFAELís weapon stations are of the Overhead design. The gunner is located under the vehicle deck and the weapon station is mounted on the deck. The gunner can perform all the firing tasks from under the vehicle deck. The results of this design are light weapon stations and a well-protected gunner. RAFAELís family of weapon stations includes systems for machine guns of all calibers as well as for light cannons.

The modular Remote Controlled Weapon Station supports various types of small and medium caliber machine guns including 7.62/12.7 mm machine guns, 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launchers, anti-tank missiles and observation pods. They are mounted on a large variety of vehicles with no deck penetration.

Enhanced accuracy.
Mounted on a large variety of vehicles with no deck penetration.
7.62 / 12.7mm MG, 40mm AGL, anti-tank missile or observation pod. 
Provides hull armor protection to the gunner.
Enables closed-hatch mode of operation.
Digital control.
Flexible vehicle internal architecture.
Day/night operation.
Very low and very high horizontal and vertical rotating speed.
PC controlled embedded trainer.
Stabilized for firing on the move.