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On Friday, 12 February, 1999, the Cyberider server was hacked by an individual who destroyed over 7 years' worth of work. After installing the 'FreeBSD Rootkit 1.2', this person realized that he or she couldn't get any 'useful' or 'interesting' information off of the server, and so decided to execute 'rm -rf /' to 'clean up' after themselves, thus deleting articles, photographs, maps, links, databases and various other features of the site assembled and crafted over nearly an 8 year period.

Cyberider will not be rebuilt. The cost of this act of destruction will be a loss of the public service this site worked to provide. I have restored the most recent files I could find from the site, but will not be actively maintaining or adding to it. My thanks to those who have wished me well or have helped me recover at least some of the material which used to be present here.

May somehow, somewhere, the hacker who so arbitrarily deleted 1.2 million articles that weren't hurting anything be judged for his or her actions.

990726 - A backup of my Links database has been found. :) Links restored.

This site is dedicated to providing cyclists with information about all aspects of bicycles and bicycling, including advocacy, touring routes (in the midatlantic US region), equipment, food, news, places, events, links to other cycling web sites and anything else deemed of value. My goal is not so much a pretty web site as an online databank resource for novice and serious cyclists, alike.

Although some links from this page may point to sites with commercial content this is neither an expressed nor an implied endorsement by either myself, my employer or those whose opinions I value. These are merely links to pieces of free information that some cyclists may deem of value.

Occasionally connectivity drops out. If it does, just hit "reload" from your browser and all should be OK.


Potomac Pedalers Touring Club ride schedules and other general information.
Washington Area Bicyclists In Tandem Society home page.
Multiple Sclerosis Rides (Maryland)
Virginia Bicycling Federation
Frederick Pedalers
Contact, hilites of past rides and some new ride info. Contact any of the club's officers for more info, including a current ride schedule.
Washington Area Bicyclist Association home page.
Cycle Across Maryland
Cycle Across Maryland
Annapolis Bike Club
Ride schedule & information about the Annapolis, MD Bike Club.
League of American Bicyclists
Information about LAB, the US National Advocacy Organization
UltraMarathon Cycling Association
General about the UMCA, RAAM (Race Across AMerica), UMCA merchandise and the ultramarathon cycling listserver,
Mid Atlantic Offroad Enthusiasts
Pictures, member info, local rides - and MORE!
Capybara Mountain Bike Club
Ride schedule & information about this Crofton, MD area mountain bike club.
College Park Area Bicycle Coalition
The College Park Area Bicycle Coalition (CPABC) is an educational and bicycle advocacy organization. Its goals are to educate people about the joys of bicycling, to inform cyclists about matters of bicycling safety, to raise issues at local, county, and state levels regarding all facets of bicycling, to promote the construction of a network of trails, and to encourage people to bicycle.

CPABC serves the city of College Park and its surrounding geographic area. This includes, but is not limited to: Greenbelt, Beltsville, New Carrollton, Bowie, Laurel, University Park, Hyattsville, Mt. Rainier, Seabrook, Lanham, and Adelphi.

Features and areas of interest:
The Warm Showers List
Sign up form for the internet Warm Showers list. Form based access allows one to add or change your personal info with regards to this international list.
Ride Reports Page and Files
Ride writeups blatantly snarfed from rec.bicycles.rides. For motivational purposes.
Information pertaining to riding in the greater Washington DC and Shenandoah Valley area.

Links to hundreds of cycling related sites around the world:


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