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The County of Warwickshire with its gently rolling hills is in the heart of England, and Kenilworth lies at the centre of that heart.
The surrounding countryside is green and woody, and the town lies close to the major road networks giving it unique appeal and an identity of its own.

The Town has one of the few castles in middle England, which today stands as the largest ruined castle in the Country, with almost 100,000 visitors each year.

 Laing Homes 

Events Diary

Kenilworth Farmers' Market
at Talisman Square

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360° panorama by Pan 3Sixty


The panorama to the left is a 360° view of the castle. To rotate the photograph through 360°, click on the centre of the image (left mouse button) and draw the cursor in the direction you wish to look, all the time keeping the mouse button depressed.

If you are unable to see the panorama, download the latest version of Apple's free QuickTime multi-media player by clicking on the QuickTime icon below.



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